US stocks that've decreased the most in a year

It's unlikely that you care that much about a global conglomerate's all-time low back when it was a penny stock 40 years ago. Therefore, the 52-week lows might be a better measure for getting a gauge on a company's recent performance and whether this moment represents a good opportunity to buy into it or not. Still — if an asset's at its 52-week low — it's definitely recommended you do your own research to find out exactly why before pumping any hard won cash into it.

Change % 1D
Change 1D
Technical Rating 1D
Volume 1D
Volume * Price 1D
Market cap
AADIAadi Bioscience, Inc.
6.95 USD−4.14%−0.30 USD
214.212K1.489M USD169.546M USD−2.98 USD39Health Technology
ACETAdicet Bio, Inc.
5.65 USD−4.65%−0.28 USD
159.32K899.361K USD242.481M USD−1.69 USD132Health Technology
ACGNAceragen, Inc.
2.16 USD−5.05%−0.12 USD
7.809K16.867K USD7.992M USD−5.20 USD13Health Technology
ADESAdvanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.
1.90 USD2.70%0.05 USD
81.107K154.103K USD50.966M USD−0.48 USD147Process Industries
ADNAdvent Technologies Holdings, Inc.
1.07 USD−0.93%−0.01 USD
Strong Sell
1.041M1.114M USD55.338M USD−0.69 USD200Electronic Technology
AEVAAeva Technologies, Inc.
1.16 USD2.21%0.03 USD
1.094M1.264M USD253.834M USD−0.68 USD306Electronic Technology
AGFYAgrify Corporation
0.1660 USD3.75%0.0060 USD
1.283M212.975K USD1.473M USD−62.05 USD141Producer Manufacturing
AGLEAeglea BioTherapeutics, Inc.
0.3025 USD−0.87%−0.0027 USD
175.84K53.183K USD19.779M USD−1.12 USD69Health Technology
AGRIAgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd.
0.6499 USD−4.43%−0.0301 USD
Strong Sell
86.23K56.041K USD11.8M USD−0.76 USD15Commercial Services
AKANAkanda Corp.
1.05 USD−7.08%−0.08 USD
98.39K103.31K USD3.574M USDProcess Industries
ALLGAllego N.V.
2.19 USD−1.79%−0.04 USD
Strong Sell
62.058K135.907K USD585.119M USDRetail Trade
ALLRAllarity Therapeutics, Inc.
2.04 USD−20.62%−0.53 USD
Strong Sell
956.852K1.952M USD1.999M USD−76.52 USD9Health Technology
ALPPAlpine 4 Holdings, Inc.
0.4526 USD−1.37%−0.0063 USD
Strong Sell
212.683K96.26K USD90.298M USD−0.07 USD480Electronic Technology
AMRXAmneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
1.27 USD−1.16%−0.02 USD
867.511K1.106M USD387.113M USD−0.86 USD7.6KHealth Technology
AMSWAAmerican Software, Inc.
11.94 USD−2.21%−0.27 USD
Strong Sell
81.318K970.937K USD403.327M USD37.390.33 USD418Technology Services
AMTXAemetis, Inc
2.46 USD−9.74%−0.27 USD
556.44K1.366M USD89.981M USD−3.11 USD168Process Industries
APREAprea Therapeutics, Inc.
4.56 USD−2.98%−0.14 USD
5.31K24.214K USD17.016M USD−5.17 USDHealth Technology
APTXAptinyx Inc.
0.1349 USD−0.07%−0.0001 USD
4.888M659.424K USD9.135M USD−1.07 USD40Health Technology
ARENThe Arena Group Holdings, Inc.
4.05 USD−8.07%−0.36 USD
Strong Sell
14.834K60.004K USD74.036M USD−4.06 USDTechnology Services
0.1437 USD−5.52%−0.0084 USD
8.733M1.255M USD109.677M USD2.695KConsumer Durables
ATHAAthira Pharma, Inc.
2.25 USD−5.06%−0.12 USD
Strong Sell
168.242K378.545K USD85.374M USD−2.53 USD64Health Technology
AURAAura Biosciences, Inc.
9.28 USD4.27%0.38 USD
88.79K823.971K USD350.785M USD−1.96 USD70Health Technology
AUUDAuddia Inc.
0.8498 USD−0.02%−0.0002 USD
2.523K2.144K USD10.921M USD−0.55 USD15Technology Services
AVGRAvinger, Inc.
