Leading Indicators messy

COMEX:HG1!   Copper Futures
With the current global situation where there are day by day developments, the Leading Indicator panel offers similar dichotomy...

The JNK ETF is heading further down -> Bearish for equities.
The IWM ETF is likely to push down in a somewhat limited fashion -> Bearish for equities
The DJT ETF appears to be bouncing up -> Bullish for equities
The VALUG looking for more downside -> Bearish for equities
The TIPS ETF is spiking after a gap up, bullish for TIPS -> Inflation is exploding! Ususally bullish for equities, but in this instance, not likely.
The TLT ETF is bottom feeding, and there is a MACD bullish divergence -> this suggests that the fear is not yet great enough for a flight to safety. Not yet.
The VIX just broke out of a trend line and is pushing towards 45.
The HG1! copper futures suggest an anomalous accumulation of copper , maybe forerunning the equities market upwards, but otherwise, if a general reflection of commodities rocketing in prices.

Overall, Bearish bias on equities, with the chance of a quick rebound soon... but not before a spike down first.

Totally tied to the Russian Ukraine events for now.