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1 day ago
Z, D Neutral
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A simple post on how to combine indicators to have an edge.

1. Understand the Indicators and its function.
2. Understand the price action
3. Create rules, that work for "you"
4. Stick to the Plan.
5. Manage what we know.....

For eg.
1. Squeeze on Weekly - Chart is sideways
2. Top and Bottom Indicator works well in a sideways market.

3. We cannot apply the TOP&Bottom on weekly because, its range is tight. Therefore, we switch timeframe to find the swing, that's good enough to trade

4. In this case, Daily / 2Day chart will work.

5. Apply the top & bottom indicator to the weekly squeeze.

- Creating strategies / Analyzing charts will only constitute for a 15% of the trading game.
- Other 85% still remain on RISK MANAGEMENT.

Developing risk management ===> Developing rules for the strategy.
21 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
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" Hourly Analysis "
i can mention a previous analysis Daily Analysis
55 Day Fibonach Level 236 Level 144 and
the Rise of the Trend If it does I Say
Majör Resistance : Fibonach 236 Day Level(Red)

First Resistance : Fibonach 144 Day Level(Black)

Support Line : Fibonach 55 Day Level-(Green)
conclusion :

if " EURUSD" we expect a rise of 55 Fibonach necessarily
have to cut the 144 and 236 level

* i can not say exactly Fall Trends to Come Back

Because, * 236 line go must downyard
* 144 line to go must downyard
* and 55 support line should to push the downyard

***The approval of the downyard trend it began,
it is necessary to come down below the midpoint of the channels Price

1 day ago
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GBPAUD is currently in an upward channel. The price has reacted well to the channel thus far keeping an even symmetry. Anticipating a wave 3 to the channel, bringing us up to the 1.414 extension of the previous swing (An event that has happened the last 3 times)

We've had a nice potential set up here, a candlestick piercing signal and follow through buying today, looks as though we are going back up again to test the channel top (Which co incidentally is 1.414 extension of the previous impulse swing also)

I've toyed about with potential entries for Monday, Getting a lowest risk/ reward profile of 6.08. So this is definitely worth trading!!. And the candlestick set up allows you to buy very near to the bottom in this scenario, so stop losses can be tight.

Note: Price at the bottom of the range is near the 200EMA, which consolidates the support already within the up trend channel.

23 hours ago
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USDCAD is currently trading rangebound. We, on Friday had a nice buying day, riffing right off the 50EMA. Pinbar on the 50 tells me there was a reluctance to see price go below the 50EMA, which, along with the recent consolidation this stock has made, has made a strong support level.

Target low is where a long term Fibonacci confluence zone is.

Target Hi has been made using conventional channel target measurement rules, providing the ratio confluence zone can be broken, I will be looking for the target hi. Managed to find entries with over 8 Rish/Reward. So the trade is way worth it.

19 hours ago
4 104
Currently we are sitting on major support. We had break of trend on 7 day RSI.
See chart for technical areas of interest.

Carney hawkish.
Poloz dovish.
CA economy dragged by oil.
Deflation on GB not a major concern.

Low inflation is sparking consumer spending which what I like to see to support a rate hike.
BoE deputy governor Ben Broadbent says in an interview that bad deflation isn't a threat to Britain
Good deflation helping boost demand and output
Will watch for signs of price falls hitting wage growth
Only risk to GBP is going to be elections.

BOC tone is reflective of the domestic data and international developments; with a
core focus on the price of oil.

For CAD next week’s GDP will provide some evidence as to how January growth evolved and will be important for CAD.

5 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Short
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Strong line up. Was broken. So we are waiting for the fall.
Resistance line. This week is 1208.
Gold will fall to the level of support in 1171.
1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Short
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Details on the chart
4 hours ago
GER30, D Neutral
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Scenario invalidation:
- if Dax closes above 12,100 again before reaching below 11,300.
- if Dax closes below 10,700 once the real correction is initiated.

If DAX stays below 12,100, a correction could be under way to 11300/11,000.

After that, if bullishness persists DAX could have a strong leg to 13,000 (wave 5) that would be extreme for this year and could potentially be the top for a long time then.

Note on waves in scenario:
Wave5 ~ Wave1 ~ 61.8% x Wave3
Wave4 ~ 38.2% x Wave3

In Trading (if you believe in this scenario):
- Short here with stop on close at 12,100 or 12350.
- Reverse at 11300/11100 with stop 10600 (using market money as cushion if leg one worked).

In this posture, something is probably about to happen.
The conclusion to the scenario is probably in the next 2 weeks.

My stance: I am short through options and futures.

1 day ago
14 447
Price Rejected the Following Zone of Confluence:

+ Yearly Pivot Support. (Dotted Line)
+ Key Retracement Zone. (50% / 61.8%)
+ 1.860 Round Number Support .
+ Breakout of Bullish Wedge. (Continuation Pattern)
+ HUGE Bullish Pinbar on Weekly Chart.

I haven't entered this trade yet. I am looking for a retest of the 50% Fib + Top of the Bullish wedge (and previous lower high on the H4). Looking for targets at 2.023. 2.023 is not only the projected length of the previous swing up, but it is also the 1.618% Fibonacci extension of the recent move down.

Waiting for opportunities such as this (one or two of these trades a month) will save you the headache of getting in and out the market every single day and bring you a steady monthly % return without getting shaken out of the market by silly intraday movement.