0.8098 USD1.23%0.0098 USD
30.254K24.5K USD8.166M USD−4.73 USD71Health Technology
BACKIMAC Holdings, Inc.
0.1524 USD−7.97%−0.0132 USD
380.321K57.961K USD4.992M USD−0.53 USD177Health Services
BBLNBabylon Holdings Limited
5.11 USD−12.65%−0.74 USD
Strong Sell
77.227K394.63K USD127.038M USD−25.26 USD1.895KHealth Services
BFLYButterfly Network, Inc.
1.78 USD−5.08%−0.10 USD
Strong Sell
1.151M2.042M USD361.106M USD−0.84 USD330Health Technology
BHGBright Health Group, Inc.
0.2080 USD−7.18%−0.0161 USD
6.318M1.314M USD131.109M USD−2.37 USD2.804KHealth Services
BLNKBlink Charging Co.
7.41 USD−2.11%−0.16 USD
1.445M10.711M USD447.301M USD−2.05 USD620Consumer Services
BNGOBionano Genomics, Inc.
1.07 USD−3.18%−0.04 USD
2.322M2.473M USD326.145M USD−0.46 USD405Health Technology
BTTXBetter Therapeutics, Inc.
0.6925 USD−15.61%−0.1281 USD
Strong Sell
85.788K59.408K USD16.443M USD−1.90 USD44Health Technology
BVBrightView Holdings, Inc.
5.31 USD−4.67%−0.26 USD
Strong Sell
137.093K727.964K USD496.485M USD65.760.08 USD21KCommercial Services
CCCCC4 Therapeutics, Inc.
3.34 USD−3.61%−0.13 USD
Strong Sell
468.669K1.563M USD163.585M USD−2.62 USD146Health Technology
CELLPhenomeX Inc.
1.02 USD−8.48%−0.10 USD
Strong Sell
368.264K377.471K USD98.922M USD−1.42 USD285Technology Services
CFMSConformis, Inc.
1.16 USD1.76%0.02 USD
107.756K125.008K USD8.696M USD−7.00 USD295Health Technology
CHRACharah Solutions, Inc.
3.10 USD−9.62%−0.33 USD
Strong Sell
37.608K116.585K USD10.454M USD−12.18 USD693Industrial Services
CKXCKX Lands, Inc.
9.19 USD0.44%0.04 USD
5.136K47.2K USD18.145M USD−0.15 USD1Miscellaneous
CLSDClearside Biomedical, Inc.
0.9291 USD−2.21%−0.0210 USD
Strong Sell
131.152K121.847K USD57.011M USD−0.55 USD36Health Technology
CMLSCumulus Media Inc.
3.65 USD0.00%0.00 USD
227.888K831.791K USD81.339M USD4.420.83 USD3.33KConsumer Services
CMRAComera Life Sciences Holdings, Inc.
0.9265 USD10.72%0.0897 USD
13.279K12.303K USD20.663M USD−1.38 USD13Health Technology
CNSPCNS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
0.98 USD−10.55%−0.12 USD
72.093K70.291K USD1.301M USD−10.39 USD5Health Technology
COHNCohen & Company Inc.
7.24 USD−4.86%−0.37 USD
17.004K123.109K USD13.176M USD−9.50 USD121Finance
CONNConn's, Inc.
5.42 USD−5.99%−0.35 USD
Strong Sell
309.003K1.673M USD129.663M USD−0.44 USD4.12KFinance
CRVSCorvus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
0.6467 USD−0.51%−0.0033 USD
Strong Sell
212.698K137.552K USD30.106M USD−0.87 USD28Health Technology
CSTECaesarstone Ltd.
4.08 USD−3.77%−0.16 USD
55.115K224.869K USD140.79M USD−1.65 USD2.111KNon-Energy Minerals
CYTOAltamira Therapeutics Ltd.
1.21 USD−8.33%−0.11 USD
89.053K107.763K USD1.415M USD−26.73 USD17Health Technology
CYXTCyxtera Technologies, Inc.
0.6755 USD−24.02%−0.2135 USD
Strong Sell
661.715K446.988K USD121.376M USD−1.99 USD755Technology Services
DAVEDave Inc.
5.70 USD−4.84%−0.29 USD
Strong Sell
64.178K365.815K USD67.35M USD−11.30 USD320Finance
DNAGinkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc.
