Bitcoin Continues Aiming At $9999... Can It Go Higher?

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Greetings my fellow cryptocurrency owners, lovers, critics, and traders... Please allow me to entertain you for a few minutes... ok?

Yes! Let's get started...

  • Bitcoin continues growing.
  • Bitcoin continues to defy the mind of the masses.
  • Bitcoin continues to become stronger... with much more to come.

Above we are looking at the same chart we shared last week. We can see plenty of lines on the chart marking the strong support and resistance levels.

One of our most important indicators, volume, continues to grow. We are looking to close this week with the highest volume bar since December 2018.

December 2018 is when Bitcoin hit the bottom of the bear market. The trend now changed completely, we are looking at higher highs and higher lows week after week.

And even though we want Bitcoin to go higher, it can also consolidate sideways (blue arrow), as it can retrace (red arrow) before it continues with this feat.

The most likely scenario at the moment? Bullish impulse... Up, up, up, up, or at least that is what we want, what we believe.

But why?

Because market sentiment changed from bearish to bullish, so the bears will be annihilated until they believe that all is lost. Only when there is no way that Bitcoin can correct and go lower, that's exactly when the price will start to fall.

So before we go and retrace, let's see another impulse to the upside, maybe $10,000 or more.

Where do you think Bitcoin is headed?

First, hit like, and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks a lot for reading, we appreciate your support.


You can worry all you want, concerns, decisions, math, calculations…

What to do, where to go, how to do it, when to do it… Ahhh, so much, but what happens when you grow?

If it is a lot now, if it is too much, imagine how to handle an even stronger load.

But we can make it easy, Alan Masters is here for us, let me show you a meditation, that will take care of all of your worries and help you go with the flow.

Whatever comes to you, and you have to choose, use the following strategy to make sure all is good.

Sit back, relax and breathe deeply as you normally would…

Make a question of the problem or concern that is affecting you.

And ask the question… “How can I be better at what I do?”

It can be anything that needs or wants your attention… And here is how to complete the meditation.

Beath deeply five-times and focus your attention on the previous question.

After just a few minutes, the solution is done, the message is received, the problem is gone.

You will have a confirmation if the meditation worked.

It can be a sound, colors, shivering, a voice, or a straight answer to your concerns from before…

Here is the trick, you no longer have to do anything…

After asking the question, breathing deeply and accepting that it is solved…

Now, you just need to relax and let go…


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