BitTorrent vs Tether (BTTUSDT) Already Making Profits! (40%+)

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I just took a look at BitTorrent vs Tether (BTTUSDT) and I noticed that it is already generating profits. Our trade is at 40%+ with more to come... Feel free to hit like now, if you want to, and let's get started with this analysis.

BTTUSDT Chart Analysis

  • The red and green lines we see on the chart were drawn in late April, this one played out nicely but I wasn't expecting to see the USDT pair move before the BTC pair, but here we are.

  • Targets are clearly marked on the above chart.

  • We can see a strong breakout above EMA10, EMA50, and EMA100 (blue line), on low volume. Volume is necessary and a good indicator as to the strength of the breakout, and even though the bull volume coming in is low, it is still going higher and above average compared to the Mar-Apr consolidation phase, so a bullish signal.

  • The MACD and RSI entered the bullish zone and allows for plenty of room for growth.

The overall chart looks really bullish but a big green volume bar is still needed to lock recent gains. In the meantime, BTTUSDT is now bullish with the potential of generating additional profits.

Conditions for change: A close below EMA10 (0.0007082) would signal that the bears are gaining strength, if this happens, a new analysis is needed.

This is not financial advice... All information here is shared for learning and entertainment purposes only.

Where do you think BitTorrent (BTTUSDT) is headed next?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


It is great to close your eyes and let yourself go and meditate.

You might not know what is going to happen, for many of you, you don't even care you just enjoy, some others block the visions by wondering, while others like me need to know nothing, but knows everything and at the same time has a key, that gives him powers to control the visions, for him and for them, at will, regardless if they like it or not.

As a young kid he starts to use his powers, with the respect he feels for them, sharing them freely, and at the same time telling everybody that they can always enjoy them no matter what they do, what they say, or where they go.

And this guy is big and amazing, he has some colors in his aura that is different from mine and yours.

And I keep listening to what he is saying, and you are happy and crying and he keeps going but you can't take it no more...

But why?

He is talking about all these good things about us humans, the way we feel, the way we interact, the way we grow... So beautiful, so elegant... Tell me more about me please, tell me more...

But then you doubt and ask, why am I this happy, I feel like a complete idiot trying to grow with a big Ego and ignorant of course.

And yet he keeps on insisting, that these feelings of happiness are not coming from his speaking, nothing from him... none at all... All that joy, bliss, respect, and ultimate love, is the real 'thing' he has been admiring, what you consider to be just a mere Soul.

When I thought I was worshipping Buddha, he was so humble that he was in love with the innocence of my thoughts.

I know we meet so many times, and yet again, he is not even here physically, I believe I've gain access to all the realities, and the Buddha is showing a feeling that I haven't seen, I can't create, and even though now I saw the vision and felt it, this feeling, I still don't know...

Of course, I was humbled, I knew I was just having another glimpse at my inner thoughts.

I know I can share this as part of my reality, or simply a vision which is only based on pure imagination and the entertainment for my Soul.

It doesn't matter which one you choose, you will be able to see and feel in some way what I just wrote, if somehow you close your eyes and meditate, you are very likely to actually experience the vision where this is going on.


Trade: BitTorrent

BUY: 0.0005900 – 0.0006400 (6150)

NEXT SUPPORT: 0.0005480


(1) 0.0007185 -Reached 13-May (+17%)
(2) 0.0007785 -Reached 14-May (+26%)
(3) 0.0008270 -Reached 14-May (+34%)
(4) 0.0008750 -Reached 14-May (+42%)
(5) 0.0009440 -Reached 16-May (+53%)
(6) 0.0010320 -Reached 18-May (+68%)
(7) 0.0011295 -Reached 18-May (+84%)
(8) 0.0011895
(9) 0.0012843

STOP: Close daily below 0.0005300.
Trade closed: target reached:
+108%.. Enjoy the profits.

Much, much, much more to come.


(1) 0.0007185 -Reached 13-May (+17%)
(2) 0.0007785 -Reached 14-May (+26%)
(3) 0.0008270 -Reached 14-May (+34%)
(4) 0.0008750 -Reached 14-May (+42%)
(5) 0.0009440 -Reached 16-May (+53%)
(6) 0.0010320 -Reached 18-May (+68%)
(7) 0.0011295 -Reached 18-May (+84%)
(8) 0.0011895 -Reached 20-May (+93%)
(9) 0.0012843 -Reached 21-May (+108%)
BTTUSDT Continues going higher.
Peak price reached now at 168% profits from recommended buy-in... Enjoy.

(*) 0.0016492 -Reached 27-May (+168%)

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