Ripple (XRPM19) Strong Bounce, More To Come (145.5% ROE)

Ripple (XRPM19) just had a very strong bounce after hitting a low point on the 13 May. This wave treated us nice with great profits as we bought around 0.00004400, we believe that there will be more.

Ripple ( XRPBTC ) is almost always moving down when Bitcoin ( BTCUSD ) is moving up, but now we are seeing both Bitcoin and Ripple moving up simultaneously, another signal that confirms the bullish sentiment we are seeing all throughout the entire cryptocurrency market.

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Previous trade (+107% ROE after hitting 3 targets):

Trade: LONG XRPM19

Leverage: 5X

Buy-in: 0.00004400 - 0.00004850

Time frame: 1D


(1) 0.00005150 -Reached
(2) 0.00005570 -Reached
(3) 0.00005830 -Reached
(4) 0.00006200

Liq. price: 0.00003960
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00004800)

Potential profits: 145.5% ROE

Capital allocation: 6%

Thanks a lot for reading.

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Good bullish pattern there!

Accumulation areas taking place AGAIN after the end of the bearish trend. The last time it happened was in... 2016.

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AlanSantana CopilotThe
@CopilotThe, Nice chart, thanks for sharing.
Folks, be careful what Alts you invest in! Some exchanges are doing shady things and may not be around much longer. By now you should know the most recent disaster which took place with Cryptopia. People are also complaining about HitBtc now. Be careful! Your Altcoins won't be worth anything if they are only listed on bad exchanges which eventually close their doors on you. Only use exchanges with a good reputation.
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@kardia, Thanks a lot for sharing, truly appreciated.
kardia kardia
@kardia, UPDATE: I think I know what may be happening with people having withdrawal issues on HitBtc. Accounts that are not verified (KYC) can only withdraw a certain amount of Bitcoin daily. Altcoins have an equivalent value of Bitcoin, therefore, the daily limit rule would also apply here. In other words, if you have more than 1 Bitcoin worth a particular altcoin and try to withdraw it all the same day, then it won't work because the amount you wish to withdraw exceeds what is permitted for unverified accounts. It could be possible people are ignoring this rule or have forgotten about it and are running into problems. I had a very small amount of ICON, which I withdrew today without any problems. In fact, the transaction was much faster than expected. It seems the withdrawal issues could be the result of users overlooking the rules associated with unverified accounts.
@kardia, Can't support just mention that? They deny that people are having problems altogether.

I am aware of people having problems withdrawing less than 1 BTC, much less than that.
kardia AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, All I can share is my own experience with the exchange. I had no problems withdrawing my ICON. But again, it was a very small amount.
Thanks for the idea!

Alts including XRP, ETH, etc will perform much better than BTC.
Here's my reasoning as to why I think so:
AlanSantana WasabiChart
@WasabiChart, Thanks for sharing.
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You actually risked 6% of your capital on this trade?