LRC 1D Careful, maximum is close, and then it will hurt

BINANCE:LRCUSDT   Loopring / TetherUS
Today we will consider the trading pair LRCUSDT.

There is not much to write here, a long accumulation of Loopring token around $0.40-0.50 has logical completion — the price pump.
The trigger for the jump probably was some important news for the project, right? Please share the information in the comments below the idea.

Also, similar consolidation was observed in LRCBTC pair , there price reaches strong liquidity zone from above.

At the moment the lucky ones can fix x7 profit, maybe even the price of LRCUSD will give x10 at around $4-4. 40 , but you should not test your fortune, because the price is very high and the downfall might be very painful, around $0.90-1.00.

We had a similar situation in IOTEXUSDT, and we warned crypto-market participants very timely that they should forget about longs and gave them levels to buy again.
You can see the result in the idea below.
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