JNJ Will the $200 stop a protracted and non-corrective rally?

NYSE:JNJ   Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson is a major manufacturer of cosmetic and sanitary products, as well as medical equipment and medicines. The company was founded in 1886.
In general, the history of the company is mega-successful. The corporation expanded through the purchases of competitors and gained more and more market share in its areas.
The company's progress is confirmed by the capitalization, which exceeds $430bn, as well as the graph of the JNJ share price, which is growing parabolic.

For 10 years, from 2002 to 2012, smart and patient investors recruited long positions in JNJ shares. During this period, the price traded in a broad consolidation of $46-71, growing volumes talked all - patience and everything will be)

From 2012 to the present, the value of JNJ shares has grown practically without correction.
Even during the Covid market plunge in February-March 2020, JNJ shares fell by only -29%. For example, then the S&P500 fell by -35%, the DJI index -38%, and the shares of the hype TSLA by as much as -60%.
The investors in this company knew and believed and they did not lose, because during the COVID-19 pandemic, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson , Janssen Pharmaceutica, developed a vaccine against this virus, which is certified for use in the USA and the EU, and the value of JNJ shares has renewed its absolute maximum.

Since the beginning of the year, JNJ's share price has been pushed towards the important $171 level. After the price fixes above this level, another upward impulse will take place.
We assume that it may be final before the start of a prolonged downward correction.
In the region of $195-200, it is better to fix the longs and look around, because the correction can be deep enough, and enough people who want to buy JNJ shares again may be in the $ 84-96 zone.
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Yeah,trend reversal is not far,appreciate your input
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Very good Idea. Thank you!
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Really good keep it up 🦐
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Great read mate. I think future fall is expected for many reasons.

I agree with you!
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Seems logical.
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