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The Federal Reserve's regulatory point man said work to address the lessons of the 2008 financial crisis won't be complete without better regulation of short-term funding both inside and outside the banking system.

St Louis Fed President Jim Bullard may be the Fed's new super dove, but he's no pessimist, he says. Bullard is the lone Fed official forecasting just one additional rate increase, and expects modest growth over the next two and a half years. But he reiterated Tuesday he's not expecting the economy to head south.

Trading Strategy

1. Given this I remain bullish on the $ in the medium term, despite this spike in risk-on which IMO is unlikely to last more than 2wks. In the immediate term I like long $yen as the best play ATM vs other expressions - with a target of 109, entry at 104 as 1) the markets have finally signalled they are ready for a recovery bull run, post the brexit risk-off/ safe haven rally - largley on the back of CB stimulus. I believe USDJPY has been the most sold risk-on asset, thus it is now ripe for buying; 2) JPY fiscal stimulus is likely to come; 3) BOJ is likely to deliver 10-20bps of cuts to its interest rate 4) we have broken the 104 "brexit seller resistance level" which has held since the vote - this break imo means we can now move to 109+ as the recovery leg before resuming lower; 5) the Fed Funds Rate curve continues to steepen across the curve but particularly aggressively in the front end (yesterday 10ys adding 5%) and as a result implied probabilities of hikes continue to rally across the 2016/17 tenors (Dec hike now 33.7% vs 29.2%Mon); 5) check the attached posts for long $jpy support

2. Secondly, short GBP$ is a trade i am closely eyeing.. I am a 70% seller at 1.32 (90% at 1.35) - short GBP rallies is the preferred trade as the BOE is likely to deliver easing in Aug that will drive us down to the 1.25 terminal rate that I have predicted - thus i am hoping we get some "poor information money" flows into GBP up to 1.34/5 going into Friday as 1) UK Political Uncertainty is eased - as Theresa May is the New PM starting Wednesday; 2) GBP buying on Thursday if the BOE doesn't cut rates, whilst I (and the market) believes an august cut is the likelihood instead, given the aggressive GBP selling these past weeks it is prudent to assume quite a large amount of money may/was be betting on a July Cut thus if this "disappoints" some of the market we could see cable trade higher to 1.34+; 3) Long GBP is the risk-on trade, so if risk holds up/ carries on rallying we could see GBP$ take us to 1.34+ - CB and Fiscal stimulus + the fact risk has been depressed for so long, i believe risk has the momentum to rally until the end of the week at least (next risk-rally then looks to 28th July for BOJ stimulus?)

3. The long $Yen and short GBP$ also acts as a dynamic hedge as the long UJ is the risk-on coverage, with the short cable the risk-off half - combining both semi-hedges your exposure, something i like to do when trading.

FED Tarullo Speech Highlights

- "the conditions for destructive runs that threaten financial stability could exist even where no institutions that might be perceived as too-big-to-fail are immediately involved"

FED Bullard Speech Highlights

- Bullard: An unemployment rate around 4.7%, gross domestic product growth of 2% and the Fed' preferred inflation gauge, the personal consumption expenditures index, at 2%.
- "If there are no major shocks to the economy, this situation could be sustained over a forecasting horizon of two and a half years"
- "we have no reason to forecast a recession given the current state of the US economy"