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Hi Guys we have looked at this in my last webinar, so I guess you all know what to do !
Let's see how it goes!

Thanks for your kind words and strong support.
FXCM Pick of the Day
A retracement to support can provide trading opportunities in an uptrend.
4 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
4 491
Potential long setup. Showing very good bullish evidence in a correction channel, as well as horizontal support.
18 hours ago
13 719
GBPNZD Harmonic Move Prediction
Bullish Gartley pattern formed
Long GBPNZD SL 2.1500
TP: 2.3400
2.3400 Is the Bearish Bat Pattern
Completion Point.
Harmonic Move, Harmonic Trading!
Trade with Logic, Trade with a Plan!
Happy Chinese New Year!
10 hours ago
AUDUSD, 60 Short
9 1065
Potential Bearish Cypher Pattern on the Hourly Chart completing at 7184.

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach
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EURAUD, 60 Long
16 380
Hey traders! We have a potential Cypher pattern @1.57788. Look left structure leaves clue. Chance of a price reversal from that zone.
1 day ago
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On the EUR.USD Daily chart we have a potential short opportunity at the D leg completion of a Bat Pattern

The price reversal zone on this pair is between 1.1385 & 1.1487
The PRZ zone is only a guideline of where we will be paying attention for trade setups and opportunity's.

161.80% & 88.60% Fibonacci confluence at the D leg completion.

Potential targets for the Bat Pattern placed at the .382% and .618% retracement of the A to D move.
Stop loss would be placed above X leg structure resistance.



14 hours ago
USDJPY, 15 Short
8 503
Looking at the USDJPY, we now have a bearish bias due to the violation of previous structure support.
As market is putting in this descending wedge pattern, we typically see a break out to the downside.

For those of you that are day traders and trade advanced patterns, there is a cypher pattern near completion up at 114.95 on the 5 min chart which you could use as your entry reason to get short.(Trading view will not let me publish the 5 min chart)

See you in the London Live Room this morning.

12 hours ago
GC1!, M Long
12 515
This chart originally published about a year ago anticipating a low being formed around 1150 zone did not get follow though and the price action developed a lager falling wedge resulting in eventual low which now seems to be established in 1050 area.

Due to this protracted agonising ending diagonal chop, it has whipped up bearish frenzy leading to make wild claims like Gold to sub 1000 even figures like 800 or lower being published. One of the reason for this extended sideways chop in my view was entirely due to similar chop in DXY Index. It is notably that in recent Dollar strength gold did not drop much as it progressed towards completing a falling wedge or "Ending Diagonal"

My original view regarding the upside potential has not change overall, namely that of a possible retest of 2011 high or new higher high being achieved. Although it is possible the low we have seem is not final low of what I think is wave 4 low but larger Wave A low. If this is the case, then we might see retracement towards 1500 before reverting back to down cycle.

However, I am of the opinion that we have wave 4 low and are now headed in impulsive wave move towards 2000 zone, because Dollar Index (DXY) also seems to have topped (please see supporting charts below of DXY, USDZAR, USDSGD). Additionally there are other intermarket analysis suggesting significant top for Dollar is now in place with few years of dollar weakness ahead of us.

If this is correct then there is no reason why Gold will fail in its progress in wave 5.

Technical summary:
1. 50% retrace of the move from 2000 low to 2011 high and in the proximity of what was resistance high in 2008 is now potential support in addition to trendline support of line drawn from 1980 high to 2008 high .
2. Support from other Fib confluence shown on the chart.
3. MACD lifting off from having formed flat based along with RSI about to confirm breakout from coiling.
4. Price has now broken out above declining trendline of the falling wedge (Ending Diagonal).
5. The price progression of the low is very impulsive and is developing a supper nesting ie 1,2,i.ii,iii etc.
6. If Dollar has topped as shown in supporting charts below, then it will be supportive for Gold bullish cycle,
7. Seasonally low is formed in Jan for initial lift off which will be partially retraced into April from which intermediate 3 of major wave 5 could develop.
8. Prevailing excessive bearish sentiments calling for drop to 800 or lower.

Conclusion: Even if the low described above is Wave A low we should see rally to 1500 area worth getting involved.
a) If you wish to position trade this with reduced risk and still benefit from leverage then consider far out of the money long term Call Options of Call Options Spread on ETF for Gold GLD. My preferred method.
b) Alternatively geared play on Gold strength could be capitalised using Gold Mining Stocks or Options on them but these carry additional risk.

Warning: This is my interpretation of price action using TA approach that I consider helps me most5 but could be completely wrong. Therefore as always, do your own analysis for your trade requirement and ignore my views.

For those who appreciates my analysis, select to follow me and the chart for notification of future updates. Indicate you like my analysis by thumbs up, comments and sharing it with others. If you have an alternative idea then please be constructive and share for all to learn from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my analysis.

14 hours ago
USOIL, 240 Short
4 682
Overview :

U.S. crude oil prices pushed higher in early Asian trading on Wednesday, partly recovering from a 6 percent drop in the previous session led by concerns over demand and weak equities. Before that Crude oil fell for a fourth-straight session on Tuesday to settle $1.75 lower.

