1 day ago
GER30, D Neutral
5 1853
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1 day ago
XGY0, W Short
6 533
The 7 week uptrend present in the index has failed. Now we expect price to drop back to 3339.463 in the coming 7 weeks or earlier. Minimum target would be 3542.160. If it were to drop below 3339.463, it might reach my 8 week downtrend signal's target below, but for now it's early to say.
Price sits right under the 52 week moving average and has clearly found resistance and lost momentum.
Good luck.

Kind regards,

Ivan Labrie.
1 day ago
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BUY Zone IDEAL : Range 1049.50 ~ 1045 (Point D)
Buy Zone 2 : Support Channel Range 1037 ~ 1040 and Target AB=CD Chart Ago Range 1041...
Target : 1084
1 day ago
AUDUSD, 240 Long
1 211
From months of price movement...and multiple wave counts analysis.
Seems like our kangaroo...keeping its last kick. If it does, this one is gone hurt the greenback....badly.

This week price drops from peak of 0.7282, a bit random and scrambled as compound of corrective waves which can be described as (W)-(X)-(unfinished Y) blue.
As most news headlines this week describe for aussie weakness to dollar, and if so...the drop from 0.7282 should be in impulsive mode, but not in this case which is more corrective movement.

Rally from 0.7018 low made of impulsive 5 waves structure. If indeed, 3 waves formed as (b)....there should be a next move of 5 waves to complete the formation as a zigzag of (Y) to finish.
Also breakdown on lower time frame of (X) blue, show distinctive form of Triangle as the middle of a three wave (b?) magenta.
Double Divergence also noted at 4H chart.

Kick point....(Pivot point)..... of (Y) Blue at 0.7180 ( 61.8% of wave (a).
Hit at greenback's head......at 0.7449 (100% extension of wave (a)....or...less ).

Key Levels:
Lower blue trendline...unbroken, if it does...a possible sideways move of (b?)

Next week could be the start of the Kick.
We'll see then.....
?? No wonder... yesterday he won't jump..., I think he is preparing for his stances. What a Kangaroo..!?

Have a good weekend and Trading (Next week).
1 day ago
AUDJPY, W Neutral
4 229

Expecting some pushes and pulls whilst we wait for this to set up, as I doubt it will be instant. We want to see weakness from, or near the levels we're at now. This currency basket is one that could work out well soon. With bears dwindling around and hitting correctional levels in a few of these pairs, we may be nearing the "Prime time" to consider this basket.

Best of luck with all your trades,

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11 hours ago
GBPJPY, D Neutral
1 125

Nice trade here, weakness expected to continue into the lows where the demand area is. This trade has the potential to go even further lower, but for now, I am only seeking the demand area, and I will see what will happen after this is happened.

Nice dark cloud candlestick signal after a TL break and test, on a small wave 0.382 retracement gives u an ideal place to take short entry points

Best of luck,

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Thank you.
5 days ago
USDJPY, 60 Short
35 7119
The USDJPY broke out of the 240 up trend and is consolidating under the trend so selling the breakout of the consolidation is a good idea.

Thank for your support
If you missed the recording of the last free webinar this is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gnhw9sT_fDc
2 days ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
22 4306
On H1 time frame, Setup with excellent R/R Ratio (4,5)


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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1 day ago
USDJPY, 60 Short
5 792
On the USD/JPY 1h chart we have three potential short opportunity at the D leg completion of a Gartley Pattern & two Cypher Patterns

Blue Cypher Pattern D leg completion - 122.801
Yellow Cypher Pattern D leg completion - 123.437
Grey Gartley Pattern D leg completion - 123.120

The PRZ zone is only a guideline of where we will be paying attention for trade setups and opportunity's.

Potential targets for all three patterns placed at the .382% and .618% retracement of the C to D move.
Stop loss would be placed above X leg structure resistance.


Learn To Trade The Gartley Pattern.
21 hours ago
1 103
The rebound from 1.5026 should have completed and fall from 1.5929 is possibly resuming. Initial outlook for this week remains on the downside for 1.5026. Break will confirm this bearish case and would target 1.4565 low. Before that, the price may experience another rebound from the support at January 3rd's low 1.49469 to the minor resistance @ 1.5135. Above 1.5135 minor resistance will turn outlook neutral and bring consolidations
21 hours ago
GBPJPY, 15 Long
0 78
I was shorting this pair for couple of days, now is (probably) time for some longs. Why? Move down was so strong, it needs to react back.
Entry i Butterfly's D point - 127.2% of XA, confimed by 161.8% of small correction. Not so much confirmation - we all know it is game :)
And couple of facts about Butterfly:

The general extension structure of the Butterfly pattern was discovered by Bryce Gilmore. However, the exact alignment of ratios was defined in Scott Carney's 1998 book, "The Harmonic Trader." This has become the industry standard for the structure.
Scott's ideal Butterfly Pattern requires specific Fibonacci ratios to validate the structure. These measurements include a mandatory 0.786 retracement of the XA leg at the B point, which defines a more precise Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) and more significant trading opportunities.
The Butterfly pattern must include an AB=CD pattern to be a valid signal. Frequently, the AB=CD pattern will possess an extended CD leg that is 1.27 or 1.618 of the AB leg.
Although this is an important requirement for a valid trade signal, the most critical number in the pattern is the 1.27 XA leg.
The XA calculation is usually complemented by an extreme (2.00, 2.24, 2.618) BC projection. These numbers create a specific Potential Reversal Zone (PRZ) that can yield powerful reversals, especially when the pattern is in all-time (new highs/new lows) price levels.
1 day ago
USDCAD, 60 Short
1 158
Bearish Gartley at Resistance with RSI Overbought.

Good Luck !
16 hours ago
0 48
details on chart
16 hours ago
GER30, 240 Long
0 86
Bullish Head&Shoulders Pattern 3rd entry opportunity
16 hours ago
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Here is the USDJPY daily chart, above is a possible scenario to test the 2015 highs for this pair and hopefully be the leg up to make new highs, but who knows for sure? No One!
With the DXY now breaking the psychological barrier of 100 we could see the bull market back on and with BoJ looking to increase their QE programme and FED rate hikes on the cards, this could have the fundamental backing for investors get long the Dollar.
A lot of macro data to be released in the coming week as well so caution is advised on lower timeframe entries and opportunities. however, this trade has a good RR and should give us decent profits.
Happy Trading.
1 hour ago
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Harmonic Pattern - Bullish Shark Pattern

In weekly chart the pair has closed below 1.06186 (88.6 % retracement of 1.04695 and 1.1751) at 1.05893 level. This confirms major weakness a decline till 1.03500 (1.13% of 1.04685 and 1.1750) is possible

On the lower side short term support is around 1.05600 and break below targets 1.0500/1.04600.The pair's major support is around 1.0460 (Mar 2015 low) and below that will drag the pair till 1.0400/1.03500 level.

EUR/USD is facing strong minor resistance is around 1.0660 and break above targets 1.0720/1.0770/1.0830.

Overall bearish invalidation only above 1.0830.

It is good to sell on rallies around 1.0630-35 with SL around 1.0725 for the TP of 1.0500/1.04600/1.0350
1 day ago
USDCAD, 60 Short
0 145
Bearish Bat Pattern appears on 1H USDCAD Charts

This trade idea offers a good entry point on an previous idea ( see charts below) hence the more aggressive targets to support at 1.3246

1 day ago
EURUSD, 15 Long
0 252
Bull to the FIB 0,382....Lucky target at FIB 0,618 1,06082 and MA200 ... Divergence on the CCI...MACD cross...Then short ..See former chart....