After-hours US stocks that increased the most in price

The end of a trading session doesn't mean the end of trading — after the market closes investors can still buy and sell stocks outside the regular trading hours. Check out the stocks that gained the most in price during the post-market session. Analyzing the quotes below may help you perfect your strategy as after-hours trading lets investors react immediately to breaking news which can take ordinary investors by surprise when the regular trading session starts next morning.

Post-market Change %
Post-market Close
Post-market Change
Post-market Volume
Change % 1D
Volume 1D
Market cap
PALIPalisade Bio, Inc.
28.30%3.40 USD0.75 USD2.673M2.65 USD57.74%31.066M11.936M USD
25.05%0.4627 USD0.0927 USD2.235M0.3700 USD6.29%5.809M5.511M USD
FOXOFOXO Technologies Inc.
24.65%0.4612 USD0.0912 USD188.663K0.3700 USD0.00%439.226K10.186M USD, Inc.
19.93%0.3370 USD0.0560 USD9K0.2810 USD−9.33%229.605K14.264M USD
MCBMetropolitan Bank Holding Corp.
19.87%30.40 USD5.04 USD543.474K25.36 USD−27.58%6.584M277.973M USD
GMVDG Medical Innovations Holdings Ltd.
19.28%1.98 USD0.32 USD295.603K1.66 USD−38.29%1.47M3.26M USD
RUMRumble Inc.
16.23%10.85 USD1.52 USD2.91M9.34 USD0.54%4.773M3.593B USD
AFIBAcutus Medical, Inc.
14.80%0.8600 USD0.1109 USD6.093K0.7491 USD7.78%228.162K21.645M USD
DHHCDiamondHead Holdings Corp.
14.27%14.49 USD1.81 USD10.999K12.68 USD−4.01%121.914K165.677M USD
PEGYPineapple Energy Inc.
13.68%1.62 USD0.20 USD195.017K1.43 USD0.35%272.817K13.417M USD
PPSIPioneer Power Solutions, Inc.
13.65%3.33 USD0.40 USD149.436K2.93 USD10.57%275.594K28.259M USD
DLPNDolphin Entertainment, Inc.
13.51%2.10 USD0.25 USD1001.85 USD−3.65%24.891K18.896M USD
OABIOmniAb, Inc.
12.82%3.96 USD0.45 USD61.418K3.51 USD4.46%628.405K403.021M USD
YMABY-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc.
12.46%3.70 USD0.41 USD33.632K3.29 USD1.54%495.48K143.668M USD
IPDNProfessional Diversity Network, Inc.
12.39%4.79 USD0.53 USD5.14K4.26 USD25.72%69.049K42.347M USD
DWACDigital World Acquisition Corp.
11.87%14.61 USD1.55 USD455.059K13.06 USD−0.23%698.67K486.024M USD
GMGIGolden Matrix Group, Inc.
11.39%3.13 USD0.32 USD1.652K2.81 USD20.09%92.041K101.44M USD
LKCOLuokung Technology Corp
11.11%2.20 USD0.22 USD10.462K1.98 USD2.59%484.804K32.505M USD
ADVMAdverum Biotechnologies, Inc.
11.08%0.7998 USD0.0798 USD14.047K0.7200 USD−4.06%135.291K71.805M USD
FBIOFortress Biotech, Inc.
10.22%0.8200 USD0.0760 USD77.584K0.7440 USD−3.38%239.872K82.208M USD
FATHFathom Digital Manufacturing Corporation
9.94%0.7300 USD0.0660 USD7.679K0.6640 USD−10.80%124.205K90.093M USD
SUNLSunlight Financial Holdings, Inc.
9.93%0.3299 USD0.0298 USD8.915K0.3001 USD3.20%207.688K38.9M USD
ANIXAnixa Biosciences, Inc.
9.36%4.79 USD0.41 USD1.024K4.38 USD−5.81%58.827K135.451M USD
WULFTeraWulf Inc.
9.08%0.8650 USD0.0720 USD391.591K0.7930 USD2.20%1.922M144.597M USD
LPCNLipocine Inc.
8.76%0.3500 USD0.0282 USD1000.3218 USD−2.84%114.088K28.483M USD
AMSTAmesite Inc.
8.64%2.51 USD0.20 USD1002.31 USD−3.75%18.578K5.852M USD
RMTIRockwell Medical, Inc.
8.62%1.89 USD0.15 USD3.846K1.74 USD10.13%399.878K20.241M USD
DGLYDigital Ally, Inc.
8.44%4.06 USD0.32 USD22.464K3.74 USD−5.21%48.061K10.316M USD
POAIPredictive Oncology Inc.
8.15%0.2999 USD0.0226 USD10.416K0.2773 USD−2.22%227.931K22.019M USD
FREQFrequency Therapeutics, Inc.
8.10%0.5190 USD0.0389 USD21.942K0.4801 USD3.87%922.695K16.941M USD
IMTEIntegrated Media Technology Limited
7.93%0.4965 USD0.0365 USD1000.4600 USD−4.36%100.977K7.261M USD
INZYInozyme Pharma, Inc.
