October 29, 2020

Pine Script Is Going Places

Record numbers of traders are choosing Pine Script to create their indicators and strategies. This massive adoption of our programming language has made it an industry standard. Our 100,000+ strong curated Public Library of free and paid scripts attests to the interest coders have shown to publish for the millions of TradingView traders.

Pine scripts running on TradingView’s infrastructure are ubiquitous and zippy. Any device with a browser: computer, tablet, or phone, can display charts running indicators, strategies, and alerts on our hundreds of servers distributed in twelve geographic locations. TradingView processes:

  • 5 million script instances running on charts at any given time.
  • 1.5 million server-side alerts running 24×7.
  • 120 million updates per minute on 600 thousand tickers.

From its modest beginnings seven years ago, Pine has evolved into a powerful programming language. Yet, it is still easy to learn for the many first-time programmers who want to code their indicators and strategies. We have listened to coders and worked with them to deliver a constant stream of improvements throughout the language’s four successive versions. Few programming languages have evolved as quickly, and we will not stop here.

Going forward, we will continue to support the traders who choose Pine while also working on new features that redefine what is possible for both Pine coders and the millions of users who rely on their scripts. Pine is on a roll and, if we may say so, learning the language has never offered so much upside.

Thanks to all who have made TradingView and Pine what it is, and please continue to help shape our future by sending us your suggestions for improvement.

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