June 22, 2020
New Label Styles in Pine

New label styles now allow you to position the label pointer in any direction when creating labels in Pine:

study("Labels", overlay = true)
var label1 = label.new(bar_index, high, text = "Lower Right", 
 style = label.style_label_lower_right, color = color.orange, size = size.large)
var label2 = label.new(bar_index, low, text = "Left", 
 style = label.style_label_left, color = color.green,size = size.large)
label.set_xy(label1, bar_index[1], high[1])
label.set_xy(label2, bar_index, low)

For a complete list of available label styles, please have a look at our reference list.

We hope these new label styles are useful for you. As always, we love hearing suggestions for improvement from the community. Please keep sending your comments, feedback, and suggestions, and feel free to think big.

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