US stocks at their all-time lows

These US stocks are at their all-time lowest prices: we sorted them alphabetically and supplied with companies' financials to help you decide which ones can actually go back up.
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Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
AAMCAltisource Asset Management Corp Com
2.51 USD+0.80%3.504 K0.316.412 M USD0.0641.68 USD0.00%Finance
ALURAllurion Technologies, Inc.
1.63 USD+5.84%52.176 K0.5778.155 M USD−3.79 USD−1415.35%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
AMIXAutonomix Medical, Inc.
2.34 USD−2.30%120.467 K1.9043.884 M USD0.00%Health Technology
AMWLAmerican Well Corporation
0.4318 USD−5.51%1.599 M0.80128.013 M USD−1.22 USD+43.19%0.00%Technology Services
ANTXAN2 Therapeutics, Inc.
2.02 USD+0.50%182.436 K1.5760.255 M USD−2.59 USD−3.27%0.00%Health Technology
APLMApollomics Inc.
0.2524 USD−4.75%226.7 K0.9222.589 M USD−2.80 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
ASNSActelis Networks, Inc.
0.5450 USD−0.04%942.474 K0.691.828 M USD−2.32 USD+51.18%0.00%Electronic Technology
AUVIApplied UV, Inc.
0.3200 USD−33.33%5.179 M24.001.496 M USD−64.65 USD+62.23%0.00%Process Industries
BETRBetter Home & Finance Holding Company
0.3180 USD−13.35%2.241 M1.68240.623 M USD−0.83 USD−483.46%0.00%Finance
BIVIBioVie Inc.
0.4542 USD−1.26%857.978 K2.0227.715 M USD−0.96 USD+41.21%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
BNRGBrenmiller Energy Ltd
1.45 USD−6.45%241.138 K0.203.572 M USD0.00%Industrial Services
BPTHBio-Path Holdings, Inc.
2.03 USD+1.00%76.78 K1.203.178 M USD−27.34 USD+35.83%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
BROGBrooge Energy Limited
0.9337 USD−6.40%83.595 K0.9882.199 M USD0.00%Industrial Services
BTAIBioXcel Therapeutics, Inc.
1.86 USD+0.54%555.627 K0.9269.807 M USD−5.18 USD+21.90%0.00%Health Technology
BWAQBlue World Acquisition Corporation
8.73 USD−0.73%76.274 K1.8548.367 M USD47.890.18 USD+35.57%0.00%Finance
CABOCable One, Inc.
353.13 USD+4.48%147.712 K1.301.984 B USD8.0943.67 USD+131.31%3.31%Consumer Services
CCGCheche Group Inc.
1.35 USD−6.25%677.844 K1.64101.845 M USD−2.55 USD−1277.85%0.00%Technology Services
CEROCERo Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
0.9178 USD−2.37%64.607 K1.1513.824 M USD−0.46 USD−317.91%0.00%Finance
CLVTClarivate Plc
5.84 USD−1.85%6.063 M1.053.903 B USD−1.66 USD+73.27%0.00%Commercial Services
COEPCoeptis Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
0.2877 USD+10.19%801.662 K0.4410.679 M USD−0.58 USD+9.85%0.00%Health Technology
COURCoursera, Inc.
7.69 USD−2.04%1.963 M0.921.201 B USD−0.69 USD+40.11%0.00%Technology Services
CRBUCaribou Biosciences, Inc.
2.97 USD−1.33%1.533 M0.54268.244 M USD−1.45 USD+18.33%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
CRNCCerence Inc.
3.21 USD−8.55%2.387 M0.70134.105 M USD−6.83 USD+24.71%0.00%Technology Services
DBGIDigital Brands Group, Inc.
1.87 USD−6.50%672.992 K12.693.619 M USD−15.91 USD+98.89%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
DLADelta Apparel, Inc.
1.23 USD+1.65%51.099 K1.038.673 M USD−9.60 USD−1335.62%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
DNAGinkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.
0.6611 USD+0.70%44.604 M0.721.462 B USD−0.43 USD+57.60%0.00%Health Services
DOMODomo, Inc.
6.97 USD−2.24%1.729 M4.01266.076 M USD−2.10 USD+25.23%0.00%Technology Services
ECXECARX Holdings Inc.
1.15 USD−6.50%257.651 K3.62388.777 M USD−0.42 USD+11.98%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
EMKREMCORE Corporation
0.9440 USD−3.54%264.743 K0.537.804 M USD−11.12 USD+10.01%0.00%Electronic Technology
FNCHFinch Therapeutics Group, Inc.
