Nucleus Vision Hits New All-Time Low (1500% to ATH)

BINANCE:NCASHBTC   Nucleus Vision / Bitcoin
I am tracking Nucleus Vision ( NCASHBTC ) and it just hit a new all-time low on Binance.

There is still some room left for additional bearish action, more red, yet some strong bullish divergence is showing up on both the MACD and RSI , so it is wise to keep an eye on Nucleus Vision if you are trading on Binance, this pair has the potential to set up a bottom here and move up after consolidation.

Current price is hovering around 36 satoshis, if we look at NCASHBTC all-time high we find it sitting at 576 satoshis. So we are looking at 1500% profits potential from current price to all-time high, such high can be reached in less than 2 years.

Once we hit bottom, the only place left to go is up.

Remember that patience is key for trading, it can help you profit massively and also correct most mistakes.

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Thanks a lot for reading.

This is Alan Masters.

Comment: Trade: Nucleus Vision (NCASHBTC)

BUY: 31 - 36


(1) 42 -Reached (+17%)
(2) 48 -Reached (+33%) (Bittrex)
(3) 57 -Next target.
(4) 64
(5) 73

STOP: Close weekly below 30.
Trade active: We are active and moving again.
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