US stocks that've increased the most in a year

Who cares about a stock that reached its all time high back in 2007? This list of companies at their 52-week highs is perhaps a better yardstick for recent performance, and consequently profit potential. As with all time highs, there are two ways to read this information: 1) that the business is doing well and probably will continue to do well as a result and 2) that it's getting into over-hyped territory and may retrace soon.

Change % 1D
Change 1D
Technical Rating 1D
Volume 1D
Volume * Price 1D
Market cap
P/E ratio
96.69 USD1.89%1.79 USD
Strong Buy
337.31K32.615M USD5.171B USD51.281.89 USD3.666KProducer Manufacturing
ADIAnalog Devices, Inc.
197.22 USD1.55%3.01 USD
Strong Buy
3.873M763.836M USD99.764B USD29.326.67 USD24.45KElectronic Technology
AEYEAudioEye, Inc.
7.10 USD−4.83%−0.36 USD
44.868K318.563K USD82.734M USD−0.91 USD120Technology Services
AHRNAhren Acquisition Corp.
10.41 USD−0.10%−0.01 USD
344.769K3.589M USD390.372M USD44.450.23 USD3Finance, Inc.
33.57 USD21.50%5.94 USD
Strong Buy
62.877M2.111B USD3.584B USD−2.43 USD704Technology Services
ALCCAltC Acquisition Corp.
10.15 USD0.05%0.01 USD
248.653K2.524M USD649.092M USD1045.880.01 USD2Finance
ALDXAldeyra Therapeutics, Inc.
9.93 USD4.53%0.43 USD
Strong Buy
1.671M16.597M USD581.663M USD−1.06 USD15Health Technology
ALSAAlpha Star Acquisition Corporation
10.49 USD0.19%0.02 USD
Strong Buy
1611.689K USD153.941M USD139.040.08 USDFinance
ALTRAltair Engineering Inc.
72.11 USD1.85%1.31 USD
442.698K31.923M USD5.779B USD−0.55 USD3KTechnology Services
332.80 USD2.07%6.76 USD
Strong Buy
726.844K241.894M USD28.982B USD54.466.02 USD5.6KTechnology Services
APGBApollo Strategic Growth Capital II
10.25 USD0.10%0.01 USD
Strong Buy
199.485K2.045M USD884.063M USD34.360.30 USD2Finance
ARDXArdelyx, Inc.
4.79 USD4.36%0.20 USD
Strong Buy
7.698M36.871M USD989.1M USD−0.48 USD133Health Technology
ATVIActivision Blizzard, Inc
85.59 USD0.82%0.70 USD
5.235M448.072M USD67.126B USD44.241.94 USD13KTechnology Services
AXONAxon Enterprise, Inc.
224.85 USD3.28%7.15 USD
Strong Buy
1.411M317.297M USD16.383B USD107.212.07 USD2.821KElectronic Technology
BKNGBooking Holdings Inc. Common Stock
2652.41 USD1.63%42.65 USD
Strong Buy
365.79K970.225M USD99.859B USD33.5178.22 USD21.6KConsumer Services
BLKBBlackbaud, Inc.
69.30 USD1.79%1.22 USD
387.342K26.843M USD3.688B USD−0.88 USD3.2KTechnology Services
BRBRBellRing Brands, Inc.
34.00 USD1.92%0.64 USD
Strong Buy
801.936K27.266M USD4.541B USD37.810.88 USD380Health Technology
BRIVB. Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp.
10.16 USD0.10%0.01 USD
13.843K140.645K USD225.171M USD72.970.14 USDFinance
BRKRBruker Corporation
78.84 USD1.47%1.14 USD
Strong Buy
641.979K50.614M USD11.568B USD39.072.00 USD8.525KHealth Technology
BSXBoston Scientific Corporation
50.03 USD0.87%0.43 USD
Strong Buy
11.586M579.635M USD71.782B USD111.040.45 USD45KDistribution Services
CBOECboe Global Markets, Inc.
134.24 USD1.46%1.93 USD
Strong Buy
572.706K76.88M USD14.195B USD60.532.19 USD1.543KFinance
CCEPCoca-Cola Europacific Partners plc
59.19 USD1.63%0.95 USD
Strong Buy
1.155M68.364M USD27.056B USD16.873.46 USD33.295KConsumer Non-Durables
CCFChase Corporation
104.73 USD2.38%2.43 USD
Strong Buy
25.756K2.697M USD994.937M USD23.344.39 USD683Process Industries
CDNSCadence Design Systems, Inc.
