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33 minutes ago
EURGBP, 240 Neutral
0 39
Explanation is in the chart.

Stops will be placed at roughly 0.7390.
Upon reaching Target 1 stops will be moved to break even.
Will keep you updated on the trade setup!
35 minutes ago
7 194
My previous long on USDJPY was stopped out on today's spike down. However the price retreated again higher, found strong support and formed a hammer candle with a major lower shadow..The USD continues to show renewed buying demand across the board.
I have to admit, It's mentally hard to re-enter on the same pair after being stopped out. However, challenging your emotions for what you see is necessary to remain on top shape as a trader..

Wish me luck on this one, wasn't an attractive week.

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Trading Criteria:
1.Trades are taken in two units
2.First unit would be closed at first target
3.Stop loss is then moved to break-even
4.Second unit would be closed at second target
5) If 90 percent of first target is reached without triggering entry I cancel the trade
6) If 90 percent of first target is reached I move stop loss to breakeven.
7) Remember: Losing is a main part of the game
My best regards
1 hour ago
1 61
Despite a necessary correction the EUR is still weak.
The main trend is still bearish, here we have an evening star candle pattern at a key resistance area.
We have also the 0.61 fib retracement and the main pivot point there.
Best regards.

1 hour ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
0 60
We have a clearly bearish RSI, who needs a top. So we could probably have a little rebound. The pair stays under pressure by RSI, we may have a really nice fight that could break the main bull trend.
2 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Neutral
0 59
30m bear divs, coming up on resistance area. Possible test down before upwards BO of 255.

Looking for another leg down to find support around 235-240, then long.
2 hours ago
GBPJPY, 240 Long
0 26
Looking at a bullish bat pattern completion on the GBP/JPY 4hour chart.

All conditions are met, stops and targets are in place, looking forward to this trade.

Star Prosper
Philip Stewart
2 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Long
2 104

EURUSD has retraced to previous resistance level which now has become support area. 200 EMA may act as additional support factor, RSI being oversold & recent change of trend (clear uptrend) & recent new high – all put together giving us a strong case for LONG position with attractive RR.
New resistance around 1.1036 has been rested 3 times already, but last time price pierced through precious highs and closed above previous highs which leads me to believe that this resistance level won’t hold for much longer.

Good trading and good luck!
Arek JP
2 hours ago
CHSP, D Short
0 5
The obvious completion of the fourth wave.
2 hours ago
GBPCAD, 60 Long
0 65
The price already tested the potential reversal zone and formed a hammer.
As long as the hammer will hold this setup is valid, be carefull because this trade is counter trend.
Best regards.
3 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
0 58
As mentioned in previous post, price could test and bounce by
the confluence resistance 1,1060-80, which also happened today.
Price is now trading below Daily S1 and is close to testing the
trendline and 3/8 fib of CD leg.
Retail Sentiment remains net short and chances are the trendline
will give support. If so, the D-level will be in play at 1,12.
Current daily close below S1, may hint further downside tomorrow,
A break of the trendline and breaching of the kumocloud and close
below Weekly PP at 1,0770 will shift bias to the downside
3 hours ago
0 21
First off this is a clear as rain down trend.

First I measured the size of previous ranges. cloned the size to get my potential target area for the future.

Next I market the resistance at 0.76203. Had this area s my zone to look for signs of a continuation to the down side.

At this are we can see a doji was formed plus a bearish candle after it. To me that's a good sign that the bears have come to play.

my target ares:
1. possible triple bottom 0.72310
2. using the fib to mark my 23% are. In the future market might take a swift break here. 0.70251
3. I got this last are because its the same size as previous ranges. So this could possibly be the bottom of the future range. 0.68817
4 hours ago
ANAD, D Long
0 38
Looks like a very harmonic beautiful completion of three drives shall be taking place, but before this happens there's a very good long to take advantage of to the upside. After this final bullish impulse move to the 1.618 extension area, we may have the sell off for the 3 drives, or we may not.

To be honest, the stock could probably surpass the suggested target but we just have to wait and see. But for an upside target, with the stock at such a low price, the profit would be notable with an asset increase of 20 percent profit. Even from where price is now.

Weekly chart looks very nice for this move to confirm as well.

(I bought on 3/23/2015 on the spike, which then almost stopped me out because we had a bad day after the high of the "hammer" day. Thankfully not stopped out so caught a lot of this move.

Price also just broke a sideways resistance range, explaining the aggressive buying today on optimism.


4 hours ago
SONC, D Neutral
0 60
after blowing cover off earnings and guiding higher. Yesterday selloff was biggest volume in 5yrs. what you gonna do about that?
4 hours ago
ATVI, D Neutral
0 58
right at box support from March 21 article http://dragonflycap/?p=53332
4 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
0 100
EURUSD is at the 32.8% fib retracement, wich then holds we can see the major downtrend continuation.
If it doesn't hold then the EUR could reach for a higher position to the 23.6% fib retracement, wich it then should fall if it's about to follow the major downtrend wich it likely will.
When we see a break of the 23.6% fib retracement level then it would no longer be considered a retracement but a likely trend reversal, wich would be unlikely.

At this page( ) you can see, under euro that the majority of traders are dramatically short(wich is the faded red line) against the traders who are long(wich is the faded grey line).

The red line is the trend and finaly the black line is the net measure between long and short, wich is far below the 0 level wich confirms the strong downward movement.
4 hours ago
SPY, 180 Neutral
0 183
Updated notes on chart
4 hours ago
SPX500, 120 Neutral
0 55
Applying the Wave Principle on the Global S&P 500 Cash index one can see it would look better with one more down leg to end the wave that started at 2115. That would be part of something. Maybe a ZigZag, maybe not. Markets are patterned but labels come after not before ......

I am showing a potential ZigZag down and yes if the market does print another leg down and if it does stop around 2036 then yes it would make sense to see current market action as a correction that will lead to another round of buying.

But I can tell you I am not holding that scenario with blood in my hand. Some markets are showing a more bearish potentia. Sooooo be careful !

Of note, for short term traders, it is interesting to see that this morning high is exactly at the apex of small contracting triangle, a common spot for the market to take a pause
5 hours ago
ANAD, W Neutral
0 55
Not confirmed yet and bottom feeders only :)