Good luck, traders. Have a great weekend!
1 day ago
EURUSD, D Neutral
0 354
Majör Resistance : 1.39 price level, since resistance
has always been, the starting line of the Great Fall
"Level 236 is Fibonach"

First Resistance : This line is the line that prevents the
output price level in 1:37.
"Level 144 is Fibonach"

Green Line : This support was 1.35700 Line First Level Support

Channel (1) :
Channel Start, 1.39 Big Decline base was taken
Channel(2) :
Channel Start, 1.25 Decline base was taken

I know, But Major Resistance Trend Starts Rise After be passed
I'm Tracking Anytime, Red Majör resistance and Black First Resistance

Rise to say start of the motion 55 days
Fibonach Level 144 daily Fibonach level
and then cutting the level of 236 is required fibonach

Did not write the other line to avoid confusion of mind
Currently, you'll be in for our Louden? Is not he?

Conclusion: If you switch then to ascend
the red Major Resistance. But Now ; Down continues
14 hours ago
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Just a prediction. The black line is more probable but the red line could happen if the current base that is being made gets destroyed. The green circle indicates the last time the historical support line was broken. It dropped below 91% because there was no additional support beyond that. At $140 there is old support from the last base so bitcoin shouldn't drop below that. July 25th is right about the halving date. It's currently slated for the 28th but it's been pushed forward several times before now.

I may be over predicting the next halving since the last halving was only a signal instead of an ATH, but I believe people will be trying to get a jump on it since after the last halving, the ATH was 5x > last ATH.

Adjust the circle so that it fits within the green box to view the chart the way I posted it.
12 hours ago
IWM, W Neutral
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More observation than anything else.
4 hours ago
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•RES 4: 1.5201 (61.8% retracement of 1.5512 and 1.46340)

•RES 3: 1.5163 (Mar 18th High)

• RES 2: 1.5093 (Tenken-Sen)

• RES 1: 1.5000 (Previous week high)

PRICE: 1.8693 @ 11:18GMT

•SUP 1: 1.4800

•SUP 2: 1.4720

•SUP 3:1.46430

•SUP 4: 1.4500

Weekly trend -Bearish

GBP/USD is trading between 1.4795 and 1.4993 in the past week. Weekly trend is bearish as long as resistance 1.5165 holds.

It is good to sell on rallies around 1.5000 for the target of 1.4650.
16 minutes ago
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Looks to keep grinding up, at least for another 6 months in this rising wedge.

You can't trade between silver and gold, but its certainly worth taking a look at the key support/resistance.
On the break of this rising wedge, I might consider trading some of my physical gold bullion I've collected over the years for silver.
4 hours ago
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•RES 4: 121.50

•RES 3: 121

• RES 2: 120.15

• RES 1: 119.50 (9 day WMA)

PRICE: 119.09 @ 11:06 GMT

•SUP 1: 118.69

•SUP 2: 118.30 (Previous week low)

•SUP 3:116.85 (Feb 2015 low)

•SUP 4: 115.55

Weekly trend -Bullish

USD/JPY is trading between 118.32 and 120.15 in previous week. Any further weakness can be seen only below 118 level. Break below 118 will confirm bullish invalidation and decline till 116.85/115.5 cannot be ruled out.

It is good to buy around dips around 118.80 for the targets of 121/122.05.

1 hour ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
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Levels and Comments on Chart
17 hours ago
HUI/VIX, W Neutral
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HUI (Gold Bugs Index) throws signals relative to the VIX that are pretty obvious and allow plenty of time for entries and exits. I'll describe how in a minute - before that think about the aspect of Gold trading that is a "worry trade" and think about what the VIX is. As that sinks in, you realize that gold buyers are often playing a much longer time frame than the options traders who drive the VIX. So the signal mix here shouldn't surprise anyone with trading experience.

The Chart - I've taken the Heiken Ashi of the ratio of HUI/VIX. The rationale for HUI/VIX? "Worry traders" - those who buy gold and those that track the VIX - aren't always the same people, but both are often hedging (or betting on) a market crash - or worse. This chart shows the ratio in the red/green candles and in the background the gray is HUI itself.

The Sell Signal - I drew three horizontal lines where HUI/VIX pivots are common and pulled up the RSI (important - the Heiken Ashi is important here - it makes the RSI divergences easier to read). The signal pattern for a SELL of HUI is a bearish divergence on the HUI/VIX followed by a simultaneous spike in HUI to the top zone while the HUI/VIX moves down to the middle zone. In those cases HUI plunges shortly after. Why? I think of it as "hang time" - the gold believers are the last to give up - the VIX has moved lower and the S&P isn't showing worry anymore. Gold as a worry asset then follows suit because fewer new buyers are converted to owning Gold.

The Buy Signal - Worry assets bottom when no one is worried. Yet worry is cyclical. We are very close (maybe 3 to 6 months out, IMO) from a worry low, and the chart shows it - we are sitting above the "no one is worried" pivot line, but we aren't there yet, at least according to past patterns on this weekly chart. THAT DOES NOT MEAN HUI HASN'T BOTTOMED. Sorry for the caps, but ratio charts are tricky - we can move firmly down into that bottom zone with HUI trading sideways (consolidation) and VIX dropping. I am actually expecting that very thing to happen and have linked a chart showing why I see VIX lower for 3 more months.