210.09 USD1.49%3.08 USD
Strong Buy
2.104M442.055M USD57.342B USD67.053.13 USD10.2KTechnology Services
CHDNChurchill Downs, Incorporated
257.05 USD1.45%3.67 USD
Strong Buy
391.367K100.601M USD9.609B USD22.2511.54 USD7KConsumer Services
CHSNChanson International Holding
2.11 USD−13.88%−0.34 USD2.625M5.538M USDConsumer Non-Durables
CLHClean Harbors, Inc.
142.56 USD2.74%3.80 USD
Strong Buy
671.798K95.772M USD7.708B USD18.367.60 USD19.775KIndustrial Services
CMTCore Molding Technologies Inc
17.99 USD0.33%0.06 USD
73.047K1.314M USD163.946M USD12.491.44 USD1.986KProducer Manufacturing
COTYCoty Inc.
12.06 USD0.92%0.11 USD
3.773M45.5M USD10.282B USD95.220.14 USD11.012KConsumer Non-Durables
CPAAConyers Park III Acquisition Corp.
10.21 USD0.59%0.06 USD
Strong Buy
10.5K107.205K USD455.621M USD57.540.18 USDFinance
CPRTCopart, Inc.
75.21 USD2.35%1.73 USD
Strong Buy
2.718M204.444M USD35.845B USD32.732.27 USD9.5KCommercial Services
13.59 USD1.19%0.16 USD
7.945K107.973K USD61.9M USD19.040.71 USD117Technology Services
CTSCTS Corporation
49.46 USD5.44%2.55 USD
Strong Buy
574.95K28.437M USD1.566B USD25.351.86 USD4.209KElectronic Technology
CVCOCavco Industries, Inc.
317.74 USD2.17%6.74 USD
Strong Buy
66.809K21.228M USD2.762B USD11.3727.58 USD6.3KConsumer Durables
DAIOData I/O Corporation
4.97 USD0.61%0.03 USD
Strong Buy
14.406K71.598K USD43.826M USD−0.13 USD95Producer Manufacturing
DAKTDaktronics, Inc.
5.67 USD2.35%0.13 USD
Strong Buy
742.394K4.209M USD257.791M USD−0.35 USD2.477KProducer Manufacturing
DISTDistoken Acquisition Corporation
10.16 USD0.00%0.00 USD1.428M14.512M USD71.786M USDFinance
DPCSDP Cap Acquisition Corp I
10.45 USD0.10%0.01 USD
Strong Buy
8.1K84.645K USD300.437M USD705.410.01 USDFinance
DRIDarden Restaurants, Inc.
155.16 USD0.83%1.28 USD
1.367M212.169M USD18.884B USD20.087.73 USD178.956KConsumer Services
DUOLDuolingo, Inc.
142.59 USD4.84%6.58 USD
975.067K139.035M USD5.667B USD−1.51 USD600Technology Services
ELFe.l.f. Beauty, Inc.
82.35 USD4.35%3.43 USD
Strong Buy
1.4M115.274M USD4.389B USD92.560.90 USD303Consumer Non-Durables
EMANeMagin Corporation
2.08 USD−5.02%−0.11 USD
1.689M3.513M USD171.513M USD−0.02 USD109Electronic Technology
EYENEyenovia, Inc.
3.53 USD11.01%0.35 USD
Strong Buy
663.852K2.343M USD129.441M USD−0.84 USD41Health Technology
EZGOEZGO Technologies Ltd.
1.79 USD5.92%0.10 USD
Strong Buy
215.033K384.909K USD59.918M USD−0.47 USDConsumer Services
FACTFreedom Acquisition I Corp.
10.32 USD0.15%0.02 USD
6.957K71.761K USD444.834M USD81.040.13 USDFinance
FCNCAFirst Citizens BancShares, Inc.
973.10 USD4.21%39.30 USD
399.295K388.554M USD14.036B USD13.8467.52 USD10.684KFinance
FOURShift4 Payments, Inc.
75.80 USD3.96%2.89 USD
Strong Buy
1.765M133.811M USD6.345B USD73.681.36 USD2.3KCommercial Services
FTAIFTAI Aviation Ltd.
27.96 USD0.98%0.27 USD
1.378M38.542M USD2.788B USD−2.22 USD40Finance
GBRGGoldenbridge Acquisition Limited
10.73 USD1.23%0.13 USD
Strong Buy
125.995K1.352M USD38.219M USD71.140.15 USD3Finance
GDEVNexters Inc.