1.80 USD−9.09%629.479 K12.342.89 M USD−10.14 USD+89.49%0.00%Health Services
GETYGetty Images Holdings, Inc.
3.41 USD−4.48%605.39 K1.421.393 B USD48.370.07 USD0.00%Technology Services
GNLXGenelux Corporation
2.62 USD−43.04%3.32 M15.3070.731 M USD−0.97 USD−103.91%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
GRIGRI Bio, Inc.
0.3180 USD−23.00%1.173 M1.511.2 M USD−26.72 USD+78.24%0.00%Health Technology
GROMGrom Social Enterprises Inc.
0.5127 USD−3.26%134.209 K1.734.625 M USD−13.17 USD+96.12%0.00%Technology Services
HCTIHealthcare Triangle, Inc.
0.7045 USD−5.97%92.176 K1.033.957 M USD−2.54 USD+6.46%0.00%Technology Services
HEPAHepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1.12 USD−1.76%43.634 K1.056.129 M USD−9.41 USD+30.60%0.00%Health Technology
HSDTHelius Medical Technologies, Inc.
1.24 USD−3.13%84.289 K0.363.137 M USD−12.96 USD+80.83%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
IDAIT Stamp Inc.
0.5850 USD−10.29%1.174 M1.965.349 M USD−0.91 USD+66.42%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
IHRTiHeartMedia, Inc.
0.8700 USD−3.97%3.162 M1.79107.403 M USD−6.02 USD−105.07%0.00%Consumer Services
IMRXImmuneering Corporation
1.39 USD−2.11%183.493 K1.1141.218 M USD−1.86 USD+4.19%0.00%Health Technology
IRWDIronwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
5.95 USD−1.82%1.913 M0.74945.795 M USD−6.79 USD−778.73%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
JZXNJiuzi Holdings, Inc.
0.3400 USD−3.13%268.714 K0.6346.003 M USD−4.24 USD−1234.96%0.00%Retail Trade
KFFBKentucky First Federal Bancorp
3.39 USD−2.31%15.46 K22.3627.455 M USD−0.07 USD11.80%Finance
KRONKronos Bio, Inc.
0.7557 USD−22.09%1.937 M6.6645.413 M USD−2.00 USD+8.48%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
KYTXKyverna Therapeutics, Inc.
13.00 USD+4.59%192.988 K0.64560.498 M USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
LLGVNLongeveron Inc.
1.10 USD−1.79%158.596 K0.446.983 M USD−7.22 USD−659.11%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
LIPOLipella Pharmaceuticals Inc.
0.6492 USD−0.82%44.681 K0.894.938 M USD−0.78 USD−52.07%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
LYRALyra Therapeutics, Inc.
0.3255 USD−0.18%2.9 M0.8319.844 M USD−1.25 USD+27.13%0.00%Health Technology
MBIOMustang Bio, Inc.
0.2099 USD−3.27%6.105 M0.962.627 M USD−4.62 USD+55.01%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MKFGMarkforged Holding Corporation
0.4156 USD+1.17%523.602 K1.1583.687 M USD−0.61 USD−141.55%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
MTEMMolecular Templates, Inc.
1.25 USD−5.30%53.525 K1.148.23 M USD−4.36 USD+72.82%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MYNZMainz Biomed N.V.
0.5717 USD+1.58%83.619 K0.5412.513 M USD−1.64 USD0.00%Health Technology
NNCINeo-Concept International Group Holdings Limited
0.7730 USD−7.98%312.154 K0.8315.707 M USD0.00%Retail Trade
NCLNorthann Corp.
0.3761 USD−2.99%101.391 K0.868.041 M USDTechnology Services
NNUVOHoldco Nuvo Group D.G Ltd.
1.54 USD−5.52%113.652 K0.8551.223 M USD−0.36 USD−654.18%0.00%Finance
NVNINvni Group Limited
1.42 USD−2.73%2.018 K1.0240.322 M USD0.00%Technology Services
PAVSParanovus Entertainment Technology Ltd.
1.0000 USD+12.04%2.737 M198.167.337 M USD−11.51 USD0.00%Health Technology
PERFPerfect Corp.
2.13 USD0.00%21.911 K0.66216.94 M USD46.100.05 USD0.00%Technology Services
PETWag! Group Co.
1.60 USD0.00%101.947 K0.8064.992 M USD−0.35 USD+80.32%0.00%Commercial Services
Strong buy
PNBKPatriot National Bancorp Inc.
