2 days ago
GBPAUD, 60 Short
21 2167
This pair is in a down trend. NFP coming up so one more spike up is possible .
I will be looking for the sell after the news .

Trade with care.
Follow me for more update.
2 days ago
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
23 1766
Well, it's unfortunate that I chose to pause this trade pre-NFP because as you can see, it would've worked out beautifully! Such is the power of TECHNICAL analysis that I was able to predict this move up waaaayy before the NFP happened. Not that fundamentals aren't important. They are. But more often than not, the technical analysis ends up correct. Well, enough about that. I'm not trying to stoke any debate about technical vs. fundamental here.

Anyway, My trading plan precluded me from trading during the NFP so I did not and sometimes, this happens that I miss out on a nice move. No matter. So now both completed bats both hit TP1 and TP2. I'm not listing the TP profits here since I didn't make any of it. For those that were brave enough (or foolish enough) to stay in during the NFP, congrats to you cause you made a nice quick boatload of pips! Me? I got my little +49 pips I locked in before the NFP. Oh well, better +49 pips than none!

But this trade is now done and closed. Now to just wait for the next move....
8 hours ago
NZDUSD, 60 Short
0 329
Price is trying to fight a resistance level but seems to have less and less buyers involved, reason why we see the BBP divergence. RSI diverges in the same way so a downward move is more likely than a move to the upside.

I would enter this opportunity @ market with

SL > 0.6470
TP 1 = 0.6370 (0.382 retracement of last move up)
TP 2 = 0.6320 (0.618 retracement)
TP 3 = 0.6280 (0.786 retracement and Bullish Cypher completion)

Once 0.382 target is reached (and neck line of double top is broken) we might see a 2618 pattern emerge ... where price retraces to the 0.618 of the move down. This offers another opportunity to go short.

The Reward/Risk ratio for this trade is quite favorable with a 2/1 ratio for the first target.
1 day ago
ES1!, D Long
7 745
I'm still bullish on $SPX. Symmetrical triangle is an ideal 4. wave / according to the #EWP/.


1 day ago
1 239
Analysis on chart, I think this is a very good long setup and high probability of success.
If we get stopped we can try a bit lower with a stop at the monthly mode, but I'll try a tighter stop first.


1.50165 - 75% confidence of retesting it
1.65801 - 60% confidence
1.72 - 55% confidence

Good luck gents!

Ivan Labrie
Time at mode FX
3 hours ago
USDCAD, 240 Long
1 235
Yes, I know many, many traders are probably now SHORT on this pair and excited because it's been dropping. I took a SHORT trade on this pair myself as well (see Related Ideas: "CLOSED TRADE: Sell@1.34290 Wave 3 complete + Cypher (+210 pips)") and I bagged +210 pips on it. But I closed it and closed it for good reason. This pair has STILL got more upside to go! Well. at least according to my wave count. I don't see that the "TOP" is in. In fact, I see that the TOP is far from being in! Where will it be "in"? I don't know. But it isn't yet.

If you need to review my overall FULL analysis on this pair, see this post: "REPOST: FULL ANALYSIS: USDCAD: Selling? CONSIDER THIS! under Related Ideas section.

Before I start talking about what I see happening, here's the DAILY chart so you can see what I am referring to

My current wave count has this recent drop as only the possible wave 2 of a possible Wave (3) that could be happening now. If correct, then the end of this wave 2 will follow with the beginning of a wave 3 of (3). Which could be pretty strong but short due to the deepness of this possible wave 2.

There are several other possible wave counts that would also be valid but I'm not going to illustrate them here. But one thing that those other wave counts have in common with the one I am showing here is that they also are calling for a wave UP to occur next. Whether it is a wave 3 as I am showing or some other wave up, there's going to be a move up. It's just a matter of determining what kind of wave up it is going to be and if it is tradeable.

I've drawn a POTENTIAL cypher on the DAILY TF. Let me explain about this cypher as it may be controversial. This cypher, according to the rules of a cypher, is ONLY a cypher when looked at on the DAILY TF. On the DAILY chart, you can see that the B point clearly does not close below .618 retrace of the XA leg. But if you were to go to a lower TF, you will see that prices clearly do close below the .618 retrace of XA. So what gives?

