BitTorrent Move 60%+ !What Next, How 2 Trade & Altcoins New High

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BitTorrent Starts To Move just as we expected and stopped perfectly out our first target for a massive 60%+ profits.

In this article, let's take a look at an update for BitTorrent, What Happens Next (What To Expect), How To Trade & a full Altcoins Market Update... So feel free to hit like now, if you want to show your support!

Thanks a lot... Let's get started!

BitTorrent (BTTBTC) Starts To Move: Update

BitTorrent is now moving just as we expected and we started to hit our targets.

We see a massively bullish RSI and a MACD that is trending up with great momentum, additional bullish action is expected.

You can find our full trade for BTTBTC below, this one already generated 60% profits with much more to come, but, what happens next (click below)?

What Happens Next!

After each target is hit we normally have a retrace. This retrace varies in proportion depending on the size of the last wave.

We have a rule of thumb that we share with our amazing readers and great followers. We look for support 15-30% below the peak price reached.

  • So if BTTBTC reached 16 satoshis on the breakout to the upside, we look for support around the 11-13 satoshis range (15-30% below peak price).

This is just a basic rule we use to maximize profits when selling and buying back lower... This is for advanced/experienced traders only. Beginners can focus on buying low and selling high after long term waiting/patience.

Let's see how to trade...

How To Trade!

We have many, many options on how to trade after we buy, and it all depends on you, your own lifestyle, goals and trading plan.

For beginners, we recommend buying and holding long term, selling on higher targets and collecting profits. The profits remain in Bitcoin (BTC) until a new opportunity develops (we have new opportunities developing all of the time in this market), or to cashout when Bitcoin is going up strong.

We trade against Bitcoin (BTC) always, as Bitcoin appreciates overtime.
Note: We make some exceptions to this rule... Example BitTorrent vs Tether (BTTUSDT)

More advanced traders that can spot resistance and support levels can choose to sell and buy back lower and repeat this process as many times as they want based on the time frame used. You can use the 4h time frame as you can use the daily, weekly or higher.

Our recommendation is to buy low, wait patiently and later sell on target to COLLECT AND SECURE PROFITS.

Securing profits means selling on target and keeping the funds out for future opportunities, withdraw or growing your capital.


Altcoins Market Update: New All-Time Highs in late 2019 and middle 2020 and Beyond!

We reminded our great followers and readers about the bullishness we are seeing in the altcoins market now, weeks ago.

We mentioned over and over that we would see massive bullish action come mid-May. Mid-May is here, and this is exactly what we are seeing... This is pretty good... ENJOY THE PROFITS.

Just as we saw altcoin after altcoin hit new lows, we will see altcoin after altcoin hit new highs.

First we will break the 2017/18 ATH, and then hit new ATH that will/can be 10-30x higher than the last one... I know, this is big, but this is our market, the cryptocurrency market, and we like it BIG and fast not small and slow... The stock market is old, slow and small profits compared to the market of the people.

I will leave you with a phrase to motivate your day... Feel free to hit like to show your support...

Note: When I mention altcoins, I am referring to all altcoins pairs available on CoinMarketCap excluding the top 10.

I am asked to live in the present, not the present, in the moment, to achieve all of my wants, all of my dreams.

My dreams and wants are all not in this moment, that's my belief.

So I fight with getting away from this reality, I do enjoy the feelings, I do know the now, I am in the moment, but this moment isn't still in, or my dream.

How to succeed?

By meditating, or by going out and doing all the things that you meditate hoping that they will become real.

It doesn't matter what really happens, this is just another dream.

So enjoy your life to the fullest, being alive was your only desire and your one true wish.

Now you are life...

So go ahead son, materialize your reality... Go ahead and live.


(P.S. These phrases are shared purely for the entertainment of your Soul.)
Multiple trade setups for you to enjoy... Massive profits potential, low risk and high reward... Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments section:

(AMBBTC)(138%) Ambrosus

(PMA)(313%) PumaPay

(MFTBTC)(108%) Mainframe
Binance Coin vs Bitcoin (BNBBTC) Chart Analysis and Update
Crypto Total Market Cap Exclude BTC ( TOTAL2 )
+Cryptocurrency Market Massive Bullishness (Highest Volume Ever!)

Entire Cryptocurrency Market Now on Bullish Alert! (You/We've been warned).

The entire cryptocurrency market is looking, feeling and being extremely bullish with much more to come.

Here is a simple but strong analysis on why the cryptocurrency market is super bullish and will continue growing.

I hope you like it and can hit like to show your support.

BitTorrent Speed ( is being launched in Q2. This can turn into a positive development for BTTBTC's price.

Thanks, @laluInv for the information.

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