On Technical charts, Major trend of crude oil is strongly bearish and market is making lower top and lower bottom formation in downward sloping channel on chart. Market look like, it is likely to go below its recent significant low of $27.52. During last week trading session it has been taking resistance of 200 DMA on four hourly chart. Expanding of bearish gap of 200 DMA and 50 DMA dead cross on technical chart will fuel the down side momentum. Resistance is seen near the significant high of $33.55, while support is seen at $27.50. On intra day basis Crude oil price likely to trade lower today. If it break the support of 27.50 then it is likely to show the level of 26.00.


RSI is still place in negative territory below the mark of 50.
19 hours ago
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A long silence here on $BTC #BitStamp, as the Geo completes an imperfect 5-prime (see parallel lines validation at 5') - Per Geo's Off-Set Rule #2, this 5-prime definition called for a rally with a HIGH probability target corresponding to the price level of Point-4. Turns out, this is exactly what price did, as it rallied from 5' but failed to continue its ascent above the price level of Point-4 - See light PINK range in the following chart:



For the adept in Geo, look for a near perfect construction, where 1-2 Leg represents a reciprocal ab = cd symmetry, the 2-3 Leg represents a complex Elliott Wave (EW) ZZ, the 3-4 Leg represents a simple EW ZZ, and price departs from the validation of the Geo's 1-3 Line.


As a reminder, the Geo's Off-Set Rule represent a geometric compensation where distortion of price along the 1-3 and 2-4 Line will tend to displace the high probability target, such that:

Off-Set Rule #1 - If price rallies from Point-5, the HIGH probability target lies along the 1-4 Line (same as Wolfe Wave target);

Off-Set Rule #2 - If price rallies from Point-5', the HIGH probability target lies at the price level corresponding to Point-4 (as was the case in this example);


Off-Set Rule #3 - If price rallies from Point-5'', the HIGH probability target lies at the price level corresponding to Point-3.

NOTE that the relative incidence of these rules are such that:

Off-Set Rule #2 > Off-Set Rule #1 >>> Off-Set Rule #3


Aside from this background geometry, the Predictive/Forecasting Model offers the two following high-probability target:

1 - TG-1 = 266.41 - 09 FEB 2016


2 - TG-Lox = 170.70 - 09 FEB 2016


The higher target that were defined last November remain unattainable at this point, based on the interdicting nature of the Geo's Off-Set Rule #2, whereby price remains subordinate to the Geo's 1-4 Line. However, invalidation of this rule should occur IF price BACA > 1-4 Line (RED arrows), in which case, bearish target would also become invalid.


Bearish outlook based on background Geo's rule and supported by Predictive/Forecasting Model's bearish target - Invalidation depends upon price breaching above the 1-4 Line.


David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting
Durango, Colorado - USA

Twitter: @4xForecaster
LinkedIn: David Alcindor

1 day ago
GBPJPY, 60 Neutral
7 366
Dear friend's
We have been in bearish channel in this chart. So. i mark the possibility support and resistance here.

Sincerely Yours,
P. Salehipour

My broker: https://www.exness.asia/a/sfdgqn68
Telegram: https://telegram.me/pooyasalehipour
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pouya.sal
20 hours ago
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Will the market present us with a bearish period?

Point B:
38.2% to 50% XA
Point C:
38.2% to 88.6% AB
Point D:
88.6% XA
TP1 38.2% AD
TP2 61.8% AD

Point B:
61.8% can not touch 78.6% XA
Point C:
38.2% to 88.6% AB
Point D:
78.6% XA
127% ext AB
TP1 38.2% AD
TP2 61.8% AD

Point B:
38.2% to 61.8% XA
Point C:
127% to 141% ext XA
Point D:
78.6% XC
TP1 38.2% CD
TP2 61.8% CD

Safe trades;

1 day ago
NZDUSD, 60 Short
9 311
NZDUSD had a good run up recently. But since then we have Double Topped and broken and closed below 2 support levels now.

I've sold this rally and entered on a reversal pattern via candlesticks.

Stops - 1 ATR Above the Reversal Zone (Yellow Box)

Target #1 - Retest of Lows

Target #2 - 1.27% Fib Ext
7 hours ago
EURJPY, 60 Long
0 369
We have a potential bullish bat pattern completion on EURJPY at the previous structure where we might see a nice bounce.
Targets seems very reasonable with Target 1 at the B-point of the bat pattern and TP2 at the structure level of the C point.

Check your trading plan for entry rules !

Like what you see ? Click that like button, follow if you want to be kept up to date on my publications !

Thanks and may the pips be with you !
1 day ago
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Clear breakout on D1 chart in a descending channel. Pair should continue it's movement until it reaches support at 2.14
1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Short
7 511
This is a place for me, for confident entry and confident TP.
Good Luck!
1 day ago
8 161
USD/CAD has been in a bullish trend for going on 4 years now. It was very overextended and based on the monthly chart, it has a lot of room to pull back. We finally got a pullback and then formed a bearish head and shoulder pattern on the daily chart. This confirms the higher time frames outlook and presents a great opportunity for a short trade possibly down to 1.33000 or even further down to 1.28000 area.