EOS Token (EOSM19) Goes For Profits (55%+ ROE on 7X)

We are looking at EOS Token on BitMEX, that's EOSM19 and a bullish set up is already in place, let me layout it for you... So please feel free to hit like to show your support.

Take a look at the chart above, what can you see?

  • We have a green candle breaking above EMA10 and EMA50, with increasing volume ... quite bullish .
  • This is happening after a retrace took place and on a falling wedge , bullish pattern .
  • The RSI and MACD are both pointing up.
  • A low was hit and maintained through multiple attempts, yellow circles.

The setup is complete for a long trade.

Profits potential can vary here depending on your leverage, but if you want to see full trade details, buy-in, targets, stop-loss, and additional information, make sure to hit like/follow to show your interest/support, if enough people hit like, we will share the full trade.

Thanks a lot for reading.

This is Alan Masters.
This is not financial advice.

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