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Hi Guys!
We checked what happens on the top 100 wealthiest addresses on BTC .
So it doesn’t look bad.
There are as much as 46 wallets that just gather money and not send them out. Wow, this is actually nearly a half.
The next 41 wallets had at least one outgoing operation in 2018.
The rest 13 didn’t have any outgoing operation had at least one such operation in 2017 or earlier.

Moreover, the ratio of incoming operations to outcoming operations is positive. Of course, each operation may contain different amount of BTCs but as we can follow these wallets it is easy to observe that the majority of them is actually growing in terms of an amount of BTC .

Furthermore, as we mentioned in our previous analysis somebody has bought 3 bln USD worth BTC at the beginning of December 2018. A well-informed person?
They created multiple BTC addresses transferring 8000 BTC on each wallet address.
This set of wallets starts at number 126 from the richest wallets on BTC network.
You can check it on explorer.

Technical analysis details:
• Visible range – we touched the bottom of Value Area marked since the beginning of 2017
The point of control = fair price at $6720
Mid-term target - the top of Value Area.
Bollinger Bands – we are right now in the middle of the “decider” zone
If we manage to bounce up from the $3715 region we can count on a couple of days of growth. Target would be $4300
If we fall target $3125
• Weis Waves - not much volume on the correction which is a good sign – green wave expected
• Sentiment Zone Oscillator - still a bit of room for the price to be saturated (pumped) - just crossed the signal line.

Guys, what are your forecasts? Are you more optimistic or pessimistic? Please do share your thought with us in the comment section.

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WBM Team
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thanks for share.Cool analysis
BTCUSD H1 C UP. Checkout the idea detail's and update's for the complete picture.
thanks for share.
Cool analysis here, nicely done!
Bouncing now i guess
Thanks guys- very much appreciated! All the best, ;-=)