BitTorrent Retrace Complete, Starts Moving Again -Where To Next?

In our last BitTorrent ( BTTBTC ) update, we shared some really interesting and important tips on how to maximize profits when trading cryptocurrency, especially the smaller capped altcoin projects such as BitTorrent.

In this article, we mention a retrace 15-30% below peak price, and that is exactly where BTTBTC stopped on the retrace, at 12 satoshis, which is between the 11-13 satoshis range (15-30% below peak price at 16 satoshis our first target).

You can learn about all this and maximize profits by clicking on the image below:

BitTorrent Starts Moving Again

Looking at the chart above, we are on the daily time frame, BTTBTC is now trading above EMA50 (14 satoshis/magenta line). A close above this level and we continue moving up... The daily candle needs to close first for confirmation of this signal.

Bullishness can also be confirmed with good volume or simply remaining above EMA50.

On a general view, BTTBTC remains bullish as long as we are trading above EMA10 (12 satoshis).

You can find our full BitTorrent trade here, it already generated 60% profits with much, much more to come:
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Thanks a lot for your amazing and continued support.

Please share in the comments section the altcoin pairs and tokens you want me to analyze and share.

This is Alan Masters...


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When a door closes, many more open.

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New year comes, the old one is gone.

As you can see, nothing ends, new beginnings are everywhere.

Comment: BitTorrent (BTTBTC) Chart & Update:
- BTTBTC closed above 15 satoshis.
- Highest volume bar since 17 Mar.
- MACD now on the bullish zone.
- Bullish RSI.
- Enjoy the profits.
- Make sure to hit like.

Comment: This one is trying to move.
Comment: Latest BitTorrent (BTTBTC) update:
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As always great and a real gentleman

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thanks for your updates, they are very helpful , especially when i am at work, you make it allot easier to get the information needed!, i do appreciate what you do,Thank You
+2 Reply
AlanSantana Cryptonailer
@Cryptonailer, I am always happy to read that... Anything else that I can help with just let me know.

+2 Reply
at the end ... wait was the key ,really hard... but i learn a lot , good reward for patience .... thanks a lot again
+1 Reply
AlanSantana bambulero
@bambulero, My pleasure.

We patiently waited, now we gladly enjoy the profits... while being grateful!

Great caption

Thank u
+1 Reply
Eyes on it
Where to next!?

What u think Alan !?
I have sell for 20 and 21
+1 Reply
@meveme, Check the full trade, all targets are clearly stated.
meveme AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, I know
I saw them
I follow u very closely

Was just a question :)))
+1 Reply
@meveme, See here, 20 satoshis is our next target:
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