openANX Prepares 4 Round 4 (Over 250% Profits Potential)

BINANCE:OAXBTC   openANX / Bitcoin
openANX ( OAXBTC ) is getting ready for our Round #4, what does this mean?

We have been trading openANX now since September 2018 and each wave has generated for us massive profits, over 150% each.

We are now at Round 4, which means that another wave is coming for OAXBTC .

Here you can see the first three rounds and the incredible profits/results:
Now, this chart isn't quite ready yet for trading. Volume has come to a halt but there can be some consolidation left.

We can see that all gains from the last bullish wave have been removed, once a set up is fully ready, we will be sharing a great trade for us.

Make sure to hit like now if you want to see the full trade for openANX once it is ready... This here is just a friendly reminder.

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is Alan Masters.

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Good analysis for a good coin, i think oax having a good potentatiol to rise quickly because of the fact that it is speculative and there arae just 100,000,000..