BitTorrent vs Tether (BTTUSDT) All-Time High Broken (+125%)

BINANCE:BTTUSDT   BitTorrent / TetherUS
BitTorrent broke its all-time high against tether ( BTTUSDT ), which is pretty interesting since we are trading BTTBTC and they basically have the same chart.

BTTUSDT moved first and went above its all-time high generating over 125% profits. A retrace is about to take place, but this is great growth nonetheless and BTTUSDT will always remain bullish as long as it is trading above EMA10.

So it is very likely that Bitcoin vs Bitcoin will also break its all-time high and after a short retrace, it can go even higher.

Click on the image below to see the BitTorrent vs Bitcoin ( BTTBTC ) chart (notice they are basically the same):
Just a quick update to remind you to remain patient... Because patience is key.

Thanks a lot for reading.

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BitTorrent vs Tether ( BTTUSDT ) previous analysis (+108% profits generated):
Comment: BTTUSDT Continues going higher...
Comment: New update:
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You are unbelievable!
It's a bit bizarre to see such a gap between /USDT and /BTC isn't it? Does it mean that BTC pair will logically follow USDT path in terms of gains?
@jbolduc, That's what I believew. We will see BTTBTC duplicate the BTTUSDT chart.
tks for sharing
this is my chart