7.89%5.06 USD0.37 USD45.183K4.69 USD−0.21%1.49M205.047M USD
DMSDigital Media Solutions, Inc.
7.48%1.15 USD0.08 USD9.737K1.07 USD33.42%736.808K70.22M USD
CACOCaravelle International Group
7.48%1.15 USD0.08 USD1001.07 USD−5.31%35.387K62.536M USD
STRCSarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation
7.38%0.4950 USD0.0340 USD21.379K0.4610 USD−1.24%259.478K71.132M USD
EYENEyenovia, Inc.
7.23%3.41 USD0.23 USD4.438K3.18 USD−0.63%151.698K116.607M USD
CVKDCadrenal Therapeutics, Inc.
7.14%1.50 USD0.10 USD4.131K1.40 USD8.53%267.671K
MIGIMawson Infrastructure Group Inc.
7.05%3.34 USD0.22 USD4423.12 USD−2.04%39.952K44.089M USD
EVLOEvelo Biosciences, Inc.
7.02%0.1860 USD0.0122 USD26.633K0.1738 USD−11.33%678.028K19.28M USD
ICUSeaStar Medical Holding Corporation
6.97%2.15 USD0.14 USD1.207K2.01 USD−0.50%38.007K25.966M USD
IONQIonQ, Inc.
6.69%5.42 USD0.34 USD546.71K5.08 USD−0.97%4.318M1.016B USD
AGLEAeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc.
6.68%0.3100 USD0.0194 USD7960.2906 USD−3.17%215.44K19.004M USD
MMVMultiMetaVerse Holdings Limited
6.67%1.20 USD0.08 USD6.449K1.13 USD13.52%332.607K37.18M USD
GLMDGalmed Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
6.41%0.5000 USD0.0301 USD6890.4699 USD4.42%30.79K11.843M USD
RVSNRail Vision Ltd.
6.40%1.33 USD0.08 USD3071.25 USD−0.79%20.221K19.87M USD
BJDXBluejay Diagnostics, Inc.
6.36%0.4095 USD0.0245 USD7130.3850 USD−4.91%10.004K7.783M USD
AKTSAkoustis Technologies, Inc.
6.35%3.18 USD0.19 USD35.201K2.99 USD2.40%389.291K213.948M USD
WBXWallbox N.V.
6.34%4.73 USD0.28 USD1.282M4.45 USD5.95%2.072M718.657M USD
SRZNSurrozen, Inc.
6.14%0.6050 USD0.0350 USD5.961K0.5700 USD−6.56%387.068K20.02M USD
ATAIATAI Life Sciences N.V.
6.13%1.70 USD0.10 USD49.285K1.60 USD0.63%2.747M265.617M USD
METXMeten Holding Group Ltd.
6.09%0.2300 USD0.0132 USD2.995K0.2168 USD−1.72%130.084K5.24M USD
LPTXLeap Therapeutics, Inc.
5.92%0.3470 USD0.0194 USD7690.3276 USD0.15%290.8K38.903M USD
OPADOfferpad Solutions Inc.
5.83%0.5099 USD0.0281 USD20.828K0.4818 USD−6.08%374.869K119.192M USD
OTRKOntrak, Inc.
5.77%0.5500 USD0.0300 USD7.765K0.5200 USD3.20%85.029K14.186M USD
TANHTantech Holdings Ltd.
5.52%2.07 USD0.11 USD3.197K1.96 USD−0.92%13.012K2.393M USD
SURGSurgePays, Inc.
5.49%4.80 USD0.25 USD1.233K4.55 USD−5.41%279.374K62.931M USD
CABACabaletta Bio, Inc.
5.49%7.49 USD0.39 USD9.772K7.10 USD−6.21%453.66K222.521M USD
RVYLRyvyl Inc.
5.41%0.3900 USD0.0200 USD1.2K0.3700 USD1.51%46.425K18.37M USD
APGNApexigen, Inc.
5.33%0.5100 USD0.0258 USD3.295K0.4842 USD1.87%34.559K11.932M USD
UGROurban-gro, Inc.
5.28%2.79 USD0.14 USD5002.65 USD6.86%38.44K28.122M USD
PEDPedevco Corp.
5.26%1.0000 USD0.0500 USD18.267K0.9500 USD9.83%466.043K81.501M USD
SNDSmart Sand, Inc.
5.23%1.81 USD0.09 USD3301.72 USD−2.82%110.437K78.83M USD
GWHESS Tech, Inc.
5.17%1.22 USD0.06 USD717.345K1.16 USD2.65%2.324M178.997M USD
LODEComstock Inc.
5.14%0.3480 USD0.0170 USD4.835K0.3310 USD0.36%284.59K33.654M USD
VSTMVerastem, Inc.
