July 7, 2015

A Week rich of tutorials, check our picks of the week

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Picks From Community Top Authors

$USD v $CAD – LESSON: Wolfe Wave vs. Geo vs. Model By 4xForecaster

Technical Analysis Basics: Trends, Support and Resistance By Technician


Promising Trades and Insightful Analysis

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4 Reasons You Have To Buy APPLE Stock By Natalie.Gin 


Recap after 11 month..SP Euphoria Target 2138.04 Bull EW count! By BLawrenceM 


A chart meant for newer traders having trouble finding S/R areas By Daniel.B


 (J) Trade 15 : Long Gold on Risk Aversion By Technician

In Scripts and Custom Indicators

 UCS_Extreme Snap Back (TVI) By ucsgears

[RS]Support and Resistance V0 By RicardoSantos