MANA 1D Goals for buying and selling in the idea description

BINANCE:MANAUSDT   Decentraland / TetherUS
Today, we will talk about the project Decentraland and the trading pair MANA/USDT

If memory serves, Decentraland was created in 2017 at the hype of ICO projects, then he predicted great prospects, because the main feature — it is the purchase of game pieces of land. But then the maximum to which the price jumped MANA/USD was around $0.20, the idea of project did not come up, then ...
Then there were painful 2 years of price falling and trading in the range of $0.04-0.08 and here we are in 2020.

When the boom around Defi projects and NFT started, the interest around MANA gaming project, which was conceived before it became mainstream, came to life :) Two years and roughly speaking x200 to x220 increase in the price of MANA/USD
And it seems that the current price is not the maximum for the trading pair MANA/USDT

Globally, we would sold the investment position of MANA at $25-28

And now let's look at where the MANA may be good to buy for those who do not have it in their investment portfolio.
On the chart, we've depicted three possible levels for a correction and, accordingly, levels from which it is safe to take a long.
They are $2.80 $2.00 and $1.25, everyone can place buckets to buy according to his/her purse and risk management.

And in the comments, please write why you are interested in Decentraland project and why its token price should grow.

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