VET Has Topped And Is About To Get CRUSHED - Heading To SUB $1

BINANCE:VETUSD   VeChain / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
VET has topped and is about to get CRUSHED in tandem with Bitcoin topping into another long bear market. First target is 0.5 fib at $0.02, but there is a good chance price will reach the 0.618, go sub $0. 01 and provide a GREAT entry quite a way down the road.

Comment: I have made 2 threads for VET with 2 very different outcome. Crypto is volatile, thats how it goes. Anyhow I will revert back to this one is this is the outcome I now think is more likely.

If you've been keeping up you'd know that if 0.13 holds then I would consider VET to be in wave 4 with another wave up. If not its a wave 5 top.

Well VET dumped to 0.04 and although it has made it back above 0.13, another wave up is no longer feasible imo. The dump was invalidation and although price has been just about above, its hanging around 0.13 as resistance now as many other alts are and Bitcoin is also. Its over imo. Heading to sub $1

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dRends35 zabaroptik
@zabaroptik, Well stay tuned, your VET will lose 90%. It won't get to $1.
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zabaroptik dRends35
@dRends35, Can you give a technical reason why vs a guess, are you seeing some bearish chart pattern, do you think the bull market is over, something to indicate why it would drop 90%. I am open to discussion if I have missed something and I am seriously asking to understand the logic as I use data and math to make decisions. I am genuinely a multi millionaire from crypto and I am on track to hit $xxM this year from trading. I dont often get into bad trades... this is why i am really asking. I will do a VET analysis this weekend and post to compare what we are seeing.
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zabaroptik zabaroptik
dRends35 zabaroptik
@zabaroptik, The bull market is over, yes. I called the top back in March an I have multiple threads that you can look at rather than banging your drum for being an amazing trader. It sure doesn't look like it by the chart you just posted. You write about "farcical" but your use of a pennant is farcical because in crypto it can be a continuation pattern or a top, so the shape itself gives you 0 information. And you may well be a multi millionaire from crypto and good luck to you if you are but it is quite funny that is what EVERYONE that is clueless says, and you and they also say it when it is not at all pertinent to the conversation and btw your account is only 6 months old and your chart looks like that of someone who's been charting for not long.

Have a look a some of the comments on this page and others I've made and you'll see what I'm getting at.
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Kyo026 zabaroptik
@zabaroptik, To attempt to answer the technical aspect from my perspective RSI on the 1Y and 5Y are at a bottom, meaning price could be pushed up or maintained at the levels it is at. MFI on the 1Y and 5Y seem to be posting a downtrend. On the ALL timeframe RSI and MFI have topped. It doesn't translate to an immediate fall, but hints at an eventual one. Based on RSI and MFI being bullish on the 1Y and 5Y this doesn't always correlate to the price breaking up higher. Sometimes it means the price will fluctuate between certain ranges. Having RSI and MFI topped on the ALL timeframe, that shows me price is beginning its descent.
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