Top gaining US stocks in pre-market

US stocks below are pre-market gainers: they increased the most in price before the start of regular trading hours. They're sorted by pre-market price change, but other stats are also available.
Pre-market Chg %
Pre-market Close
Pre-market Chg
Pre-market Vol
Pre-market Gap %
Change %
Market cap
Market cap perf %
STSSSharps Technology Inc.
+224.36%0.6951 USD0.4808 USD90.702 M+95.05%0.6413 USD+199.25%195.161 M3.358 M USD
INSMInsmed Incorporated
+126.18%49.76 USD27.76 USD4.473 M+13.64%45.15 USD+105.23%16.268 M3.269 B USD+49.44%
PEGYPineapple Energy Inc.
+67.38%0.2981 USD0.1200 USD107.256 M+39.81%0.3397 USD+90.74%398.393 M17.088 M USD−66.05%
POAIPredictive Oncology Inc.
+51.64%2.38 USD0.81 USD18.482 M+3.85%2.13 USD+35.72%48.27 M8.738 M USD−49.95%
XCURExicure, Inc.
+40.48%0.4636 USD0.1336 USD1.424 M+5.55%0.4382 USD+32.79%4.609 M3.791 M USD−52.43%
OBLGOblong Inc.
+30.80%0.2302 USD0.0542 USD15.523 M0.00%0.3259 USD+85.17%61.013 M6.611 M USD−44.65%
GMEGameStop Corporation
+21.74%23.13 USD4.13 USD6.813 M+26.32%21.83 USD+14.87%25.256 M6.683 B USD−20.09%
AGIOAgios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+21.65%38.32 USD6.82 USD192.572 K+14.29%38.43 USD+22.00%1.08 M2.182 B USD+33.54%
CRKNCrown Electrokinetics Corp.
+20.59%0.1218 USD0.0208 USD73.516 M+9.50%0.1191 USD+17.92%142.742 M33.578 M USD−63.92%
SINGSinglePoint Inc.
+18.48%0.3007 USD0.0469 USD1.661 M+12.29%0.2950 USD+16.24%2.893 M334.756 K USD−95.81%
RNXTRenovoRx, Inc.
+18.25%1.49 USD0.23 USD222+18.25%1.26 USD0.00%4.953 K30.179 M USD+19.71%
OPTTOcean Power Technologies, Inc.
+17.13%0.2250 USD0.0329 USD11.734 M+44.87%0.2183 USD+13.64%19.198 M12.981 M USD−61.05%
NUKKNukkleus Inc.
+16.67%1.0500 USD0.1500 USD1.407 M+18.89%0.9900 USD+10.00%2.088 M13.761 M USD−41.83%
CORTCorcept Therapeutics Incorporated
+16.28%32.00 USD4.48 USD278.454 K+1.74%31.31 USD+13.75%1.253 M3.259 B USD+3.40%
UKUcommune International Ltd
+15.76%2.35 USD0.32 USD782+0.49%2.25 USD+10.84%95.427 K1.647 M USD−67.65%
OKLOOklo Inc.
+15.17%11.69 USD1.54 USD892.552 K+3.45%11.17 USD+10.05%7.082 M1.364 B USD
ARCTArcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc.
+14.76%34.90 USD4.49 USD18.639 K+7.83%36.89 USD+21.31%286.442 K993.515 M USD−2.89%
ONFOOnfolio Holdings Inc.
+14.29%1.1200 USD0.1400 USD1.559 M+17.35%1.1750 USD+19.90%2.803 M6.001 M USD
TYGOTigo Energy, Inc.
+14.17%1.45 USD0.18 USD100+14.17%1.31 USD+3.15%3.754 K79.074 M USD+11.71%
IPWiPower Inc.
+13.79%2.31 USD0.28 USD69.504 K−0.99%2.33 USD+14.78%958.43 K69.476 M USD−9.18%
AQBAquaBounty Technologies, Inc.
+13.51%2.10 USD0.25 USD100+13.51%1.93 USD+4.05%2.769 K7.426 M USD−80.94%
SMRNuScale Power Corporation
+13.37%8.82 USD1.04 USD1.312 M+10.28%8.80 USD+13.05%6.563 M2.137 B USD−22.83%
KTRAKintara Therapeutics, Inc.
+13.10%0.1900 USD0.0220 USD1.752 M+14.23%0.1702 USD+1.31%4.028 M9.413 M USD+49.58%
NNNENano Nuclear Energy Inc.
