Keeping An Eye on openANX (OAXBTC), Final Consolidation Before

Everything is fine. You can relax at home, I am tracking openANX ( OAXBTC ) for you.

I get many messages from my followers and readers asking about OAXBTC and its next wave. Remember that we caught the last three waves for OAXBTC and enjoyed massive profits, we are aware of the fourth and will make sure to share a reminder before it starts to move up for all those interested in this altcoin project.

Now, let's take a quick look at the chart, and feel free to hit like if you want to show your support... Thanks a lot!

openANX ( OAXBTC )

  • We can easily see where the "demand zone"/support for this chart is, just where you find the yellow circles or green zone. When OAXBTC reaches this level, it normally bounces and starts to move up.

    We've seen this happen multiple times in the past 9 months. We are reaching this level again, so one more final consolidation phase, before the next wave.

I will be sharing a full trade for openANX ( OAXBTC ) on Binance if there is enough support/interest. If you want to show your interest, make sure to hit follow/like... As soon as the charts are ready, I will be sharing a full trade for you.

I've drawn two potential scenarios on the chart above. Green and red arrows. There is also the scenario where OAXBTC goes lower but for this, there needs to be a full candle close below the green zone. Anything above is a good buy and keeps our view bullish for long term gains.

openANX is not yet ready, patience is key... So patiently we wait.

I received many requests weeks ago to post a trade for OAXBTC , but as you can see, we have to continue waiting, I will share when is the right time and when we have the lowest risk.

If you have any questions please use the comments section below... It will be my pleasure to assist.

Thanks a lot for reading.
Wishing you happiness, love, success, and peace.

Comment: openANX (OAXBTC) has a ~700% Profits potential from the current price (0.000002492) to ATH (0.00019900).

Comment: Weekly chart:
Comment: OAXETH potential bullish scenario:
Comment: openANX (OAXBTC) trade as promised
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thx for share.
oax eth plase :(
+1 Reply
AlanSantana soonnokta
@soonnokta, My pleasure. Will take a look.
+1 Reply
AlanSantana soonnokta
@soonnokta, One potential scenario:
+1 Reply
soonnokta AlanSantana
Thank you very much!
god bless you.!
+1 Reply
AlanSantana soonnokta
@soonnokta, Namaste.
+1 Reply
Thank you for this very good analysis in detail.. I appreciated as an oax fan
+1 Reply
AlanSantana Erkan_Ozak
@Erkan_Ozak, My pleasure.
Tks, and this is my chart