1.21 USD−2.03%−0.03 USD
9.58M11.544M USD2.3B USD−1.29 USD1.292KHealth Services
DOGZDogness (International) Corporation
0.7300 USD−3.95%−0.0300 USD
Strong Sell
53.581K39.114K USD28.67M USD8.540.09 USD317Consumer Non-Durables
DRMADermata Therapeutics, Inc.
1.27 USD−8.63%−0.12 USD
Strong Sell
379.535K482.009K USD1.086M USD−14.57 USD8Health Technology
DSGNDesign Therapeutics, Inc.
5.55 USD−3.98%−0.23 USD
Strong Sell
159.203K883.577K USD310.485M USD−1.14 USD132Health Technology
EAREargo, Inc.
4.20 USD−0.71%−0.03 USD
36.236K152.191K USD87.116M USD−62.19 USD243Health Technology
EDITEditas Medicine, Inc.
7.26 USD−2.55%−0.19 USD
853.045K6.193M USD500.724M USD−3.21 USD226Health Technology
EGIOEdgio, Inc.
0.7102 USD0.16%0.0011 USD
339.989K241.46K USD157.37M USD−0.50 USD552Technology Services
EIGREiger BioPharmaceuticals, Inc.
0.87 USD−13.70%−0.14 USD
Strong Sell
354.95K309.399K USD38.492M USD−2.34 USD56Health Technology
EJHE-Home Household Service Holdings Limited
0.0793 USD−9.89%−0.0087 USD
2.999M237.813K USD432.352K USD−43.97 USD526Consumer Services
EVLOEvelo Biosciences, Inc.
0.2100 USD1.94%0.0040 USD
234.207K49.183K USD23.295M USD−1.46 USD66Health Technology
FEAM5E Advanced Materials, Inc.
5.20 USD−0.67%−0.04 USD
264.743K1.375M USD229.355M USD−1.31 USDProcess Industries
FORDForward Industries, Inc.
1.00 USD−0.99%−0.01 USD
Strong Sell
23.822K23.822K USD10.061M USD−0.20 USD100Electronic Technology
FSEAFirst Seacoast Bancorp, Inc.
8.85 USD2.91%0.25 USD
39.969K353.726K USD44.917M USD28.920.30 USD83Finance
FTFTFuture FinTech Group Inc.
1.12 USD−2.61%−0.03 USD
36.598K40.99K USD16.378M USD−0.81 USD71Finance
FULCFulcrum Therapeutics, Inc.
3.03 USD−2.88%−0.09 USD
638.96K1.936M USD187.13M USD−2.49 USD89Health Technology
FWBIFirst Wave BioPharma, Inc.
2.73 USD−9.00%−0.27 USD
52.313K142.82K USD4.231M USD−178.29 USD10Health Technology
FYBRFrontier Communications Parent, Inc.
20.54 USD−4.35%−0.94 USD
Strong Sell
2.678M54.998M USD5.032B USD11.941.80 USD14.7KCommunications
GDEVNexters Inc.
3.75 USD12.46%0.42 USD
14.055K52.636K USD735.979M USD6.430.52 USDTechnology Services
GHGuardant Health, Inc.
23.03 USD−5.36%−1.31 USD
Strong Sell
946.614K21.796M USD2.364B USD−6.41 USD1.793KHealth Services
GRPNGroupon, Inc.
3.59 USD−1.24%−0.05 USD
567.279K2.034M USD110.086M USD−7.88 USD2.904KRetail Trade
GSATGlobalstar, Inc.
1.0050 USD1.83%0.0181 USD
3.183M3.198M USD1.81B USD−0.14 USD332Communications
HOURHour Loop, Inc.
2.08 USD−4.96%−0.11 USD
9.252K19.255K USD72.942M USD41.410.05 USD183Retail Trade
HRMYHarmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc.
30.95 USD−25.43%−10.56 USD
Strong Sell
10.787M333.799M USD1.845B USD14.003.06 USD200Health Technology
HRTXHeron Therapeutics, Inc.
1.63 USD−5.78%−0.10 USD
2.136M3.482M USD193.788M USD−1.72 USDHealth Technology
HTOOFusion Fuel Green PLC
2.28 USD−3.80%−0.09 USD
179.632K409.561K USD30.595M USD80Process Industries
HYLNHyliion Holdings Corp.
1.92 USD−7.69%−0.16 USD
Strong Sell
2.645M5.078M USD345.575M USD−0.88 USD250Producer Manufacturing
IHRTiHeartMedia, Inc.
