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9 minutes ago
GBPUSD, 60 Short
0 45
GBP/USD is trading weak (well below 200 day HMA) and intraday bias is negative as long as resistance 1.5435 holds.

The pair is expected to reach around 1.5350/1.5330 in short term.

On the upside minor resistance is around 1.5435 and nay break above would extend gains to 1.5460/1.5505 in short term. Further bullishness can be seen only above 1.5550.

Indicators (1 hour chart)
CCI (50) – Sell
CCI (14) – Sell
Ichimoku- Sell

Recommendation: Sell GBP/USD around 1.5400, SL 1.5440, Targets 1.5330/1.5305.

1 hour ago
USDJPY, 60 Long
0 94
USD/JPY is trading near major resistance around 120 and any break above will confirm the continuation of bull trend. Short term support is around 119 and weakness can be seen only below that level.

On the upside break above 120 would pave the way for next target around 121/121.80.

Overall bullish invalidation only below 118.

The pair’s minor support is around 119 (ichimoku cloud and also 200 day HMA) and break below will target 118/116.80.

Indicators (1 hour chart)
CCI (50) – Buy
CCI (14) – Buy
Ichimoku- Buy

Recommendation: Buy USD/JPY around 119.70, SL 119, Targets 120.90/121.75.
2 hours ago
SPX500, 15 Neutral
0 47
Notes on chart
2 hours ago
SPX500, 180 Neutral
0 62
Notes on chart. Just want to add, that a break out to the upside of the Wedge, Broadening and Descending seen in orange has a target (if confirmed of 2122. If the lower PRZ of the Shark seen on the 15min chart does not hold, look at the HS pattern
4 hours ago
AUDUSD, D Neutral
0 91
New Indicator posted, Utilizing Momentum based indicators for picking the top and bottom in a swing.

UCS_TOP & BOTTOM CANDLE - https://www.tradingview.com/v/wkUMNJQm/

4 hours ago
NZDJPY, 240 Short
4 66
Here is a favorite trade of mine I thought I'd share.

1. We are looking for the 50-SMA to indicate a downtrend (Angle is going down)

2. I am looking for price to break above the 50-SMA and several candles to close above making an ARC.

3. Then I want to find the high of that move which I use a Bearish Candlestick pattern:
Doji, Pin-Bar, Bearish Engulfing, etc.

4. I use the RSI as a momentum/overbought indicator. Looking for it to be oversold and making
lower highs. It doesn't have to show lower highs, may just head down. As long as it's in an area
showing overbought, that's good enough.

Buy @ close of next candlestick, which should close below the previous bearish one.

Stop loss is just above the peak candlestick.

Target #1 is 50-SMA

Target #2 is bottom of Bollinger Band

5 hours ago
USDJPY, 240 Short
0 56
Price is consolidating on the Daily Charts creating a triangle formation. Dropping down to the 240 minutes chart, there is Bat Pattern and a Gartley Pattern completing at the same resistance zone. Also the dynamic resistance trend line from the triangle formation on the daily charts confluence with the completion of these potential bearish trades. #HappyTrading
5 hours ago
1 70
Trend is bearish. Weekly lows taken out. This opens the way for further selling. Lower risk opportunities can present themselves upon a retracement on a smaller time frame. Will be watching for those, especially deeper retracements. Be aware of the support zone coming up in the 1.1089 - 1.0981 area. If price presents a reversal structure here over the coming weeks, risk on the short side can increase significantly. Adjust expectations.
5 hours ago
CL1!, D Neutral
0 62
We were hoping for a CL break to the upside over the last two weeks but we got nothing. It's been chop city. We will be very cautious with trades to the downside. So we will sit on our hands with Crude and wait for something to setup.
5 hours ago
ZC1!, W Neutral
0 17
Corn on the weekly chart is coiling and setting up for a great move. As we always say...if you want strong moves that will last longer than a day then you need to watch the weekly charts. It takes patience to wait but they are nice when they explode. Stay tuned.
5 hours ago
ES1!, D Long
0 27
The ES is moving slow and forming a nice flag. We have moved our stops up to further protect profits. If the flag breaks to the upside then we will expect the 2120 to get hit. With a good amount of economic news this week (including NFP) we will either get stopped out or hit our target. Either way it has been a good trade.
5 hours ago
0 58
I actually made this a while ago when I created Bitcoin Truevalue and haven't adjusted the current curve at all.

Basically, all the trading ranges can fit nicely into these curves and rarely escape out of them. I tried curving out the rest of the bull-run in years past but they didn't really fit the curves. I'm thinking it's a result of matured trading instead of just investing.

So I totally expect another touch of the top of the curve very soon, followed by a nice slow downtrend to continue the bear-run. Then we'll stop out at about $200 and then fly out of the bear resistance due to some good news I guess. Lower would be a nice bet but I wouldn't short after $200 and I guessing a lot of other smart traders wouldn't either. I'm betting the next moon won't be much at about $800 (not illustrated).
6 hours ago
USDJPY, 240 Short
0 66
This looks to be a very good place to look for a shorting opportunity with confluence of these 2 patterns this week. Be aware of the many rate statements due out. Good luck trading!
6 hours ago
AAPL, D Short
1 85
MACD : Sell
Rsi : Sell
BB : sell

Stock Price Fri , Feb 27th, 2015

High 130.57 / Low 128.24
133.60 52Wk High (-3.85%) Since 02/24/15
73.05 52Wk Low (+75.86%) Since 04/15/14

Open 130.00 Prev Close 130.41
6 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Long
2 667
Have been preparing my traders
for a breakout. Scaled into a long position
over the past couple of days, and did my final
adds on the news that the first Bitcoin ETF is
approved. This is a nice catalyst to combine
with the technical pattern we've been watching.
6 hours ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
2 129
I'm still bullish long term, and we seem to have broke that consolidation wedge/triangle. More so, we're headed towards breaking that upper trend line of the bear market in due time. However, this overbought TA condition played out with a pullback the last few times. Heads up.
6 hours ago
0 15
This is a very high confluent trade with fundamentals to back it.

1. SSI Index showing high percent of retail traders short
2. Just completed D of a AB=CD pattern
3. At the .618 fib level of the last leg
4. Holding support at a prior resistance area.
5. Divergence of the 4 hour
6. Also, you can see the trendline is holding as well
7. AUD news coming in about 24 hours, which should send the AUD down.
7 hours ago
TSLA, D Neutral
0 47
This seems to be the question at hand for many investors & traders.

I would like to remind you of the common "wedge" pattern. If price breaks above the wedge, you can expect the stock price to rise. If the price breaks below the wedge, you can expect the stock price to fall. If you want to invest in or trade TSLA your job is to follow the price out of the wedge.

By contract, my crystal ball takes Sundays off. So I will not be answering the question in the title of this idea. But one thing I can say is this wedge will resolve itself by April 2015, if not before. So if you want a high probability way to trade TSLA, wait until the wedge resolves itself...

Hope this long term view helps you make your own decisions about TSLA.