US stocks that increased the most in price

US companies below are top stock gainers: they've shown the biggest daily growth in price. But there's always a risk of retracement — so make sure to consider all stats, including share price and market cap.
Change %
Rel Volume
Market cap
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
INDOIndonesia Energy Corporation Limited
+72.81%4.74 USD49.567 M198.9848.026 M USD0.00%Energy Minerals
MMNDRMobile-health Network Solutions
+49.45%15.24 USD8.462 MTechnology Services
Strong buy
HUSAHouston American Energy Corporation
+33.78%2.14 USD13.985 M23.7423.345 M USD−0.29 USD−294.11%0.00%Energy Minerals
NXPLNextPlat Corp
+33.33%2.00 USD43.345 M312.7537.449 M USD19.650.10 USD0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
EZGOEZGO Technologies Ltd.
+30.98%2.08 USD22 M223.934.056 M USDConsumer Services
HNRAHNR Acquisition Corp
+26.04%2.88 USD2.083 M9.1715.077 M USD−0.03 USD+54.17%0.00%Energy Minerals
MARPSMarine Petroleum Trust
+25.32%5.89 USD160.355 K8.4511.78 M USD13.070.45 USD−47.62%8.88%Miscellaneous
AGXArgan, Inc.
+21.66%60.04 USD389.34 K5.67800.205 M USD2.23%Industrial Services
Strong buy
QQTTBQ32 Bio Inc.
+21.42%28.91 USD245.696 K6.45344.883 M USD−35.16 USD−1870.07%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
RANIRani Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
+19.91%5.36 USD423.591 K4.22268.841 M USD−1.33 USD−4.03%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
FHLTFuture Health ESG Corp.
+19.74%14.50 USD15.815 K1.2886.078 M USD−0.01 USD−396.00%0.00%Finance
HGASGlobal Gas Corporation
+19.52%2.21 USD951.062 K23.2121.499 M USD−0.60 USD−316.72%0.00%Process Industries
ADPTAdaptive Biotechnologies Corporation
+15.84%3.04 USD3.101 M1.91440.355 M USD−1.56 USD−10.98%0.00%Health Technology
GLGlobe Life Inc.
+14.40%56.25 USD19.264 M3.835.29 B USD5.5810.08 USD+34.85%1.83%Finance
SONDSonder Holdings Inc.
+14.32%5.43 USD167.329 K1.8460.082 M USD−20.77 USD−41.80%0.00%Consumer Services
ZURAZura Bio Limited
+13.87%3.27 USD359.194 K2.15142.464 M USD−4.39 USD−1254.78%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
LYELLyell Immunopharma, Inc.
+13.53%3.02 USD1.538 M1.88767.371 M USD−0.94 USD−25.84%0.00%Health Technology
RRENTRent the Runway, Inc.
+12.90%21.88 USD21.206 M4.1877.576 M USD−18.01 USD−26.59%0.00%Retail Trade
GTIGraphjet Technology
+12.67%9.76 USD12.815 K0.8845.082 M USD133.850.07 USD0.00%Finance
SWINSolowin Holdings
+12.46%10.29 USD537.194 K1.32149.205 M USD0.00%Finance
CPNGCoupang, Inc.
+11.99%21.35 USD35.778 M2.9538.278 B USD28.390.75 USD0.00%Retail Trade
GSIWGarden Stage Limited
+11.97%7.95 USD4.607 K0.23121.238 M USD0.00%Finance
EFSH1847 Holdings LLC
+11.59%2.60 USD324.615 K1.697.128 M USD−237.54 USD+77.34%0.00%Commercial Services
TELOTelomir Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+9.58%8.99 USD199.216 K6.68266.061 M USD−0.44 USD−1432.99%0.00%Health Technology
AATGLAlpha Technology Group Limited
+9.51%2.48 USD12.935 K1.1337.775 M USDTechnology Services
LIQTLiqTech International, Inc.
+9.51%2.88 USD1.325 K0.1516.725 M USD−1.51 USD+59.71%0.00%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
VGASVerde Clean Fuels, Inc.
+9.34%4.37 USD10.089 K1.12139.647 M USD−0.41 USD−221.03%0.00%Process Industries
RYDERyde Group Ltd.
+9.26%2.46 USD31.494 K0.3446.988 M USD0.00%Technology Services
PRLDPrelude Therapeutics Incorporated
+9.20%5.70 USD32.871 K1.11386.294 M USD−2.18 USD+10.59%0.00%Health Technology
ACRVAcrivon Therapeutics, Inc.
+9.04%10.13 USD184.055 K0.05224.828 M USD−2.73 USD−83.06%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
TBPHTheravance Biopharma, Inc.
+8.45%9.69 USD443.933 K1.04466.475 M USD−0.97 USD+72.89%0.00%Health Technology
IINTZIntrusion Inc.
+8.21%2.95 USD255.167 K2.545.745 M USD−12.01 USD+26.59%0.00%Technology Services
IGMSIGM Biosciences, Inc.
