MATIC Network Perfect Bull Run Example (+1068% Profits Wave)

Let's take a look at the perfect bull run example. MATIC Network ( MATICBTC ) went on a run on Binance generating up to 1068% profits in just 11 days... Let's take a look at the chart:

MATICBTC 12h (720) on Binance

  • On the 9th of May the all-time low is hit and a new run starts. From this day until the 14th of May, MATICBTC goes up by 178%. When you think it is over, it only retraces for two days...
  • It starts to move up again and generate grows by an additional 135%, from the low of the retrace to the next peak.
  • Finally, after just two more days of retrace, MATICBTC grows by an additional 255%, for a total of 1068% growth from bottom to top.
  • Volume grew accordingly to price action. After the all-time high was hit at 573 satoshis, a longer correction period started, volume started to decrease.
  • Nice run.

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Comment: You can expect a long correction for MATICBTC after such a strong bullish wave.
Comment: We will take another look at MATIC.

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Comment: MATIC Network (MATICBTC)
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