This phenomenon does occur more often than you think. But here's my guideline on this: the higherr TF always has more importance than the lower TF. So in this instance, this cypher for me is valid.

On the main chart above in the 4Hr TF, I have also drawn in a POTENTIAL shark pattern that is close to completion. This shark pattern also sets up a POTENTIAL 5-0 pattern. Although this 5-0 pattern is a bearish pattern, it does not necessarily signify any possible reversal. It could but is not definite. We'll have to wait and see what PA does when/if it gets there. It could just mark the end of a wave 1 of the wave 3 I'm showing.

Anyway, the shark pattern will complete right near the .707 retrace of wave 1 within the G-Zone. I've also laid out the AB extensions of the shark and they all lie within the G-Zone. Interestingly enough, the POTENTIAL cypher I identified on the DAILY TF completes almost EXACTLY at the .886 retrace of that same wave 1's G-Zone. Confluence? Or coincidence?

I am waiting to see what happens when prices fill the shark. Must wait and see if it will drop further to reach the D point of that DAILY cypher or not. If it does, and I see the bullish PA, I will take a LONG position as I am expecting that the next move up may be a wave 3 of the wave (5) up. Or at the very least, we will see prices go back up and retest the highs and that .618 MONTHLY retracement.
17 hours ago
SPX, M Short
1 181
Using Tim West´s long short filter set to 4-16 emas years 2000 & 2008 corrections were identified. The 4-16 emas also gave a bear signal in years 2010 & 2011 which were false signals. Yet when using this system along with T3 mvas 5 -20, years 2000 & 2008 experienced a bear cross along with the 4-16 emas. Years 2010 & 2011 the T3 mvas did not cross showing the 4-16 ema cross was a false signal. Using two different types of moving averages to try and filter out false signals. Although this current T3 mva cross along with the 4-16 ema cross could be a false signal. I don´t know, only time and price will show me if this is the case. In years 2000 and 2008 when the 4-16 emas crossed along with the T3 mvas, price experienced a bear market rally back up to its 50% & 61.8% fibs where price hit a brick wall and eventually traded back down to it´s -1.618 fib extension. Currently the the 50% & 61.8% are at 2003 to 2034 with the -1.618 at 1446 I believe if history repeats price could rally back up to 2003-2034 range and would look to trade long up to these levels. If price finds noticable resistance at the hwb, would look to short with a target at 1446 I could be 100% wrong so using a stop is recomended.
23 hours ago
GBPUSD, 60 Long
0 194
There should be enough upside interest to complete this short move this week!

80+ pips...Good luck!!!

23 hours ago
GBPUSD, 60 Short
0 216
GBPUSD has formed a potential bearish crab which contains a PRZ that coincides precisely with an unhit pivot cluster and a potential Wolfe Wave target. As profits are taken at the pivots, price may have a tendency to reverse quickly and drastically. SL is placed above a significant support and resistance area. Profit is taken at the PRZ of a potential bullish butterfly pattern confluent with a Wolfe Wave buy zone. If trade is triggered and target is hit, I will look for PA reversal signs at the bullish butterfly/Wolfe wave PRZ.

Confluence in the PRZ:
1. Bearish crab pattern completion
2. 3.14BC projection
3. 2.5AB=CD completion
4. Unhit monthly pivot for October, 2015
5 Unhit weekly pivot
6. Significant S/R area
7. Potential WW target

Thanks for viewing and please don't forget to take a second to click the thumbs up button and follow for future updates and trade ideas!
6 hours ago
APC, D Long
3 53

Technicals: We are at a key level that's been acting on this stock since 2006 as a support and resistance zone (Acted as support since 2011).

A high quality US onshore asset base is complemented by high-margin offshore start-ups at Heidelberg in 2016, while a solid balance sheet is further supported by robust non-core asset sales and a funding vehicle in the form of Western Gas Equity Partners LP (NYSE:WGP). This company has enough potential to take advantage of any improvements in the industry from early 2016's.

Anadarko is expected to fund 2016 growth through disposal of non core assets, or possibly even divestiture plans.. We will see. Could see targets towards $90.

