Zilliqa High Volume After New All-Time Low (180% Possible)

BINANCE:ZILBTC   Zilliqa / Bitcoin
A new low has been hit for Zilliqa ( ZILBTC ) on the 13 May. I am noticing many altcoins that went through the same.

After this new all-time low was hit, trading volume had a massive increase.

The RSI went deep into oversold but is now trading above resistance, with plenty of room left available for growth (trending up):
The MACD is showing a bullish crossover and some bullish divergence , not strong but still there. The histogram is now going in favor of the bulls.

An attempt was made to break above EMA10 on the 16 May without success. EMA10 is being challenged again today on super high volume . A close above this level moves Zilliqa from bearish to bullish potential.

With that said, this setup is ready for a trade.

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Comment: TARGET:

(1) 0.00000278 -Reached 21-May (+16%)
(2) 0.00000298 -Reached 21-May (+24%)
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Thanks for TA. Please also look at NPXS/BTC and DENT/BTC with your valuable TA.
Thanks in Advance.
+2 Reply
AlanSantana irfanali741
@irfanali741, Ok will do. I looked at these many times in the past will see what they are saying now.
+1 Reply
irfanali741 AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Yeah I know i saw in Past many times but now trend is ALT coins that why i request to look again. Thanks
AlanSantana irfanali741
@irfanali741, NPXSBTC is bullish, shared a trade for it private.

Dent is also quite bullish.
AlanSantana irfanali741
@irfanali741, Here for DENTBTC, NPXS will remain private.

tks bro
and this is my, pls share your comment
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AlanSantana MCuong2332
@MCuong2332, I agree, Bitcoin sideways we are already seeing.
Good TA alan!

BTC aiming for $8,400 but with bearish intraday trend

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AlanSantana cryptohopper
@cryptohopper, Thanks a lot for sharing.