6.79 USD19.04%1.09 USD
117.338K796.138K USD1.333B USD11.010.52 USDTechnology Services
GEGeneral Electric Company
95.60 USD1.65%1.55 USD
Strong Buy
7.38M705.548M USD104.136B USD−0.22 USD172KProducer Manufacturing
GENCGencor Industries, Inc.
15.37 USD2.54%0.38 USD
Strong Buy
26.582K408.565K USD225.289M USD65.030.23 USD367Producer Manufacturing
GGGGraco Inc.
73.01 USD1.76%1.26 USD
Strong Buy
777.182K56.742M USD12.249B USD26.912.73 USD4KProducer Manufacturing
GPKGraphic Packaging Holding Company
25.49 USD0.91%0.23 USD
2.422M61.731M USD7.829B USD14.981.69 USD24KProcess Industries
GRBKGreen Brick Partners, Inc.
35.06 USD2.07%0.71 USD
Strong Buy
287.136K10.067M USD1.614B USD5.706.07 USD550Consumer Durables
HSTMHealthStream, Inc.
27.10 USD3.47%0.91 USD
Strong Buy
201.026K5.448M USD828.777M USD66.510.39 USD1.135KTechnology Services
HSYThe Hershey Company
254.41 USD0.44%1.12 USD
764.855K194.587M USD52.163B USD31.8210.44 USD19.865KConsumer Non-Durables
HYHyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.
49.89 USD2.23%1.09 USD
179.593K8.96M USD856.098M USD−4.39 USD8.2KProducer Manufacturing
IMMRImmersion Corporation
8.94 USD7.58%0.63 USD
Strong Buy
2.266M20.262M USD289.283M USD8.960.94 USD20Electronic Technology
INNVInnovAge Holding Corp.
7.98 USD4.31%0.33 USD
Strong Buy
59.987K478.696K USD1.082B USD−0.28 USD2KTechnology Services
INTAIntapp, Inc.
44.84 USD1.77%0.78 USD
Strong Buy
533.6K23.927M USD2.859B USD−1.44 USD946Technology Services
JBLJabil Inc.
88.16 USD1.64%1.42 USD
Strong Buy
1.332M117.451M USD11.75B USD12.577.06 USD250KElectronic Technology
KRMDKORU Medical Systems, Inc.
4.22 USD0.60%0.03 USD
97.141K409.935K USD192.091M USD−0.19 USD85Health Technology
KTCCKey Tronic Corporation
7.27 USD2.97%0.21 USD
32.123K233.534K USD78.239M USD14.100.51 USD4.897KElectronic Technology
KVSAKhosla Ventures Acquisition Co.
10.14 USD0.00%0.00 USD
30.725K311.552K USD461.269M USD219.010.05 USDFinance
LFACLF Capital Acquisition Corp. II
10.50 USD0.00%0.00 USD
1.407K14.774K USD252.398M USD171.010.06 USD3Finance
LMBLimbach Holdings, Inc.
17.30 USD1.76%0.30 USD
Strong Buy
94.828K1.641M USD180.78M USD27.120.65 USD1.5KMiscellaneous
LWLamb Weston Holdings, Inc.
104.52 USD1.61%1.66 USD
Strong Buy
1.449M151.411M USD15.037B USD31.453.28 USD8KConsumer Non-Durables
MAQCMaquia Capital Acquisition Corporation
10.64 USD−0.02%−0.00 USD
13.737K146.162K USD91.76M USD31.370.34 USDFinance
MELIMercadoLibre, Inc.
1318.06 USD4.05%51.26 USD
Strong Buy
719.246K948.009M USD66.243B USD133.869.58 USD40.548KRetail Trade
MLRMiller Industries, Inc.
35.35 USD2.17%0.75 USD
Strong Buy
66.865K2.364M USD403.581M USD19.421.78 USD1.45KConsumer Durables
MNSTMonster Beverage Corporation
54.01 USD2.90%1.52 USD
Strong Buy
5.497M296.897M USD56.431B USD46.971.13 USD5.296KConsumer Non-Durables
MSIMotorola Solutions, Inc.
286.13 USD1.59%4.48 USD
Strong Buy
730.601K209.047M USD47.855B USD35.528.14 USD20KElectronic Technology
MUXMcEwen Mining Inc.
8.47 USD−2.31%−0.20 USD
707.031K5.989M USD401.712M USD−1.67 USD520Non-Energy Minerals
MYRGMYR Group, Inc.