+8.01%9.03 USD206.605 K1.16530.843 M USD−4.82 USD+10.38%0.00%Health Technology
SILOSilo Pharma, Inc.
+7.94%2.04 USD57.523 K0.205.801 M USD−1.21 USD+27.11%0.00%Health Technology
MHLDMaiden Holdings, Ltd.
+7.69%2.10 USD26.367 K0.14210.991 M USD−0.38 USD−4.35%0.00%Finance
ARQArq, Inc.
+7.68%7.43 USD468.589 K1.20246.962 M USD−0.51 USD−5.76%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
DECADenali Capital Acquisition Corp.
+6.91%8.36 USD38.535 K0.5859.442 M USD132.070.06 USD0.00%Finance
CYCNCyclerion Therapeutics, Inc.
+6.90%3.26 USD9940.188.835 M USD−9.07 USD+55.26%0.00%Health Technology
CUTRCutera, Inc.
+6.77%2.06 USD861.525 K0.9141.133 M USD−7.58 USD−73.04%0.00%Health Technology
FIPFTAI Infrastructure Inc.
+6.69%6.86 USD734.372 K0.65697.62 M USD−1.78 USD−0.03%1.87%Consumer Services
Strong buy
XTIAXTI Aerospace, Inc.
+6.67%3.04 USD161.478 K0.025.907 M USD−584.47 USD+99.28%0.00%Technology Services
MNYMoneyHero Limited
+6.40%2.16 USD407.71 K0.4154.606 M USD−0.39 USD−190.55%0.00%Technology Services
LLPALogistic Properties of the Americas
+5.75%7.91 USD16.594 K0.38293.217 M USD164.450.05 USD−13.95%0.00%Finance
ZZBAOZhibao Technology Inc.
+5.67%3.57 USD24.014 K31.356 M USD0.00%Finance
URGNUroGen Pharma Ltd.
+5.66%14.00 USD424.974 K2.05477.709 M USD−3.72 USD+22.21%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
AWHAspira Women's Health Inc.
+5.59%3.40 USD16.609 K0.4341.97 M USD−1.78 USD+89.53%0.00%Health Technology
OZBelpointe PREP, LLC
+5.54%62.49 USD8440.30233.194 M USD−4.03 USD−80.20%0.00%Finance
FEBOFenbo Holdings Limited
+5.50%8.46 USD19.093 K4.0293.601 M USDConsumer Durables
BYSIBeyondSpring, Inc.
+5.34%2.17 USD30.474 K0.2284.664 M USD0.00%Health Technology
JANXJanux Therapeutics, Inc.
+5.26%52.63 USD913.499 K1.002.719 B USD−1.34 USD+11.77%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
CHSNChanson International Holding
+5.24%2.01 USD71.909 K0.6424.904 M USD0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
DBGIDigital Brands Group, Inc.
+5.13%4.10 USD295.484 K4.243.517 M USD−545.28 USD+87.14%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
NGNENeurogene Inc.
+4.90%40.21 USD96.906 K0.48516.819 M USD−1.91 USD−71.39%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
CTGOContango ORE, Inc.
+4.83%20.41 USD15.949 K0.38195.995 M USD−5.69 USD−63.10%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy
CSTECaesarstone Ltd.
+4.79%5.37 USD55.707 K0.30185.287 M USD−3.12 USD−88.55%0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
LBAILakeland Bancorp, Inc.
+4.74%11.70 USD296.089 K0.55762.298 M USD9.101.29 USD5.19%Finance
MSAIMultiSensor AI Holdings, Inc.
+4.71%2.89 USD45.906 K0.2134.555 M USD−0.11 USD−215.70%0.00%Electronic Technology
CTCXCarmell Corporation
+4.71%2.57 USD1.5 K0.3149.46 M USD−0.56 USD−4023.53%0.00%Health Technology
AAMIXAutonomix Medical, Inc.
+4.69%2.90 USD27.645 K0.5654.503 M USD0.00%Health Technology
NCSMNCS Multistage Holdings, Inc.
+4.67%16.80 USD4240.1241.76 M USD−1.55 USD−213.45%0.00%Industrial Services
HMSTHomeStreet, Inc.
+4.66%13.25 USD54.469 K0.48249.863 M USD−1.46 USD5.13%Finance
BTAIBioXcel Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.66%2.92 USD811.684 K2.4298.203 M USD−6.16 USD−4.12%0.00%Health Technology
SYTASiyata Mobile, Inc.
+4.64%3.38 USD2.201 K0.102.053 M USD−19.08 USD+75.69%0.00%Electronic Technology
KRNYKearny Financial
+4.52%5.78 USD749.53 K1.39372.452 M USD20.500.28 USD7.96%Finance
DNTHDianthus Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.52%26.03 USD301.124 K2.01763.749 M USD−13.05 USD+36.64%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
DERMJourney Medical Corporation
+4.41%4.50 USD114.287 K0.4789.695 M USD−0.35 USD+79.42%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
PFSProvident Financial Services, Inc
+4.27%14.15 USD605.932 K0.721.07 B USD8.251.72 USD7.07%Finance
HAOHaoxi Health Technology Limited
+4.26%4.90 USD4.122 K0.18156.212 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
ASTSAST SpaceMobile, Inc.