Best of luck
18 hours ago
0 162

- Fundamental Analysis:

Clearly, we had a dissapointed payrolls, and market punished Dollar. The probability of rate hike in Octobor definitely is erased and we must wait for more data to reinforce our belief in FED and Mrs.Yellen.

Next week, key data is BOE meeting where I expect a significant afffect on Sterling.

I think traders would very hesitate in buying Dollar for the being time : They have no reason to pricing for stronger Dollar while the context of weak data and uncertainty of FED.

Hence, I lam looking for reposition some pairs: Buying Euro and Sterling is a good choice.

Next week, the main focus rergarding to Sterling is BOE Meeting where we have a rate vote.

Recent meeting, we see there is only one member of BOE votes for rate hike. I expect in this meeting, there will be one more member votes for this decision.

Absolutely, I know BOE will not open fire if FED don't open fire first, but a shift in the stance could provide more hope for traders to buy Sterling again.

Thus, I will buy Sterling next week.

- Technical Analysis

Look at on the chart, I see %K cut %D in the Stoch indicator.

Strong support at 1.5100 I mark on the chart.

A Doji star appear on the chart signal for a potential recovery of Sterling.

I think GBPUSD found bottom a ready to bounce back. The target I choose is 1.5335



Contact: admin@trackingforexsignals.com

Think the right way..
19 hours ago
AUDUSD, 240 Short
0 116
Analysis on chart!

Price looks like come market open it could be heading towards a previous zone where we had some selling pressure!

This could potentially form a double top where harmonic legs are also completing, along with some confluence in a 0.382 Fibonacci Retracement, 1.272 and 1.618 Extensions and a 1.618 Inversion!

If this were to be the case and price were to hold i would be looking at a fairly tight stop with two potential targets... The first back into the previous lows and the second a 0.618 Fibonacci Retracement of the last leg!

Continue to hit that like button and comment on my ideas, all constructive feedback is welcome!

1 day ago
GBPUSD, 240 Long
0 168
long opportunity
18 hours ago
USOIL, 60 Short
0 82
1 day ago
USDCAD, 240 Long
1 258
Potential AB=CD confluenced with low RSI(7) (actually very very low!) - I think somewhere here should be great time for bounce back. Limited support from S/R zones - couldn't find anything really strong. Also it should be noted that on higher timeframe there are some bigger correction 'objects' - one of them is 1.27 of ABCD of here - so there is some chance this fail, but still there will be another chance to enter trade on 1.27of AB (notice confluence with last bottom).

Have a great weekend!
22 hours ago
NZDUSD, 60 Short
0 99
Bit of a different post but wanted to look back at this trade after having two losses previously!

It shows i was disciplined in following my plan and continuing to do what i know works for me!

Price was approaching minor structure resistance but what i liked about this potential setup was the fact i could have a tight stop loss, this is always the first aspect i look for, my risk!

I then started to go through my technical's and had some Fibonacci confluence in a 1.272 extension and a 1.414 inversion! Harmonic legs completed in my zone and RSI was overbought! Price printed a Doji signalling to me some potential selling pressure!

I set my first target back into structure and my projected second target was a 0.618 Fibonacci retracement of the last leg! As i mentioned on the chart i was actively managing the second position using the 5 minute and was stopped out for +24, as you can see if i hadnt of followed this rule then i would of given all my initial profits back!

I hope you take the time to read this post and understand the importance of having a plan in place and following it!

If you like this post please click the like button and comment any constructive feedback you have! Id love to hear it!

10 hours ago
USDCHF, 60 Short
0 43
Hello traders here we might have a 60 min short trade on this pair. As we can that the pair completed an ab=cd which could only retrace to a 50 percent forming a rising wedge with structure on top. In the meanwhile this also formed a potential bc leg of an ab=cd pattern with possible extension as far as the 161.8 which is also a previously demand zone.
1 day ago
AUDUSD, 240 Long
0 153
On this pair we have seen the price fail to make a lower low.
Got a bullish Fibonacci in place which has seen a touch of the 78.6% level.
I am now awaiting a break of the CTL for a long position with target 1 being at 0.7250