More intraday data in Bar Replay

Feb 1, 2023

We’re very happy to announce that Premium plan users will now have 4 times more historical intraday data in the Bar Replay mode.

This update gives access to 6 months of 1-minute data (the old limit was 6 weeks) in Bar Replay. For 2-minute time frame, this limit is doubled and a year of 2-minute data is available; for 3-minute time frame it is tripled and 18 months of 3-minute data is available and so on. The higher the time frame selected, the more intraday data you can play.

For example, you can select the starting point for Replay on the daily time frame of NASDAQ:AAPL somewhere in 2016, then switch to the 15-minute time frame, and it’ll be possible to play 15-minute bars 7 years back from now. Isn’t it amazing?

More detailed information about the Bar Replay feature and the amounts of data available for Bar Replay, as well as other questions about how Bar Replay works, can be found in the Help Center.

We hope you enjoy this update and find it useful in your trading analysis. Please continue sending us your feedback. We build TradingView for our users, and we love hearing from you.

Team TradingView

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