EGLD 1D H&S or not H&S, that is the question!

It's been a long six months since we updated our thoughts on the EGLDUSDT trading pair, but it's time, because in the previous idea worked out all target:

Now we have EGLDUSD price at a crossroads, where to go next? We don't know the answer to this question either, we just have a few thoughts-assumptions that we will share:
1) Now EGLDUSDT has finally reached the target of $287 and even slightly higher than it was set in February. However, it is alarming that EGLD price has risen 5.5 times in 3 months, on tiny volumes. Therefore, we would like to see a 50% correction and super buying activity by buyers in the $140-175 area. If that happens — that opens the way for abnormal targets of $700-950 for the Elrond eGold token.

Share your thoughts in the comments, what could theoretically provoke such growth?

2) The growth on low volumes has prompted us to think that theoretically it could now form a "head" in a global head-and-shoulders reversal pattern. And the price of EGLD now can even jump to $370, but such growth will not bring anything good in the future. After all, the global objective of the testing of the "Head and Shoulders" pattern is around $15.

To sum it up: there are two equal development scenarios on the chart: blue — much up, red — much down, and you choose (what pill)... which route to go further).
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