+4.03%2.19 USD1.885 M0.39550.164 M USD−1.06 USD−82.39%0.00%Communications
Strong buy
ONCTOncternal Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.03%9.30 USD4.543 K0.4427.525 M USD−13.43 USD+20.19%0.00%Health Technology
LPTXLeap Therapeutics, Inc.
+4.01%3.24 USD422.081 K0.5182.944 M USD−5.12 USD−6.12%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
AIRIAir Industries Group
+4.00%4.99 USD2.011 K0.1216.489 M USD0.00%Electronic Technology
WETHWetouch Technology Inc.
+4.00%2.08 USD36.321 K0.6524.737 M USD1.921.08 USD−81.03%0.00%Electronic Technology
YIBOPlanet Image International Limited
+4.00%2.34 USD4.965 K0.51126.083 M USD0.00%Consumer Durables
UUBXGU-BX Technology Ltd.
+3.98%4.69 USD36.897 K0.07126.631 M USD0.00%Commercial Services
VIRCVirco Manufacturing Corporation
+3.94%11.61 USD119.716 K1.09189.792 M USD6.691.73 USD0.36%Producer Manufacturing
Strong buy
HOLOMicroCloud Hologram Inc.
+3.91%2.92 USD3.196 M0.5917.348 M USD−1.45 USD−60.55%0.00%Electronic Technology
ALRNAileron Therapeutics, Inc.
+3.85%5.93 USD9.669 K0.2828.971 M USD−2.85 USD+56.30%0.00%Health Technology
+3.85%8.10 USD339.188 K0.43243 M USD−1.53 USD−187.38%0.00%Health Services
RKDAArcadia Biosciences, Inc.
+3.84%2.05 USD1.97 K0.092.795 M USD−14.36 USD+45.72%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
LOOPLoop Industries, Inc.
+3.82%2.72 USD7.612 K0.62129.279 M USD−0.22 USD+74.30%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
VERIVeritone, Inc.
+3.81%4.90 USD1.461 M0.50181.948 M USD−2.25 USD−81.52%0.00%Commercial Services
DITAMCON Distributing Company
+3.75%173.27 USD2591.65109.223 M USD10.3716.71 USD−40.17%0.43%Distribution Services
CPTNCepton, Inc.
+3.75%3.04 USD15.936 K0.3248.4 M USD−3.08 USD−356.41%0.00%Electronic Technology
ABLAbacus Life, Inc.
+3.74%11.93 USD13.974 K0.34759.878 M USD0.00%Finance
UTSIUTStarcom Holdings Corp
+3.65%2.70 USD13.153 K2.6724.454 M USD−0.44 USD+36.18%0.00%Electronic Technology
ARRWArrowroot Acquisition Corp.
+3.63%12.90 USD3.644 K0.21150.07 M USD−0.39 USD−203.48%0.00%Finance
Strong buy
LFWDReWalk Robotics Ltd.
+3.60%5.30 USD490.649 K15.0245.072 M USD−2.59 USD−18.06%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
MXCMexco Energy Corporation
+3.56%13.67 USD52.629 K2.2728.678 M USD14.980.91 USD−57.76%0.00%Energy Minerals
GYREGyre Therapeutics, Inc.
+3.53%17.03 USD38.211 K0.451.455 B USD−17.57 USD−411.93%0.00%Health Technology
PERFPerfect Corp.
+3.32%2.49 USD61.842 K1.71253.603 M USD46.110.05 USD0.00%Technology Services
NKTXNkarta, Inc.
+3.30%9.09 USD342.849 K0.30640.174 M USD−2.40 USD+9.59%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
KLXEKLX Energy Services Holdings, Inc.
+3.29%7.84 USD129.613 K0.59131.103 M USD6.231.26 USD0.00%Energy Minerals
TISITeam, Inc.
+3.29%7.86 USD5990.0334.703 M USD−17.33 USD−215.25%0.00%Commercial Services
TBLTToughBuilt Industries, Inc.
+3.27%2.52 USD15.102 K0.201.952 M USD−198.81 USD+92.51%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
BRNBarnwell Industries, Inc.
+3.25%2.62 USD176.13 K8.8526.299 M USD−0.27 USD−148.30%2.36%Energy Minerals
CTRMCastor Maritime Inc.
+3.23%3.68 USD49.713 K0.6435.509 M USD1.502.45 USD−80.44%0.00%Transportation
DFINDonnelley Financial Solutions, Inc.
+3.21%61.82 USD141.243 K0.741.798 B USD22.882.70 USD−14.59%0.00%Technology Services
Strong buy
ARMPArmata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
+3.18%3.42 USD3.559 K0.22123.454 M USD−1.91 USD−76.58%0.00%Health Technology
Strong buy
USGOU.S. GoldMining Inc.
+3.14%7.23 USD15.267 K1.1889.643 M USD−0.76 USD0.00%Non-Energy Minerals
Strong buy