Auto Fib Retracement improvements

Nov 19, 2020

The built-in Auto Fib Retracement indicator now allows users to change the colors of the Fib levels. This can be done by opening the Settings dialog of the indicator and choosing colors on the Inputs tab.

We also changed the behavior of level labels. Now when you select the Extend Lines Right and Labels Position: Right options, they will always be located to the right of the last bar and will not overlap existing and new bars.

And here’s one more update that some of our users have already tried out. You can set separate alerts for the crossing of each of the indicator levels. To do this, open the More indicator menu and select Add Alert on Auto Fib Retracement. In the dialog that opens, set the level to which you want to add the alert and other parameters.

We hope this new feature you requested is useful. Please continue sending us your feedback for improvement. We build TradingView for you and love hearing what you think of these highly requested updates to our platform.

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