+12.95%4.97 USD0.57 USD770.939 K+2.27%4.73 USD+7.50%1.687 M135.134 M USD
USMUnited States Cellular Corporation
+11.68%48.00 USD5.02 USD94.745 K+7.03%42.97 USD−0.02%388.609 K3.652 B USD+123.66%
BRSHBruush Oral Care Inc.
+11.66%0.1561 USD0.0163 USD4.757 M+0.14%0.1693 USD+21.10%10.502 M11.338 M USD
KIRKKirkland's, Inc.
+11.35%2.06 USD0.21 USD106.747 K+11.89%1.99 USD+7.31%365.224 K25.886 M USD−33.13%
BETRBetter Home & Finance Holding Company
+11.23%0.3537 USD0.0357 USD142.3 K+42.77%0.3442 USD+8.24%620.95 K260.448 M USD+219.14%
NNMHINature's Miracle Holding Inc.
+10.69%0.7488 USD0.0723 USD13.107 K−0.21%0.7598 USD+12.31%96.915 K20.102 M USD
YGMZMingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited
+10.68%0.3918 USD0.0378 USD344.811 K+24.29%0.3659 USD+3.36%693.911 K13.577 M USD−63.15%
NKGNNKGen Biotech, Inc.
+10.56%1.57 USD0.15 USD3.519 K+4.93%1.49 USD+4.58%141.061 K36.958 M USD−86.22%
TDSTelephone and Data Systems, Inc.
+10.55%20.75 USD1.98 USD105.243 K+3.65%18.15 USD−3.33%763.37 K1.914 B USD+111.64%
PWMPrestige Wealth Inc.
+9.99%1.0999 USD0.0999 USD1 K+9.99%1.0350 USD+3.50%2.338 K9.47 M USD
ACSTAcasti Pharma, Inc.
+9.93%2.99 USD0.27 USD500+9.93%2.74 USD+0.73%2.295 K25.753 M USD+35.12%
NABLN-able, Inc.
+9.85%13.72 USD1.23 USD245−5.52%12.59 USD+0.80%114.3 K2.326 B USD+1.98%
BACKIMAC Holdings, Inc.
+9.61%3.65 USD0.32 USD512+11.11%3.42 USD+2.55%8.433 K3.922 M USD−14.89%
BEATHeartbeam, Inc.
+9.56%2.98 USD0.26 USD3.39 K+9.93%2.90 USD+6.78%59.056 K76.467 M USD+216.28%
LUXHLuxUrban Hotels Inc.
+9.51%0.3986 USD0.0346 USD233.728 K+4.40%0.4101 USD+12.66%1.327 M28.143 M USD−58.86%
DDRMADermata Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.47%3.70 USD0.32 USD1 K+9.47%3.54 USD+4.73%1.173 K1.572 M USD+57.92%
VSTMVerastem, Inc.
+9.43%4.51 USD0.39 USD675.927 K+9.47%4.43 USD+7.52%1.766 M112.19 M USD+255.02%
KTTAPasithea Therapeutics Corp.
+9.37%7.00 USD0.60 USD200+9.37%6.33 USD−1.09%1.341 K6.604 M USD−19.75%
GRNDGrindr Inc.
+9.28%10.24 USD0.87 USD370+1.39%9.37 USD−0.05%27.556 K1.645 B USD+67.57%
ATRAAtara Biotherapeutics, Inc.
+8.96%0.6799 USD0.0559 USD30.236 K+0.48%0.6219 USD−0.34%298.537 K74.887 M USD−73.94%
MYNZMainz Biomed N.V.
+8.71%0.6215 USD0.0498 USD19.66 K0.00%0.6350 USD+11.07%82.352 K13.898 M USD
CCISSC3is Inc.
+8.70%1.75 USD0.14 USD400.214 K+19.25%1.70 USD+5.57%1.706 M2.787 M USD
BBLGBone Biologics Corp
+8.67%1.63 USD0.13 USD2.176 K+6.00%1.59 USD+6.00%23.313 K1.75 M USD−49.03%
TLSATiziana Life Sciences Ltd
+8.66%0.8800 USD0.0701 USD3.8 K−1.59%0.8602 USD+6.20%161.744 K88.671 M USD−12.15%
LIDRAEye, Inc.
+8.62%3.78 USD0.30 USD650.117 K+3.45%4.11 USD+18.10%6.901 M27.248 M USD−77.90%
CTMXCytomX Therapeutics, Inc.
+8.57%1.90 USD0.15 USD152.809 K+4.57%1.88 USD+7.43%560.469 K146.488 M USD+167.62%
NRGVEnergy Vault Holdings, Inc.
