FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Gold Spot / U.S. Dollar
HEADER - This is second draft of 20H.

SUMMARY - We don't have a bottom yet. The clock on this move running out. This is the only version of this move left that fits the curves.

DETAILS - See 20H link below for background
Comment: NOTES -

1. so continuous weakness for expected last night, it went a couple hours longer and put in a lower low
2. so now it has to take longer to get back to 1830 and reteset before heading higher
3. this retest should be done on/by 3/18, followed by a another bounce and retest by 3/20, after which it should move aggressively higher
4. this move is restrictive, meaning if it gets way ahead in 60 hours to 1920-ish like this: 4. then that's a really bad sign that it will stall and go back to 1720 or worse
5. there's literally no time left for a lower for this move and still make new ALL TIME HIGH in May
6. as I stated before, not following through with this move has long term implications for gold prices with down and sideways until at least December before something else worth talking about
Comment: 7. obviously, waiting for the 3/18 retest is perfect entry if it holds here
8. the question marks area will some significant 2-way voli before heading higher
9. this move should finish Monday 5/30 sometime in the morning
Comment: 4.03 PM 5.16

1. 1826.XX, 39 pt move from 3 AM, very strong conviction that bottom is go9d
2. this move is some what unnatural
3. momentum is shooting for 1850
4. this by itself is not a problem
5. but if we get an explosive move 100 pts up by 4am... (odds are like 0)
7. just wanted to clear that up
Comment: 5:15 PM

1. I think I have the "rhythm" or up and down of the move right
2. but the levels are off
3. I can't prove it unless we move to 1850 tonight, so immediately
4. in that case?
5. so raise all boxes in ahead of 5/26 30 pts
Comment: 6:50 PM, no I have my 3x3 settings wrong

1. forget what I said at 5:15 PM
2. chart at top still best guess until proven too slow
Comment: DRAFT 3 - FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. We continue here:

Comment: 10:33 THURSDAY 5/19

1. so I am continuing here from DRAFT 4 bc DRAFT 4 is very incomplete compared to DRAFT 2
2. If you replay the chart at top, we are at the 6th box
3. this is where the up trend and down trend lines intersect
4. price action here will be telling if this move is legit or not
5. wait a sec, I'll post those lines
Comment: 10:41 PM ET THURSDAY 5/19

1. so we should hit the top down trend on TUESDAY 5/24
2. when you zoom out like this, you can really see why it would be a "miracle"
Comment: 1:32 AM ET FRIDAY 5/20 - I mean:

Comment: 1:33 AM ET FRIDAY 5/20

1. so it's 1844.81
2. we are moving to the 7th box a little bit early
3. the nature of this move is even harder to trade "in and out" of
4. I am essentially long to 1990 before first sell conviction
5. I hope that will be on Wednesday 5/25 morning and not later
6. good luck with all
Comment: 10 AM FRIDAY 1833.9

1. looks like we are going to the bottom of the 6th box which is 1824
2. the close is absolutely critical
3. you want a close above 1843
4. to have a shot at next week