3.67 USD−14.45%−0.62 USD
Strong Sell
2.071M7.601M USD446.878M USD−1.77 USD11KConsumer Services
INBKFirst Internet Bancorp
16.84 USD−5.34%−0.95 USD
Strong Sell
33.353K561.665K USD150.708M USD4.823.72 USD319Finance
INGNInogen, Inc
11.96 USD−3.00%−0.37 USD
Strong Sell
159.043K1.902M USD274.712M USD−3.66 USD1.026KHealth Technology
INOInovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
0.8654 USD−5.29%−0.0483 USD
Strong Sell
4.689M4.058M USD225.118M USD−1.19 USD184Health Technology
IOBTIO Biotech, Inc.
1.92 USD−1.03%−0.02 USD
Strong Sell
20.53K39.418K USD55.325M USD−2.48 USD57Health Technology
IONMAssure Holdings Corp.
3.07 USD−7.81%−0.26 USD
Strong Sell
31.785K97.58K USD3.38M USD−0.67 USD134Health Services
IROQIF Bancorp, Inc.
15.50 USD0.00%0.00 USD
1.204K18.662K USD51.733M USD8.871.79 USD114Finance
ISPOInspirato Incorporated
0.8992 USD3.37%0.0293 USD
72.714K65.384K USD113.209M USD−0.50 USD900Consumer Services
ISTRInvestar Holding Corporation
15.01 USD−0.60%−0.09 USD
31.083K466.556K USD148.782M USD4.323.53 USD338Finance
ISUNiSun, Inc.
0.7968 USD−2.83%−0.0232 USD
Strong Sell
294.778K234.879K USD12.406M USD−1.09 USD325Industrial Services
ITPIT Tech Packaging, Inc.
0.3622 USD−7.37%−0.0288 USD
Strong Sell
47.638K17.254K USD4.135M USD−1.49 USD380Process Industries
1.82 USD0.55%0.01 USD
213.282K388.173K USD74.232M USD−4.92 USDRetail Trade
KOREKORE Group Holdings, Inc.
1.25 USD0.00%0.00 USD
Strong Sell
674.674K843.343K USD95.362M USD−1.37 USDTechnology Services
KRBPKiromic BioPharma, Inc.
3.90 USD0.25%0.01 USD
53.462K208.491K USD2.665M USD−74.03 USD59Health Technology
KULRKULR Technology Group, Inc.
0.6901 USD−9.20%−0.0699 USD
Strong Sell
946.012K652.843K USD77.806M USD−0.18 USDProducer Manufacturing
LEELee Enterprises, Incorporated
12.35 USD−1.24%−0.15 USD
13.493K166.574K USD74.563M USD−2.18 USD4.365KConsumer Services
LEVThe Lion Electric Company
1.75 USD−3.59%−0.07 USD
Strong Sell
948.357K1.655M USD385.702M USD20.450.10 USD1.4KConsumer Durables
LILMLilium N.V.
0.7066 USD5.10%0.0343 USD
3.142M2.22M USD280.746M USDElectronic Technology
LMDXLumiraDx Limited
0.5661 USD−5.65%−0.0339 USD
181.561K102.782K USD203.907M USD−1.65 USDHealth Technology
LMNDLemonade, Inc.
12.38 USD−1.71%−0.22 USD
Strong Sell
706.131K8.738M USD857.605M USD−4.60 USD1.367KFinance
LVTXLAVA Therapeutics N.V.
1.59 USD0.01%0.00 USD
14.458K22.988K USD41.018M USD58Health Technology
MIMOAirspan Networks Holdings Inc.
0.7690 USD−8.88%−0.0749 USD
66.357K51.029K USD57.354M USD−1.18 USDElectronic Technology
MLECMoolec Science SA
4.30 USD−2.27%−0.10 USD
Strong Sell
39.354K169.222K USD161.509M USD−0.08 USD4Commercial Services
MMATMeta Materials Inc.
0.4251 USD−7.63%−0.0351 USD
6.513M2.769M USD162.453M USD−0.24 USD114Electronic Technology
MNPRMonopar Therapeutics Inc.
1.40 USD−53.02%−1.58 USD
Strong Sell
553.729K775.221K USD39.316M USD−0.83 USD12Health Technology
MRBKMeridian Corporation
12.89 USD−2.35%−0.31 USD
Strong Sell
30.686K395.543K USD293.585M USD7.391.85 USD366Finance