5.01%0.4212 USD0.0201 USD8.436K0.4011 USD−10.83%623.557K84.267M USD
ARCEArco Platform Limited
5.01%13.00 USD0.62 USD22.755K12.38 USD−0.64%175.571K806.003M USD
LILMLilium N.V.
5.00%0.7073 USD0.0337 USD6.564M0.6736 USD−10.43%14.021M267.634M USD
IPSCCentury Therapeutics, Inc.
5.00%3.57 USD0.17 USD11.629K3.40 USD−3.68%79.832K201.18M USD
TOMZTOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc.
5.00%0.6825 USD0.0325 USD1.566K0.6500 USD6.56%33.004K12.886M USD
VCYTVeracyte, Inc.
5.00%21.64 USD1.03 USD129.827K20.61 USD−4.01%523.046K1.487B USD
REEREE Automotive Ltd.
5.00%0.3404 USD0.0162 USD2.198K0.3242 USD−4.65%429.313K105.782M USD
AFMDAffimed N.V.
4.99%0.7778 USD0.0370 USD39.178K0.7408 USD−2.22%719.64K110.631M USD
4.99%0.4251 USD0.0202 USD22.321K0.4049 USD4.95%475.169K10.171M USD
ONTXOnconova Therapeutics, Inc.
4.99%0.7873 USD0.0374 USD1000.7499 USD−1.02%47.694K15.692M USD
ACGNAceragen, Inc.
4.95%2.33 USD0.11 USD4402.22 USD2.78%16.143K8.214M USD
ATHXAthersys, Inc.
4.92%1.28 USD0.06 USD1.117K1.22 USD0.83%105.743K20.57M USD
GOSSGossamer Bio, Inc.
4.92%1.28 USD0.06 USD130.265K1.22 USD−8.27%2.372M115.881M USD
FSBCFive Star Bancorp
4.90%22.03 USD1.03 USD3.704K21.00 USD−2.33%53.245K362.437M USD
MATHMetalpha Technology Holding Limited
4.90%1.07 USD0.05 USD1271.02 USD−3.77%22.139K27.436M USD
BSFCBlue Star Foods Corp.
4.90%0.1350 USD0.0063 USD647.72K0.1287 USD−18.03%13.112M4.728M USD
BCABBioAtla, Inc.
4.88%2.58 USD0.12 USD12.544K2.46 USD−1.99%482.465K120.095M USD
LUNALuna Innovations Incorporated
4.87%7.11 USD0.33 USD8.417K6.78 USD4.63%179.946K226.593M USD
CUECue Biopharma, Inc.
4.80%3.71 USD0.17 USD2.398K3.54 USD2.16%215.517K152.816M USD
CIFRCipher Mining Inc.
4.78%2.19 USD0.10 USD59.339K2.09 USD−5.00%1.609M519.63M USD
FXLVF45 Training Holdings Inc.
4.72%1.33 USD0.06 USD56.876K1.27 USD3.25%2.599M123.591M USD
PRTGPortage Biotech Inc.
4.67%3.14 USD0.14 USD3.319K3.00 USD11.94%81.657K51.196M USD
AXDXAccelerate Diagnostics, Inc.
4.65%0.7430 USD0.0330 USD9.046K0.7100 USD41.49%2.446M70.361M USD
DBDDiebold Nixdorf Incorporated
4.63%1.13 USD0.05 USD83.339K1.08 USD−3.57%7.194M85.979M USD
AMBIAmbipar Emergency Response
4.62%8.84 USD0.39 USD7.968K8.45 USD1.81%205.235K468.213M USD
WEWeWork Inc.
4.57%0.8100 USD0.0354 USD479.985K0.7746 USD3.29%12.056M563.987M USD
RBOTVicarious Surgical Inc.
4.57%2.29 USD0.10 USD51.962K2.19 USD−1.79%276.898K275.852M USD
EKSOEkso Bionics Holdings, Inc.
4.55%1.61 USD0.07 USD4701.54 USD4.76%18.621K20.546M USD
NFTGThe NFT Gaming Company, Inc.
4.55%1.38 USD0.06 USD2001.32 USD3.13%35.514K
SWVLSwvl Holdings Corp
4.51%1.39 USD0.06 USD4001.33 USD1.53%33.493K7.291M USD
4.50%0.1464 USD0.0063 USD216.771K0.1401 USD7.27%2.275M20.382M USD
VBIVVBI Vaccines, Inc.
4.48%0.3289 USD0.0141 USD32.215K0.3148 USD−1.66%693.817K81.299M USD
AMTIApplied Molecular Transport Inc.
4.48%0.3500 USD0.0150 USD2.813K0.3350 USD−6.94%125.078K13.132M USD
TCONTRACON Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
4.47%1.87 USD0.08 USD7.637K1.79 USD−11.82%125.534K42.642M USD
BRZEBraze, Inc.
4.46%33.01 USD1.41 USD53.136K31.60 USD0.16%619.786K3.068B USD
CISOCerberus Cyber Sentinel Corporation
4.42%0.3446 USD0.0146 USD92.815K0.3300 USD13.79%6.699M48.928M USD