MSTF 1H What Can Stop Microsoft's grow Supercycle?

NASDAQ:MSFT   Microsoft Corp.
Today, we will look at the behavior of the share price of Microsoft Corporation on a global chart.

Patient investors have been gaining the position of Msft shares for 13 long years, and the price itself during this period was stuck in the consolidation of $20-37
However, look at the result: as of now, the share price has risen +1000%, and the super cycle of growth itself has been going on for 8 years.

Moreover, during this long super cycle of growth, there have not yet been significant corrections. The recent news that the Pentagon is breaking a $10 billion contract with Microsoft shook the share price down 1%, but the next day, Msft's share price updated its all-time high.
Even during the Covid market drop in February-March 2020, Msft shares fell by only -30% and left the price within the parabolic rally. For example, then the S&P500 fell by -35%, the DJI index -38%, and for example, the hypes TSLA shares by as much as -60%
By the way, yesterday we made an idea for TESLA , we invite you to view:

For ourselves, we set the bar for the growth of Msft shares to $349-350, from where a long correction may begin. Of course, against the backdrop of such a powerful growth, it is hard to believe in such a deep correction, but it would be nice to test the strength of the top level of $60 per share for Microsoft

An alternative scenario is a breakout and consolidation of the price above $350, then nothing will prevent the price from moving further with parabolic growth, and the zone of $825-880 per share of MicrosoftCorporation will wait from above
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