Customer support 2.0

Oct 19, 2017

Providing top notch support for TradingView users is one of the most important tasks for our team. We’ve worked really hard to introduce significant improvements. This is a huge step forward that will let us help more people in a meaningful way. Today we are happy to announce the new customer support system.

Much better than email

Email is a thing of the past. It’s slow, outdated and increases response time. From now on our users can ask questions & report problems directly from the platform interface AND receive speedy replies right in the system. Forget checking your inbox — get things done right here!

A new ‘SUPPORT’ tab is in your TradingView profile. Every single ticket opened from this moment on is listed there and available for your review.

Since we are moving to the new system — there’s no more email support! Again — we do not answer support-related emails anymore.

You can submit a question or report a problem from any page on TradingView. It’s the best and fastest way to get an issue resolved.

What’s the status?

Sometimes bad days happen and we understand that keeping our community informed is crucial. We have a dedicated Status page on a separate server that shows the current state of all of our services and a log of solved issues.

Always (please!) check the Status page before sending a report. If it’s listed there you can be sure that we are aware and doing everything possible to solve the issue asap.

If it says ‘all systems operational’ and you have an issue — don’t hesitate to let us know about your particular case.


We look into every single inquiry. However, as stated on the GoPro page, different levels of Pro plans imply different priorities for our support team. It’s fair — the more advanced plans get priority in response times.

Important — we have not forgotten the free users. We analyze each and every inquiry that we receive and take action as needed.

However, we can’t reply to all of them, and we are not fans of the useless automated answers. No reply should be expected for submissions from free plans. We’ll take care of the problem if there is one, and reach out if we need more details.

Our goal is to work on self-help resources and make them really helpful. We already have the GoPro pageTradingView Wiki, and FAQ which are being updated constantly. In the future we’ll introduce more advanced ways to easily learn about the platform possibilities, and quickly find answers to your questions.

The new workflow will let us get back to you faster, improve reply quality, add more help materials & overall improve your experience with TradingView. We are happy to have you!

TradingView Customer Support Team

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