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4 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
1 72
Decision time. Bitcoin can drop further or slowly get back on track. The On Balance Volume (OBV) is declining, but still in a bullish supporting area. LazyBear's Money Flow Support/Resistance (S/R) Level shows with custom setting that the price is near, but also below last support.

Entry example for Long $247. Target: $294

Entry example for Short $253. Target: $194

P:S. More about LazyBear's great indicator package which contains 12 useful indicators:
6 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
0 64
2013.7~8 + 2014.6
7 hours ago
BTCCNY, 15 Neutral
0 33
we're heading down for some form of wave B or THE wave B. ill close my short hedge there in the green box. those are time/price target zones. Maybe wait for indicators to align and go long for a scalp.

my major play is to look for shorts once we start bouncing up. another 12-36hrs of sideways/down for now.
9 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Neutral
0 99
30m bear divs, coming up on resistance area. Possible test down before upwards BO of 255.

Looking for another leg down to find support around 235-240, then long.
11 hours ago
BTCUSD, 60 Neutral
0 49
Should We Meerkat / That Is The Question. I am going to be really swift and to the point with this post. In returning to chat I kept my posts lively and put plenty of charts in the stream. Then cometh another banning. For 9,999 minutes. No reason given this time, no personal messages from a moderator, and get this I was just Skye chatting with the CTO two/three days ago. If you enjoy my charts I am asking a personal favor, write to TradingView and ask them to release the ban. Thank you.
13 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Short
0 29
Bouncing off of a bear trend line and failing to breach prior support, now resistance, leads me to believe that the price will head back down to retest our local bottom. This is Bitcoin though, so keep your eyes peeled.
14 hours ago
4 286
Usually impulse waves stay within a channel, but sometimes wave 3 can be strong AND wave 4 can also move very sideways exiting from the channel you've created. In order to project the end of wave 5 in such cases try connecting waves (2) and (4) and draw a parallel line intersecting wave (1); that will project the end of blue wave (5) as you can see. It's not very well known technique.

Note: follow the blue labels
15 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
0 20
After a solid sell, buy volume has picked up but not more then 3-18
3Xday = last swing
hi 271.5
lo 235.7

15 hours ago
BTCUSD, W Neutral
3 114
Ever since BTC's massive jump to +1000 it has been way overvalued. One might even argue the first quarter of 2013 had a significant amount of upward movement. And while certainly the increase in popularity (and therefore demand for something new to the world - a new type of money) can be attributed to this, the jump to +1000 was clearly "the herd" jumping on the bandwagon and we have been dropping ever since that event.

BTC, as long as nothing major occurs in the world, now has to find it's "resting place". It's value, vs USD can of course be hugely affected by the strength/weakness of the USD itself, which, since late 2014/early 2015 has shown some significant strength against most other major currencies. Go ahead and pull up some charts against the EURO, Pound, Swiss, JPY, etc, USD is gaining strength - it would easily be safe to assume that this is part of the reason it's price has continued to swing down since November. So always keep that in mind when looking specifically at BTCUSD.

I believe it will be quite difficult for BTC to break much below 100 at any point soon, unless, again, something drastic happens like a massive flaw is publicized, discrediting the entire crypto system (or specifically BTC or any crypto coin that runs off a BTC derivative).

Also keep in mind that if/when the USD loses it's strength, BTC will go up against it. China is getting closer and closer each day to taking a major dominating position in the world economy.

Anyway, I'll leave your thoughts with that for now.
19 hours ago
0 73
Bitcoin has bounced of the cloud and resistance at 235.
It might test the 235 level once more before resuming it's uptrend.
If it doesn't test the 235 level today or tomorrow I'll add more to my long positions.
22 hours ago
BTCUSD, W Neutral
0 65
In the "decisions decisions" chart we saw how the last wave on the upside was truncated as I expected and we are seeing an impulsive continuation on the downside, we already saw how strong the dump was. Can the same strenght continue to new lows? I think not, but then again make up your own mind and don't listen to me.

180 is already a pretty low target in my opinion.
1 day ago
BTCUSD, 60 Long
0 61
If the current downside movement get into oversold conditions before reaching the last low (lots of action going on),
i assume it will go straigth back up to atleast 256.~ 7.14%.

Buy at 239.06, Sell at 255.99

(just an idea, trade at your own risk.)
1 day ago
0 206
Wait a retracement between 50% and 61'8% of wave A and ride the wave C.
1 day ago
BTCUSD, 15 Neutral
0 35
good mode -> reversal
R bull div
obv linear trend break
1 day ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
14 971
Bitcoin is in a weekly bear market (correction ). We are in the C wave of the correction and now completing the 5th wave in a "wxyxz" five wave structure. The completion of which, will start an impulsive wave to the upside.This is very much in line with the forecast on EURO, Aussie, CAD, Yen, Gold ,Silver, etc. We should expect a huge fall on the USD!!
1 day ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
0 32
Sales volume has increased but not has much as 3-18 during the last three days
3x day
hi 271.5
lo 241.5

last swing
hi 271.5
lo 247

the day has already breached recent lows
1 day ago
1 336
I suspect the circled fractal is what is being repeated. It should tap the thick red trend line for a high of around 254-255, possibly repeatedly over a few days, which is also the daily 100 MA. And if it repeats that circled fractal, there should be a significant drop down to the thin purple trend line at about 200 dollars, which connects to those red arrows and other significant points if you go back in time, I'm hoping that is the bottom... That would be nice... but hopium is a hell of a drug...
**edit... the bottom target shoudl be in between those two trend lines so between 210-215... stupid to guess what will happen after that, but if it continues with the prior pattern, my guess is a bounce up to 225-230 and then a final plunge (for now) to 120-140...
1 day ago
BTCUSD, 30 Long
4 437
I believe the 5th wave is finally over and the c wave up is finally underway. Note the bullish macd divergence (3 vs 5). The c wave will be the final wave up to complete the large expanding diagonal since the cycle low at 152

Because of the deeper than expected wave b retracement the target may need to be adjusted to 378