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20 minutes ago
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I'm looking at this 14 month trend line and trying to understand if we are in a critical, possible downside here. I really thought we were passed this trend line but once I revisited (thanks to MoonTrader) this resistance line I saw that we were still in a bearish channel.

Kudos to MoonTrader and his charting.
36 minutes ago
BTCUSD, 240 Short
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Potential bearish Bat Pattern completion at a pretty decent resistance level.

There's not much at all that has caught my attention in the Forex market and I've got about an hour left before my trading day starts, so just having some fun by looking around and seeing what else is out there.

1 hour ago
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stock, macd, and rsi seem to suggest upside readiness.
blue trend lines show resistance target at 346
so short-term 'long', then neutral looking for strong move up or down from the 346
2 hours ago
BTCUSD, 60 Neutral
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this is a critical moment as we are touching the bullish trendline from 240
2 hours ago
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RSI touched oversold and reversed.
Stoch RSI clearly oversold with the blue line crossing the red line, which meanse that the reversal is happening.
2 hours ago
BTCUSD, 5 Long
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OK. we have had a 6% re-tracement from earlier high of $294. We are about to test this support here at $275.00. Will have to keep close eye here because if we get a bounce off $275 maybe a good point of entry. If the resistance line right below the green thumbs up is crossed then this may also be a good entry point as well.
3 hours ago
BTCUSD, 5 Long
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OK. This play turned out really nice compared to my most recent one. I actually set stops along both ends and my alarms gave me my signals that helped me with getting out at a fantastic point. Cannot stress on stops and alarms and PATIENCE!

When I woke up at 3 am I was able to close my short with a nice little gain.
4 hours ago
BTCUSD, 120 Long
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i have two prelim targets for the end of wave a of 5 depending on where (iv) ends (it might need updating). a more conservative target is 306 which is where wave fives more commonly end (61.8% of 1~3). i have another target of 324 if wave (v) extends 100% of (1~3). i like 324 because it's close to the ideal 320 target and has the right look ending near the ((i)) to ((iii)) connecting line but not actually touching
5 hours ago
BTCCNY, 180 Long
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Short term bullishness in Bitcoin makes this trade setup okay.
This is a good level to buy from.

We are at a level that we broke out from - so a very high R/R trade setup exists right here.
6 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Long
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BTC/USD has broken major resistance around $265 and jump till $304 cannot be ruled out.

It is facing short term resistance around $285 and any break above could pave the way for next target $304(Jan 26th high).

Any short term trend reversal can happen only below $260.Any break below will take the pair further down till $246/$237.

Indicators (Daily chart)
CCI (50) - Buy
CCI (14) - Buy
Ichimoku- Buy

Recommendation: Buy BTC/USD around $270, SL $259, Targets $285/$304.

6 hours ago
BTCUSD, 60 Long
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Just thought I'd start keeping track of these
8 hours ago
BTCCNY, 120 Long
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BTC has had a strong showing the last 4 days coming out of a multi week break out with MACD turning green on the weekly. BTC has been in a persistent weekly downtrend since breaking down in late july early august. At around 6-7 motnhs of downturn and super capitualatory behavior (320 to 160 in two weeks) bitcoin is due for a massive mean reversion . I am calculating aorund 40-50% return from base of 1480, which means we have around 20% more to go.

But.. don't be so quick to buy yet. Looking and comparing patterns to may move, which showed similar behavior in structure, volume, and rsi patterns, shows that we might be in for a retrace of 4-6% here from top, which would mean 1690-1710 is next buy area. On the right is a snapshot of present and on the left a snapshot of may march up.

I strongly believe sympathy is beginning to change and this isn't just a two- three day pump and dump.

I don't expect anything drastic like a bubble or renewed super hype to past 500 or anything, but i do think 340-360 is a reasonable 1-2 week target.

If bitcoin stays below 1690 for a large amount of time, or break through 1690 strongly and on high volume the pattern could be bust. but with over 6-7 months to sell, multiple downturns, and tons of time sub 250, its hard to say who is left to sell.

