OANDA:SPX500USD   S&P 500 Index
A good time for an update to the S&P chart with the Month and Quarter close. It is becoming clearer that returns are below par with vol increasing (see VIX chart)

Cyclical stocks are significantly behind and with momentum fading it's time to start trading the next leg to the downside. Risk entering back onto the global scene via protectionism and is now spreading beyond trade.

Same story across the board...

& China are no exception in the short-term...

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A second bank in UK was unable to raise 350 million pounds, even after offering 7% returns.
Fed pumping billions $ daily to into repo market to prevent a liquidity freeze after Fed Funds rate spiked to 10% overnight last week. Which banks specifically needed the capital isn't being released. (This rush to secure liquidity rumored to be the result of banks runs by large clients wanting to withdraw their capital) If that's incorrect, someone could let me know. Companies are starting to realize that raising capital could be difficult.

On the chart, I like how these long term fib levels line up. A break above an ascending channel close to the end of the business cycle