126.01 USD3.80%4.61 USD
187.687K23.65M USD2.1B USD24.684.98 USD8.5KIndustrial Services
NSITInsight Enterprises, Inc.
142.96 USD2.46%3.43 USD
Strong Buy
276.306K39.501M USD4.833B USD18.218.04 USD13.448KTechnology Services
NVDANVIDIA Corporation
277.77 USD1.44%3.94 USD
Strong Buy
43.393M12.053B USD686.092B USD157.251.76 USD26.196KElectronic Technology
NVECNVE Corporation
82.99 USD2.89%2.33 USD
Strong Buy
42.423K3.521M USD400.91M USD21.323.78 USD49Electronic Technology
5572.19 USD2.86%155.08 USD
Strong Buy
21.579K120.242M USD18.106B USD11.01525.48 USD6.55KConsumer Durables
OBIOOrchestra BioMed Holdings, Inc.
19.57 USD26.42%4.09 USD
Strong Buy
128.069K2.506M USD618.688M USD−0.19 USD4Health Technology
ODCOil-Dri Corporation Of America
41.61 USD7.44%2.88 USD
Strong Buy
26.765K1.114M USD276.389M USD23.901.65 USD869Process Industries
ORCLOracle Corporation
92.92 USD2.66%2.41 USD
Strong Buy
10.476M973.461M USD250.866B USD29.743.12 USD143KTechnology Services
PACIPROOF Acquisition Corp I
10.43 USD0.48%0.05 USD
1001.043K USD359.835M USD231.180.04 USDFinance
PDFSPDF Solutions, Inc.
42.40 USD1.61%0.67 USD
Strong Buy
380.285K16.124M USD1.601B USD−0.09 USD458Technology Services
PERIPerion Network Ltd
39.58 USD3.18%1.22 USD
Strong Buy
510.646K20.211M USD1.841B USD18.572.20 USD417Technology Services
PGTIPGT Innovations, Inc.
25.11 USD9.84%2.25 USD
Strong Buy
1.527M38.336M USD1.511B USD14.551.58 USD5.5KProducer Manufacturing
PLPCPreformed Line Products Company
128.04 USD0.27%0.35 USD
29.662K3.798M USD629.865M USD11.7211.03 USD3.261KProducer Manufacturing
PRVBProvention Bio, Inc.
24.10 USD−0.45%−0.11 USD
2.813M67.794M USD2.284B USD−1.53 USD174Health Technology
RELYRemitly Global, Inc.
16.95 USD1.32%0.22 USD
1.877M31.807M USD2.953B USD−0.68 USD2.7KCommercial Services
REPXRiley Exploration Permian, Inc.
38.06 USD7.91%2.79 USD
Strong Buy
83.696K3.185M USD767.249M USD6.875.16 USD65Energy Minerals
RMBSRambus, Inc.
51.26 USD1.44%0.73 USD
Strong Buy
1.471M75.397M USD5.528B USD−0.13 USD765Electronic Technology
SAMASchultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. II
10.29 USD−0.10%−0.01 USD
22.423K230.733K USD212.231M USD−0.04 USD3Finance
SGENSeagen Inc.
202.47 USD−0.30%−0.61 USD
1.358M274.992M USD37.885B USD−3.30 USD3.256KHealth Technology
SGUStar Group L.P.
12.97 USD−0.77%−0.10 USD
64.339K834.477K USD462.783M USD18.230.72 USD3.194KEnergy Minerals
SKYSkyline Champion Corporation
75.23 USD1.24%0.92 USD
Strong Buy
1.017M76.537M USD4.292B USD9.877.57 USD8.4KConsumer Durables
10.23 USD0.00%0.00 USD
3.371K34.485K USD319.687M USD34.760.29 USDFinance
SONMSonim Technologies, Inc.
1.01 USD14.77%0.13 USD
Strong Buy
790.398K798.302K USD41.405M USD−0.67 USD77Electronic Technology
SPNTSiriusPoint Ltd.
8.13 USD3.44%0.27 USD
Strong Buy
1.042M8.469M USD1.32B USD−2.52 USDFinance
SQSPSquarespace, Inc.
31.77 USD1.89%0.59 USD
Strong Buy
798.43K25.366M USD4.347B USD−1.85 USD1.8KTechnology Services
SSTIShotSpotter, Inc.
39.32 USD3.01%1.15 USD
Strong Buy
48.211K1.896M USD482.318M USD73.860.53 USD213Technology Services