Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency results of 2022 and plans for 2023-2025

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Today we will try to summarize the results of 2022 and look a little into the future.

What can we say, We think few people will deny that 2022 is one of the worst years that we have seen and consciously felt. Painful both separately for the participants of the crypto world and in general in the context of the economic, military and geopolitical situation in the world.
In 2022, the value of most cryptocurrencies fell steadily, almost with no corrective rebounds upwards. At most - prices were stuck for several weeks in the sideways correction and then fell again.

But usually, after a black streak comes a white one, so let's turn the 2022 page and look into 2023-2024-2025

Here is the BTCUSDT price chart on the monthly time frame
Although the history of Bitcoin trading is not so long compared to other financial assets or indices, but a certain cyclically can be traced over a 12-year period.

The behavior of BTC price movement can be divided before and after "halving".

"According to the algorithm, the reward for the mined BTC block is halved +/- every 4 years, and the event itself is called "halving".
On 28.11.2012, the first BTC halving took place. Back then, crypto was something completely unknown for 99% of people, then on a regular desktop computer, you could mine a BTC block and get a reward of 50BTC.
From 28.11.2012 to 09.07.2016 - the reward per block was 25 BTC
From 09.07.2016 to 11.05.2020 - the reward per block was 12.5 BTC
Now the reward is 6.25 bitcoins, and from April 2024 (the projected date of future halving) it will be halved to 3.125 BTC.
As the complexity of mining increases every day, the rewards will decrease until there are no bitcoins left to mine. Only 21 million bitcoins can be mined (and of these, 3-4 million are considered irretrievably lost). Calculations indicate that the last block should be mined in 2140."
To summarize: after each halving, the supply of new BTC that can be sold on the market is greatly reduced, which according to the law of "supply and demand" only stimulates the price growth."

If the BTC price is growing, which is already regarded by many as an "index of cryptocurrency stability", then altcoins are growing much more strongly in parallel.

For example, we recently made an interesting idea for LTCUSDT.
Litecoin is mining and has a halving on the same block as BTC, but the halving comes a little earlier.
We describe it in more detail here
If you are interested in when to sell your LTC, read and analyze.

If we analyze the behavior of the BTCUSD price, we can confidently state the regularity and cyclicality:

+ BTC price minimum January 2015 + 17 months = "halving" July 2016 + 18 months of the rapid growth of the crypto market until December 2018.
+ BTC price minimum December 2018 + 17 months = "halving" May 2020 + 18 months of the rapid growth of the crypto market until November 2021.

Now we prospect this pattern for 2023 - 2025
+ If the minimum BTC price was recorded in November 2022 + 17 months = projected "halving" April 2024 + 18 months of the rapid growth of the crypto market until October 2025.
This assumption, at least, has the right to life, and we remain to be closely monitored for it.

Our expectations for 2023:
- January 2023 - continued consolidation and bottom formation in the range of $16000-19000
- February 2023 - a shot up to $28000
- March - October 2023 - prolonged consolidation under the level of $28000
- autumn 2023 - breakthrough and consolidation of the BTCUSDT price above $28000

In 2024, a stable growth trend according to the fractal is expected.
Autumn 2025 is the maximum price for possible future growth trend.

Altcoins in 2023 may be less patient and start "shooting" up in the spring-summer of 2023, while the BTC price is in consolidation. By organizing a mini alt-season in 2023, the "big players" will be able to show that the market has come to life. They can hint and lure "new and fresh" money into the crypto world for a joint and powerful growth of the crypto market in 2024. This is a very necessary thing after a bunch of negative events in 2022.

These assumptions also complement our analysis, which we wrote about the possible capitalization of the cryptocurrency market in 2023-2025
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