COTI 1D Wanted a price of $2.20, but it could be $0.23

Today we will consider the trading pair COTIUSDT
They say that the COTI project has great prospects, because it is an ecosystem designed specifically to solve problems associated with traditional financial services. The COTI platform helps structures and organizations save time and money, solving issues such as the digitization of any currency or the creation of a payment system and others.

Whether it's true or not, it's up to you to decide, we are used to trading what we see on the chart.

On the chart of COTIUSDT we see not a confident update of the absolute maximum of the price. And all this growth was associate with the signing of an agreement on cooperation with Adapay or not?. But it has not been launched yet, and it is not known whether it will be launched in time, but the price behavior on the chart will tell us everything in time).

For a confident long it is necessary that COTIUSD price will not fall below the area of $0.45-0.55. Under these conditions, the way will be opened for the growth up to $0.90 to begin with.

Then there may be a consolidation, which we will have to analyze separately what will happen in it.
If all cards will converge, and news background will be cracking from the positive, the cost of a coin COTI quietly can grow to the range of $1.90-2.20

If you see weakness in COTIUSDT pair, you will see that buyers barely keep it in the range of $0.45-0.55 — run away from it, because lower, the level of $0.24-0.25 will draw price with a magnet
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