Ominous signs from the Leading Indicators panel

AMEX:TIP   iShares TIPS Bond ETF
Looking across the panel of leading indicators, it is starting to look as if something ominous is almost completed in building up and about to pop...

The JNK High Yield bond ETF is hitting a resistance;
The IWM iShares Russell 2000 ETF is in a bind, unable to break out as MACD is crossing into bearish region;
The TIPS Bond ETF is falling over;
The VIX is about to burst in break out, MACD bullish divergence supporting;
The DJ Trans had already brokedn down closing at a 6 month low, and MACD is already bearish ;
The Value Geometric line is following suit soon;
The TLT bond ETF just attempted to break out, and should see another move upwards in the weeks coming; and
The Copper futures prices is not sustaining any bullishness and about to breka down, MACD leading the way.

Overall, the next two weeks will be volatile, and decisively down at some point.
Heads up!