Leading Indicators point to more the obvious

Leading Indicator panel update:
JNK - the topping pattern continues to play out for JNK , looking for a lower low, after the last lower high.
IWM - The Russell 2000 ETF failed a breakout late last year, and is about to break down of a support given the bearish weekly candle.
DJ Trans - a system Sell signal, and likely downside off the Dark Cloud Cover pattern.
Value Line - Similar outlook to DJ Trans, with bearish candlestick that failed to close the gap.
TIPS - Totally bearish Marubozu that broke two supports, with MACD bearish . This market forerunner is not boding decisively bearish .
TLT - Instead of the expected bullishness in a bearish market, we see TLT being dumped with a gap down marubozu .
VIX - still low, coiling to spike perhaps?
ES1! - The S&P500 futures had a Bearish Engulfing last week... indicative of a follow through downside in the weeks to come.

So... the leading indicators overall are bearish , and getting more so, with the S&P500 just became indicative of some real retracement potential in motion.