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Support became resistance. If this keeps going, we will face the <600s in a few days. But keep in mind that 600 will be a natural resistance line. Like the 550 and 500. I am pretty sure that we will meet at 450 again. Proof me wrong because I am still owning Bitcoins. Bought them, when one was worth around 50-90 EUR.

I try to get in a short entry position while the price is near the resistance (former support) and take some profits here and there - normally when the price is near the support line.
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Well I've been busy recovering from my vacation which was 3 time zones away. Threw me off my schedule making me not want to do anything. Then I had to go through 100+ photos, toss the bad ones, and finally post process them all. Made it through all that yesterday. To add to that, I have been rather lazy and just wanted to relax a bit. Well time for some TA!


SAR – It has gotten so close to touching the price. I am thinking that we will see some nice moves up. May not be the quickest of moves, but it should be a good sign to buy. Unless, of course, something causes sudden spike down.
MACD – I used a MACD with the simple MA. This one shows that there is a convergence and possible crossover soon! Kinda coincides with the SAR to give us another confirmation.
OBV – This indicator has a general pattern about it. It all seems like a mess until you look at it carefully. It tends to have an angle that will generally show how quickly prices will increase or decrease. Currently it is not very steep OBV which goes perfectly with the lack of any strong moves down. This could change really soon once we see the fight up.


Opto-Bull Target: $665
Bear: 600
Extreme Bull: 684
Extreme Bear: 588
Timing: 5-10 days, because honestly these markets aren’t moving that quickly.

Don't think my blog has anything interesting, but I'll put a link in anyways http://www.allbitcointa.cu.cc/2014/07/break-up-only-to-remain-stuck.html
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Here you have it. Simple chart, just based off previous history.
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Don't fight the fractals.
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Explosive moves in this history. Long down trend as seen almost everywhere. I smell a stud run coming soon, I believe this has hit close to bottom so Im thinking only way to go now is up. Holders looking to show faith. Take profit at .000743 or Maybe shortor/take profit at 0.00128.
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rocket + moon moon moon! are you getting it yet?!?
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chart shows pretty much what i'm looking at
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As shown in RSI, this here is an epic buying opportunity. BFX has already taken off and LTC/BTC has taken a major plunge. Good luck and see you at $700!
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Long LTCBTC looking good right now with key level being broke. Look for LTC to fly easily through .013 - .01349 before it meets true resistance.
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This is my first chart.
Giving LTC a run for its money with a high time frame and some structure analysis.

Early April 2013 - first jump
-8 months
Late November - second jump
-8 months
late July/Early August - Possible third jump based on time frame and where lots of structure present.

Also a good entry point possibble July 9, 2014. Structure with Fib retrace to another possible moon shot in near future
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Since publishing the bearish bat pattern which completed at the $680 level (https://www.tradingview.com/v/I8CLTCjQ/) I've been watching this Gartley begin to take shape. We've officially hit every key level with remarkable precision and have only the 'D' leg remaining to complete. As with all advanced patterns, it is ill-advised to enter a trade based on what has yet to be confirmed. We wait until the pattern completes and have targets set in advance.

Here is yet another excellent resource for learning the ins and outs of a Gartley harmonic pattern:
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This indicator is a composite of MACD and Z-Score (requested by @ChartAt). The general idea is that counter-trend component of the Z-score is used to adjust/improve the trend component of the MACD. The advantage is that it is a more accurate and “assumption-free” and can more accurately describe how a market or stock actually works in a given time frame.

I have also added support to smooth out the MAC-Z using Laguerre filter (Thanks @TheLark for the excellent LMA). Note that smoothing removes the "noise" component additive of Z-Score, so you may miss some good signals. By default Laguerre smoothing is OFF, I suggest playing with the Gamma to see if you can find a proper trade-off value.

Theme credits --> @liw0

More info:
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Looking at previous moves on 2h chart the downtrend is taking the shape of a descending wedge. So it's still possible to look for one more leg down, but at some point i'm expecting a breakout to the upside, pointing around 4090 area. Good luck for your trading
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Tiny volumes tell me everyone is standing by the sidelines waiting to see what's going to happen.
Sort of like a mass of snow clinging to a giant mountain...waiting to find out if the layer beneath is sound or if its going give way.
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This is the final push down... need to create some divergences on macd/rsi in order to get buyers onboard
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We are running into strong support at about 610, and possibly a double bottom on BTC-E and Bitfinex. If it makes it past these levels, watch out because that would indicate to me that the bull run has turned bear and would threaten the sanctity of the long-term log trend line.

There's a short-term bear trend developing, which comes to a point at the long-term log trendline. If it breaks that trend line, I'm expecting all hell to break lose. If it breaks up, then I believe that is an indication it is ready to break resistance at 680.

Ultimately, the long-term log trend line has been reliable support, and I see no reason why it should change now. In other words, moon.

PS - I'm still pretty new at this. How do you pick the exchange you want to use on the chart?

If you find my work helpful, consider a donation:


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"...Bubbles start- with a circle"

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This one appears to be bearish. Since it has held for a day, I'll post it here so I can follow it.