+8.55%1.27 USD0.10 USD3.9 K+5.13%1.20 USD+2.56%46.224 K178.621 M USD−11.23%
WLDSWearable Devices Ltd.
+8.54%0.3875 USD0.0305 USD175.199 K+12.04%0.3794 USD+6.27%322.045 K6.049 M USD
AAILEiLearningEngines, Inc.
+8.47%6.40 USD0.50 USD2.2 K+2.88%6.33 USD+7.20%91.051 K894.994 M USD+211.08%
IDEXIdeanomics, Inc.
+8.42%1.0300 USD0.0800 USD29.538 K−1.05%0.9803 USD+3.19%111.699 K11.76 M USD−64.18%
HLHecla Mining Company
+8.35%6.10 USD0.47 USD344.991 K+1.95%5.88 USD+4.35%3.485 M3.679 B USD−16.52%
SMLRSemler Scientific, Inc.
+8.28%25.25 USD1.93 USD3.062 K+3.77%28.55 USD+22.43%286.229 K201.73 M USD+13.33%
WAVDWaveDancer, Inc.
+8.23%2.60 USD0.20 USD200+8.23%2.42 USD+0.64%6164.863 M USD−49.42%
GETRGetaround, Inc.
+8.18%0.1998 USD0.0151 USD67.517 K+2.33%0.1840 USD−0.39%369.729 K17.129 M USD−46.93%
+8.03%1.48 USD0.11 USD254+8.03%1.37 USD0.00%5.164 K44.007 M USD−80.28%
+7.96%6.10 USD0.45 USD100+7.96%5.60 USD−0.88%9347.876 M USD+119.64%
FOXOFOXO Technologies Inc.
+7.67%0.3790 USD0.0270 USD365.067 K−4.09%0.3820 USD+8.52%1.633 M3.417 M USD−76.61%
FULCFulcrum Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.35%7.74 USD0.53 USD8.931 K+10.40%7.52 USD+4.30%232.663 K467.395 M USD+153.23%
MEGMontrose Environmental Group, Inc.
+7.25%52.08 USD3.52 USD720+1.92%47.31 USD−2.57%29.657 K1.612 B USD+75.02%
GRTXGalera Therapeutics, Inc.
+7.19%0.2101 USD0.0141 USD223.164 K+5.26%0.1994 USD+1.73%421.581 K10.846 M USD−93.36%
CACOCaravelle International Group
+7.14%1.20 USD0.08 USD140+7.14%1.13 USD+1.04%10.208 K59.72 M USD−4.06%
IMMXImmix Biopharma, Inc.
+7.11%2.41 USD0.16 USD2.39 K+5.33%2.39 USD+6.22%28.934 K63.13 M USD+86.10%
GETYGetty Images Holdings, Inc.
+7.04%3.65 USD0.24 USD4.225 K+0.29%3.56 USD+4.40%159.925 K1.455 B USD−34.05%
ENTOEntero Therapeutics Inc.
+7.00%2.75 USD0.18 USD742+7.00%2.64 USD+2.72%12.281 K6.534 M USD
CDECoeur Mining, Inc.
+6.99%5.82 USD0.38 USD117.781 K+4.04%5.67 USD+4.23%2.195 M2.264 B USD+75.09%
GROVGrove Collaborative Holdings, Inc.
+6.92%1.70 USD0.11 USD100+6.92%1.61 USD+1.25%12.96 K61.469 M USD−28.52%
FFIEFaraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc.
+6.90%1.24 USD0.08 USD6.863 M+6.03%1.19 USD+2.59%25.574 M50.781 M USD−99.96%
SPECSpectaire Holdings, Inc.
+6.83%0.3098 USD0.0198 USD10.723 K+7.69%0.3074 USD+6.00%54.018 K5.66 M USD−90.49%
SERVServe Robotics Inc.
+6.72%2.70 USD0.17 USD6.122 K0.00%2.62 USD+3.56%65.285 K
TPHSTrinity Place Holdings Inc.
+6.62%0.1450 USD0.0090 USD258.284 K+6.62%0.1744 USD+28.24%2.336 M11.17 M USD−24.45%
GVVisionary Holdings Inc.
+6.60%0.2132 USD0.0132 USD57.819 K+7.15%0.3202 USD+60.10%7.561 M16.542 M USD
VERUVeru Inc.
