BTC & EUR correction: the dollar has a comeback!

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
BTC & EURO are very correlated because if the EUR goes up the USD goes down and consequently BTC goes up.
This week I expect more losses for the EUR and BTC because of the parabolic moves of US10Y notes. (bonds)
The fed has an announcement today and I dont know what they will announce but I bet they do everything to protect their dollar.
In my chart you can clearly see that when the Euro surges; BTC does so aswell. (zoom out) For the middle / short term I dont expect a recovery from the euro .
This is because European bonds have negative yield and are as valuable as toiletpaper, this means more selling of EU bonds and more buying of US bonds.
This will only strengthen the dollar even more; this could lead to a short (!) bear market for BTC and the Euro .

In my opinion to continue the bull run in crypto we need a correction to cool down NUPL, Thermocap (etc) and to get smart money onboard.
Smart money is not buying the top, we need smart money because we are all broke and will not move BTC anywhere up...
Remember BTC is a grown up asset now and we need almost a trillion to get it to 100K and no thats not coming from you or me.
If BTC really corrects, this means trouble for major alts and they will dump a lot stronger than BTC , however this will create a new impulse of smart money buying.
So in my opinion, either you do nothing or you anticipate but you do not want to panic at the bottom and sell there.

Another important factor is how the stock markets will react to the parabolic yields and or the announcement of the fed.
I think the markets ( esp those in the US) are overextended and need a correction (not a crash per se but its possible) to continue the bull run.
So similar situation as BTC ; see my linked chart below S&P500 vs BTC for more info on those bull runs.

IMPORTANT: this is not financial advice, trade or invest at your own risk and research.


BTC current: 57420
Short term target: 54100-53350 (next 48hrs)
Mid / short term: 50900-5100 (before 27-03-2021)

Eur current: 1.1889
Short term target: 1.1789 (96hrs)
Mid term target: 1.134 (before end of April)

Dont hate corrections, they are healthy, extend the bull run and you can actually buy BTC cheaper. ;)
Comment: EMERGENCY UPDATE: just watched the fed livestream, oh boy could not get anymore bullish for crypto! I was bearish but we might PUMP soon, stay tuned!
Comment: EMERGENCY UPDATE NR 2: BTC dumped as expected. Lets find that bottom guys...
Comment: EURO & BTC UPDATE: again I was way ahead of the news here guys, press that play button and look at that chart.... this is not good news for crypto, luckily Elon heped us today but im not sure we will stay ahead of the dollar this week. Lets hope so because we need to be over 53K to get those futures unlocked!