C98 12h Is x4-x5 growth still realistic in the near future?

BINANCE:C98USDT   C98 / TetherUS
Today we would like to bring to your attention C98 /USDT currency pair, which was very hot in the last month, because it showed +8400% growth since the launch of trading on Binance

Coin98 is a multi-chain and multi-currency Defi platform that supports asset exchanges from different blockchains. This multifunctional feature is singled out as the main reason for such a rapid rise in the price of C98 . However, it is also worth mentioning that Coin98 was a Binance Launchpad project, and one of the founders is investor Thanh Le, who invested in Band, Alpha, etc. in the early stages. How the value of those coins was growing during the first Defi boom, we know (or you can look in our ideas), so he has a "feel" for making money, all we have to do is to follow him and learn).

Now to the C98 /USDT chart

The area where we would consider entering long C98 /USD is around $3.00-3.20. Well and of course that is assuming the cryptocurrency market has a positive trading backdrop.
Then it will be possible to dream, and maybe even help to realize a good growth of C98 coin to the area of $13.20-14.00

If the cryptocurrency market will form a negative trading background and all the trading pairs will go into a corrective peak downward, we will take a second look at the C98 coin around $1.00-1.50. It is in this range that at least some consolidation liquidity was displayed during the incomplete month.

In general, for us the trading history of the pair C98 /USD is too small to make trading decisions on a larger part of the deposit, but on a small part of the deposit you may try to feel yourself as an investor, maybe even a large project in the future)

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