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GBPUSD, D Neutral
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There are lot of things happening on this chart, but for clarity, we'll focus on the smaller ones that are easy to miss from the big picture.

1. Notice the smaller divergence formed (RSI 67.88 - 66.19). This is our area of interest.
2. Horizontal range bound break out targets to 1.69250. So if you haven't bought GBPUSD as the breakout, then forget new long positions.
3. Focus on shorting from 1.69250. Look for any signs of bearish patterns on this end (H4/H1 would be good). Best way is to put a sell limit on retracement after price hits 1.69250 and drops lower.
4. Look for 1 or 2 spikes at the level (from H1 or H4) to identify stops... If any high is formed around 1.7046 with pinbars/dojis/beraish engulfing or similar, it is a confirmation to short.
5. Target 1.6742 (rounded off)

"RR is not that great, but it offers a nice small trade to get some lunch money.. especially if a high is formed at 1.7046 region to short from a pullback to 1.69250."
8 hours ago
NVDA, D Long
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Breakout above 19.20 on good volume with no identifiable resistance above. Target 20-21 before possible retest of rising 50 day EMA.
9 hours ago
F, M Neutral
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Ok let' see, i like Ford's CEO, and i prefer Ford than GM as a company. Technically speaking i entered a position at 12.93 and i put a stop loss at around $12 i'm expecting to buy more of this stock when it breaks the 17.30 level and the cup resistance. For new positions. I would suggest placing a stop loss at the $13.2-$14 (red support zone).
Hope i gave you a longerm view on this amazing company ! Good luck on your trades.
10 hours ago
ANR, D Long
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The weekly chart looks very good, at least for the short term. The problem with this bottoming stocks is that you have no way of telling when they are going to explode, or at least I don't. Sometimes they get stuck in a tight range for many years, but they usually explode. Here however, I am not looking for a long run, but for a small upmove on the daily. Weekly view here : https://www.tradingview.com/x/SnklwJmo/

The daily chart looks like it bottomed. First there was a class a bullish divergence, a small move followed, and now we have a double bottom, with a class b bullish divergence. This is a pattern that I see very often and it usually signals strong moves coming.

I have been watching this stock for a few days. Yesterday, the Goldman Sachs analysts gave a price target for this company at 3.50& per share. Guess what happened today? It looks like there is some good momentum right now and I think we are due for a rally.

As I wrote on the chart, I will manage this trade according to the momentum I see in the next few days. If the stock is going to move upwards, it depends how it will reach the 5$ barrier. If there will be a slow move to that level, I want to take some money off the table. This means taking a profit, but that will be insignificant, the main reason is to reduce the risk. If however, I will see strength, I am not going to touch this trade until my first target at 6$. Only there I am going to take some profits, and let only a part of the position in play with a stop at a swing low (if there will be one) or at breakeven.

This trade is something new for me, as I haven't traded until now cheap stocks.
13 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Neutral
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I am currently trying to study the Fibonacci sequence and some patterns.
1.168 and 0.168 are one on the most important ratio's in the Fibonacci sequence.

I looked back few months ago in the BCT chart, and I saw a pattern.
I'm not sure if I am right or not.
13 hours ago
FCS, D Neutral
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FCS has been pinching since July 2011.
Though I wouldn't recommend any day trading, I'll be interested to see if it can break out of the trend and bring back the bull.
13 hours ago
IWM, D Long
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Support line (blue dotted) holding could force breakout from channel. If so, bullish H&S forms. Backup play would be a bearish continuation.
15 hours ago
PG, M Neutral
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15 hours ago
TEVA, W Short
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First, we must wait for the breakout of the psychological level of 50. After that, wait for a signal from parabolic SAR.
This will mean that we now have a trigger on a short position.
15 hours ago
YHOO, M Neutral
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Here's another study that i just started for yahoo which you can use for inspiration. Hope it helps !
16 hours ago
FB, D Neutral
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Here is something that you might find useful for you that i just added to my chart watchlist. Hope it helps you.
16 hours ago
NZDUSD, 480 Neutral
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NZD/USD looks like it is rolling over. Price is not giving the clearest signal though. I'd like to see momentum pick up (very) soon i.e if price does't slide from here soon we might be in for a surprise to the upside. 20min and daily chart confirming this also.
There is dollar strength but more importantly no clear broad dollar strength (yet?) - something to keep in mind.
16 hours ago
GBPJPY, 60 Short
1 67
Tightening SHORT TP stop for the following reasons:

1) It seems to be dogging between the MAs.
2) The CCI/RSI tandem signal LONG is weak, but it's there.
3) Have a double bottom. The ST bearish Gartley (contain within yesterday PST timeframe) failed to bust the LT MAs and rising trend line.
4) Still holding SHORT because Danske, with their public disclosure last night, is aiming for a buy in at 171.4 (or maybe they got it already?) with SL after buy at 170.7.

Waiting for JPY's CPI to come out at around 1600PST. There's talk both ways on this, so wait and see. Not wanting to see a MACD zero cross nor an RSI come above a generally placed bearish trend line.
16 hours ago
GBPNZD, 240 Short
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What a great respect of levels, solid structure with no gaps. If this double top holds, expect ret. to lower CZ boundary.
16 hours ago
XAGUSD, 240 Short
1 129

A quick target-hit announcement: Target defined last April 15th was hit - See analysis here: https://www.tradingview.com/v/EnsiC7jW/.

System continues to see further downside. Floor is not open to 18.185 ... And below as well.


David Alcindor
Predictive Analysis & Forecasting

Get my signals, predictive analyses and forecasts on Twitter.
- Alias: @4xForecaster
16 hours ago
UNH, D Long
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A stop order can be placed very close. This means low risk.
17 hours ago
TEVA, D Short
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The "time at mode" concepts are shown here:

A trend is when new highs occur every 5-days:
If above the "most frequent price" of a trend, then once above the mode the market can rally by the number of bars as are at the mode.

So, the "17" shows 17-days at one price and the projection is based on the price range from the first to the last bar that are touching those 17-days.

Another "16" day mode sets up and that time has expired after an initial overshoot of the target.

Now there is no new high for 5-days and a downtrend in place, but with only 8 days at a mode. If at the end of today, the price is below the red line, this becomes a sell signal with the targets labeled.

This is a great UPTREND that worked out very nicely with Soros buying a big position just ahead of the rally, but now that earnings are coming out in a few days, there is a chance that prices could soften ahead of the news. I'd suggest exiting prior to the earnings.


Tim 12:00PM EST 4/24/2014
17 hours ago
F, D Long
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Ford made a retest to the previously breached resistance appears on chart, heading north now targeting the recently recorded top at 18.97.

Signs of a positive formation might appear on the daily chart, once breaching 16.60, this formation will be activated, and will assist to push the price to hit our target.

14.73 could be a fair close risk limit