Technicals : 200 6h MA is finally trying to turn upwards in a constructive fahsion. it tried before during the 450+ parabolic behavior, but it was quickly shut down because it happened so fast
pattern: This pattern is much more constructive than prior patterns such as coinbase hype and the prior hype. There are more doubters, it is moving slower, and there are constructive higher lows and very little whipshaws. Each leg is around equal in size (100-120 yuan)

fundamentals: I don't really think these matter, but OTC investment trust news is nice. Of course we still have a steady amount of bitcoin related stuff with sidechains and other startups. To me the most staggering "fundamnetal" is how much brainpower is being invested into bitcoin. We have top PhD's, researches, and crypto-analyst working in numerous projects. It really is pretty insane.
bad news : China continues to have a lot of control over hash power. Kind of scary to have one country have so much hash power of a decentralized currencyokco
10 hours ago
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Publishing this so I can check back later.... it doesn't look to me like there'll be any more moves down into the buy area (which is placed a little higher than the usual OTE), but will be interesting to see over the next month or so.
10 hours ago
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Hello Traders

We are approaching a very important point in bitcoin that will determine the direction of the market for the next 6 months at least.

The upper bounds of the downward channel that has contained price action for a year is less than $30 away. In addition to that the logarithmic uptrend and downtrend lines are both around the $360 zone.

Right now there appear to be four different scenarions, one of which will play out in the coming days weeks and months


We blast through the decending channel which is just at $307 as of today. If this occured this would be very bullish in and of itself as this channel has halted the advance of any bulls for a year and could propell the price up into the 360s where there is a convergence of the logarithmic downtrend & uptrend lines.
A close above the downtrend line and the price will become parabolic.

This scenario seems highly likely for a number of reasons. We had a capitulatory volume spike at $153 which got rid of all the weak hands, The recent good news concerning ETF approval in addition to a worsening economic situation in Europe. All of these situations could have a positive effect on the bitcoin price, As bitcoin becomes an attractive investment again in relation to the Euro & the Dollar.
The economic situation in Europe alone resulted in a near quadrupling of the price and a new all time high between March and April 2013, so this scenario isnt at all far fetched.

We touch the upper bounds of the channel and spike down just below the linear long term uptrend line before shooting back up and beginning a new rally to new highs.
A move down to between 220-206 is possible. A similar move happened in October 2013 after a summer rally when the price spiked down to the linear uptrend line before beginning the rally that culminated in the November 2013 all time high.

SCENARIO C... The wildcard

We touch the upper bounds of the channel and go all the way down to the low of 153 again, forming a double bottom and moving upwards.

SCENARIO D... To the dirt!

Business as usual, We touch the upper bounds of the downward chanel, We slope down for a month (ala july-August 2014) before the resistance becomes too much to bear and we head down into the ground touching the lower bounds of the channel sub $20.

Touching the lower bounds of the channel seems extremely unlikely, short of a 51% attack, the blockchain somehow getting hacked or the some other unlikely occurence I see no way this could happen!

Ill be keeping a close eye on how price reacts to these lines in the next few days, and will be trading based on what happens at these cruial points.

Personally i think its time to pack the moon boots!

Happy Trading
11 hours ago
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12 hours ago
BTCUSD, 5 Long
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LMLP continues to hold PRICE, Higher from here.
12 hours ago
BTCUSD, 30 Neutral
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At these levels I keep a close eye, but will look for oversold TA conditions on the 30 minute candles.
13 hours ago
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Due to popular demand, I am publishing an update on my earlier draft. Thanks to a flow of good news from Silbert in regards to ETF, Bitcoin was able to pierce through my yellow line and with sustainability for now. I am bull to 300-315 initially as we also have the auction on March 5th which I think we could dump on the news on March 5th. March 5th could be where we make our last stop at 300-315 (that;s why)

Yellow and red line Area (255-295) i would also add 315 to it:
Is a highly volatile-cautiously bullish area = Area of decisions for the bulls and bears.

(A) Current Bull Scenario:
1st Bull Target is: 300-315, I would take full profit in that area. This area is a vintage point for Bitcoin imo. The reason is that it was major support several times in the past (3 TIMES). So I expect a LOT of resistance at that area. We also are starting to slow down, maybe because we are running out of buyers and we need more "NEW MONEY" from new adopters of Bitcoin to come in the exchanges.

Passing 300-315 with good volume marks a confirmed market reversal in favor for the bulls towards 360-380 (March 12th) then later on after consolidation we could reach 440-480.

(B) Bearish Scenario:
If 300-315 fails to hold as support and succeeds in acting as a resistance then we will plunge/crash into 236-240 initially finding support there and bounce from it. Then we will head to test 215 or 168-180 area and rebound from there.

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