+6.50%1.31 USD0.08 USD11.827 K+6.50%1.22 USD−1.22%333.572 K177.856 M USD+98.14%
CUECue Biopharma, Inc.
+6.46%1.73 USD0.10 USD1.361 K−0.92%1.62 USD−0.31%47.267 K78.802 M USD−52.28%
VERAVera Therapeutics, Inc.
+6.44%39.50 USD2.39 USD2.002 K+5.09%37.51 USD+1.08%155.906 K2.06 B USD+647.40%
ENLVEnlivex Therapeutics Ltd.
+6.43%1.49 USD0.09 USD87.807 K−5.00%1.42 USD+1.43%147.533 K26.41 M USD−47.01%
SLNASelina Hospitality PLC
+6.41%0.0946 USD0.0057 USD1.443 M+0.79%0.0836 USD−5.96%7.938 M9.134 M USD−96.06%
NUWENuwellis, Inc.
+6.36%0.2651 USD0.0159 USD180.649 K+4.31%0.2637 USD+5.81%1.327 M4.761 M USD−51.54%
UPCUniverse Pharmaceuticals Inc
+6.25%2.55 USD0.15 USD240+6.25%2.87 USD+19.58%62.033 K10.464 M USD−46.26%
GSATGlobalstar, Inc.
+6.19%1.20 USD0.07 USD49.667 K+0.88%1.14 USD+0.88%428.299 K2.166 B USD+44.40%
PRSTPresto Automation, Inc.
+6.19%0.1545 USD0.0090 USD163.199 K+6.12%0.1451 USD−0.27%491.884 K16.944 M USD−90.09%
LWLGLightwave Logic, Inc.
+6.10%3.65 USD0.21 USD900+6.10%3.41 USD−1.02%152.097 K408.921 M USD−7.28%
CMNDClearmind Medicine Inc.
+6.09%1.22 USD0.07 USD508−0.87%1.14 USD−0.87%15.81 K−56.32%
YYAIConnexa Sports Technologies Inc.
+5.98%0.7800 USD0.0440 USD3.565 K−0.10%0.7800 USD+5.98%81.88 K27.15 M USD+1155.27%
AFMDAffimed N.V.
+5.97%4.44 USD0.25 USD1.11 K+5.97%4.29 USD+2.39%29.869 K65.326 M USD−36.57%
VLCNVolcon, Inc.
+5.91%0.2080 USD0.0116 USD535.879 K+12.02%0.2200 USD+12.02%2.492 M5.522 M USD−84.18%
JXNJackson Financial Inc.
+5.87%82.58 USD4.58 USD320+1.15%77.40 USD−0.78%57.194 K5.902 B USD+90.19%
VTSIVirTra, Inc.
+5.87%11.00 USD0.61 USD5.605 K+3.66%10.38 USD−0.10%99.518 K115.319 M USD+210.17%
GDHGGolden Heaven Group Holdings Ltd.
+5.81%0.2550 USD0.0140 USD391.582 K+0.79%0.2949 USD+22.34%1.893 M12.31 M USD−93.16%
AMRXAmneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+5.73%6.82 USD0.37 USD5.743 K+0.62%6.80 USD+5.35%454.349 K2.097 B USD+562.45%
PRMEPrime Medicine, Inc.
+5.70%7.32 USD0.40 USD2.843 K+3.10%6.72 USD−2.96%185.112 K806.607 M USD−52.95%
+5.65%0.8452 USD0.0452 USD8.798 K+2.51%0.7900 USD−1.25%140.612 K78.171 M USD+2.70% Group Limited
+5.64%8.41 USD0.45 USD311−0.40%7.96 USD0.00%39.82 K296.291 M USD−7.74%
DFLIDragonfly Energy Holdings Corp
+5.64%0.9897 USD0.0528 USD151.868 K−1.72%0.9881 USD+5.46%427.75 K59.786 M USD−72.04%
ADILAdial Pharmaceuticals, Inc
+5.60%1.32 USD0.07 USD400+9.60%1.25 USD0.00%39.596 K5.292 M USD−27.57%
ATAIATAI Life Sciences N.V.
+5.59%1.70 USD0.09 USD7.404 K+3.11%1.67 USD+3.73%177.835 K279.568 M USD+6.36%
SGHTSight Sciences, Inc.
+5.57%5.88 USD0.31 USD300+4.13%5.77 USD+3.50%15.877 K286.845 M USD−43.16%
MKTWMarketWise, Inc.
+5.56%1.52 USD0.08 USD500+5.56%1.43 USD−0.69%34.476 K472.995 M USD+6.33%