2.25 USD+3.21%47.388 K6.278.946 M USD−0.94 USD0.00%Finance
PNSTPinstripes Holdings, Inc.
2.67 USD+1.52%113.727 K4.33107.034 M USD0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
PRFXPainReform Ltd.
0.7000 USD−3.88%60.027 K1.331.732 M USD−8.21 USD+6.97%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PWMPrestige Wealth Inc.
1.0000 USD−4.76%83.169 K0.569.15 M USD0.00%Finance
PYCRPaycor HCM, Inc.
13.01 USD−2.62%1.087 M0.712.319 B USD−0.40 USD+20.76%0.00%Technology Services
REPLReplimune Group, Inc.
5.22 USD−7.77%514.215 K0.68320.587 M USD−3.31 USD−6.12%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
RGSRegis Corporation
4.94 USD−3.14%23.375 K1.9811.263 M USD−3.00 USD+28.71%0.00%Consumer Services
RRRichtech Robotics Inc.
1.14 USD−2.16%171.192 K0.9475.185 M USD−0.04 USD0.00%Consumer Durables
SSBFMSunshine Biopharma Inc.
0.7550 USD+1.75%907.781 K0.2314.304 M USD−13.33 USD+89.16%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SSEELSeelos Therapeutics, Inc.
1.33 USD−2.92%100.32 K0.673.397 M USD−42.75 USD+73.72%0.00%Health Technology
SEPASEP Acquisition Corp
8.47 USD−2.08%15.218 K0.4648.726 M USD−0.94 USD−687.08%0.00%Finance
SGNSigning Day Sports, Inc.
0.2898 USD+5.88%751.211 K0.924.458 M USD−0.50 USD−19.52%0.00%Technology Services
4.13 USD−2.13%562.22 K0.88408.981 M USD−2.46 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SNGXSoligenix, Inc.
0.3650 USD+1.67%448.305 K1.205.767 M USD−0.74 USD+79.70%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
SSOLVSolventum Corporation
60.45 USD+0.87%1.269 M0.7010.44 B USD0.00%Health Services
SPECSpectaire Holdings, Inc.
0.2900 USD−20.33%380.954 K3.565.34 M USD1.240.23 USD0.00%Electronic Technology
SRFMSurf Air Mobility Inc.
0.3357 USD−8.53%721.2 K2.3127.875 M USD−3.59 USD0.00%Transportation
STSSSharps Technology Inc.
0.2143 USD+12.73%33.818 M16.503.358 M USD−0.65 USD−31.23%0.00%Health Technology
SYTASiyata Mobile, Inc.
1.68 USD−12.95%1.341 M0.261.021 M USD−15.73 USD+72.34%0.00%Electronic Technology
THARTharimmune, Inc.
0.3049 USD−6.87%1.044 M2.543.595 M USD−6.94 USD+61.05%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
TXG10x Genomics, Inc.
22.59 USD−1.57%1.646 M1.092.704 B USD−2.24 USD−46.97%0.00%Health Technology
UUnity Software Inc.
19.40 USD−1.02%7.451 M0.647.583 B USD−2.24 USD+25.94%0.00%Technology Services
VCIGVCI Global Limited
0.8310 USD−0.24%161.783 K0.8133.429 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
VERVVerve Therapeutics, Inc.
5.28 USD−0.94%934.439 K0.56414.739 M USD−2.88 USD+8.45%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
VLCNVolcon, Inc.
0.1964 USD−4.80%2.496 M0.844.929 M USD−280.35 USD+7.75%0.00%Consumer Durables
WWWW International, Inc.
1.52 USD−3.80%4.21 M1.18120.498 M USD−4.32 USD+15.93%0.00%Consumer Services
XAIRBeyond Air, Inc.
1.11 USD+0.91%318.882 K0.8250.72 M USD−2.11 USD0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
XCURExicure, Inc.
0.3300 USD−26.34%159.35 K8.582.855 M USD0.191.71 USD0.00%Health Technology
XXXII22nd Century Group, Inc
1.24 USD−0.80%95.011 K0.479.793 M USD−102.71 USD−28.96%0.00%Health Technology
ZZAPPZapp Electric Vehicles Group Limited
0.9800 USD−3.92%167.002 K1.083.067 M USD0.00%Finance
ZCARZoomcar Holdings, Inc.
0.1840 USD−28.40%14.604 M1.2311.976 M USD0.044.40 USD0.00%Finance
ZZPTAZapata Computing Holdings Inc.
0.8315 USD−0.99%404.702 K0.3126.594 M USD−4.21 USD−5074.85%0.00%Technology Services