BATS:JDST   Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index Bear 2X Shares
It's time for precious metals to take a cooler.
I noticed JDST 's options for $5 is off the chart compared to other months. I bought calls for .20 for $5 strike price in September. I anticipating these going to 2.00 by then which is 1000% return.
I also think DUST is worthy of buying at these levels too - except they don't have miners, but I see a 500% return for this stock by the fall.

I will also link to some supportive ideas following this post.

Dust has a nice return from here...
Commercials heavy short gold


Some heavy dark pool buying before lift off - this bird has wings!

This shows dark pool sweeps which means a company was getting out of the stock at all cost before it plummeted. This is confirmation JDST is going in the right direction...
WOW there was some HUGE selling and sweeps (get me out at all cost dark pool selling) for $GDXJ. This is definitely going down further...


China officially pauses gold buying - gold dumping...

TTM Squeeze coiled for another move, I see a jump up from here to finish out the session above $4.

" GDX - In the last 3 years every time it closed below the 10 week MA in Q2 it dropped into late September or early October. Since there's an FOMC next week a bullish reversal can't be ruled out yet, but if it breaks below 32.20 it will probably be lights out until the end of Q3."

More confirmations on my other gold and miner threads...
Are miners smelling a sell-off? GDX , GDXJ AND SILJ are all down...
About to break $4 and soar!

KSSSSSHHHH 'Copy that Houston we have lift-off...'

Triple cross on the hourly - hasn't happened for a very long time...
Weird how reality runs on fractals, that history rhymes. Here's the silver miners playing out - which I think is correlated to market flushes.

Here's the movements:
After the top it took 6 weeks to reach a bottom - we're in week 4 (almost 20% loss).
One week up retracement (8% gain) - which'll coincide with the FOMC minutes (I bet they are hawkish to warrant FED doing an about face and cutting in July).
One week huge down candle (30% loss).
One (half) week up retracement (20% gain).
One week (and the previous half) another huge down candle (40% loss).
Last week goes up beginning the week and then down further (40% loss) and bottoms midweek before catapulting - which coincides with the July FOMC rate decision (30% gain).

I'm hoping IV is cheap enough to buy some puts and calls - not sure how much volatility will raise the price towards the bottom so it might be wise to buy some longer dated calls in and then scale in as time goes on and variances work themselves out.

I'm looking to buy in 2 weeks.

I anticipate the market to capsize after the FOMC minutes are released. Buy puts before that (Wednesday July 3rd before a holiday and the fireworks happen - in the market...), then if IV is low, buy calls on EVERYTHING CAUSE IT'S GONNA MOON!!

Newmont doubled within 2 months after rates were cut so I'm gonna buy calls on that miner which is the safest in the world. I anticipate price to be about $20 when this happens. There's a chance Newmont could go up 400% within 1 year.

If IV hasn't gone up too much, I'll rotate into the junior miner Endeavor Silver EXK which also went up 400% in 6 months and 800% in 1 year back in 2020. I will be loading calls on this one as well, hopefully getting in at $1.

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