November 17, 2014

Promising Trades on DAX,Copper,AUDUSD and more…

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Picks From Community Top Authors

DAX German Stock Index -Daily -“If the log rolls over”. SELL By timwest
Spotting weakness and a potential short trade on the DAX index..

Copper: Decision Time! By Technician 
Keep your eyes on this potential major breakout in copper….

Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis

$SPX with PPO set to mimic 250EMA By CurtisM
Divergences on “price volume trend” indicator usage on the SPX..

The CHFJPY Analysis By ForceFollower
Channeling the CHFJPY for potential directions…

AUDUSD – Daily and weekly divergences By vlad.adrian
A long trade based on bullish divergence on the weekly an daily chart…

BTC – Reverts to Bearish Cycle in Final Leg By DanV
DanV updates his series of Elliott wave analysis on BTCUSD…

Caterpillar Inc -CAT -Daily -Retest of Distribution Top – Short By timwest
A promising short trade on Caterpillar by timwest…

This Week In Scripts and Custom Indicators

Vervoort Heiken Ashi Candlestick Oscillator By LazyBear