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34 minutes ago
JOB, 10 Neutral
1 39
You choose... break out or break down... fairly simple

Safe trading ladies and gents the dog might bid!

1 hour ago
DAL, D Short
1 25
Long term supply signal in late Dec warn of distribution up here. Now short term and medium term supply signals have kicked in. New resistance level at 48.01 calculated and plotted. Support at $42.08, then $30.43 Classic short at shoulder of 2014.02.24.
1 hour ago
CADJPY, 180 Neutral
0 17
Immediate resistance stands at 96.500 area. (Red)
Which also lines up with the .618 Fibonacci area of the longer bearish trend. (2014- 12 - 26 to 2015 - 02 - 01).

The 96.500 area has already acted as resistance
once(Red). This time around we are looking for this
resistance break to easily as we have BOC statements supporting this rally.

The market has taken Poloz (Bank of Canada) statement as hawkish for CAD in the short term.

To Summarize :

Central bank wants to see how the economy responds to the last rate cut and oil prices.
They believe January rate cut gives greater confidence of reaching full capacity and stable inflation by the end of 2016

The only dovish statement is :
"We are in an uncertain setting"

Our first trade we closed at 96 area. We are looking to re-buy this pair as it hits the trend line. New target will be 99 area.

Canada Ivey Purchasing is improving (50.80) vs (42.60 - previous).
1 hour ago
IWM, D Neutral
0 11
Looks like it may test 50 day MA and the red support line. We will take another look once this materialize. So far price is below 10 day MA, MACD turns negative and RSI is still healthy.
1 hour ago
DAL, D Short
0 84

1. BUYS = Watch for RgMov to make a 2-month high, then buy CCI readings of -100 followed by trading above, then closing above a previous day's high. Exit at 3 ATR rally or when CCI reaches +100 adding each 1 ATR advance. Stop = 3 ATR's OR if RgMov makes a 2-month low on a closing basis (2 months = 44 days)

2. SELLS = Watch for RgMov to make a 2-month low, then sell CCI readings of +100 followed by trading below, then closing below a previous day's low. Exit at 3 ATR decline OR when CCI reaches -100, adding each 1 ATR decline. Stop = 3 ATR's OR if RgMov makes a 2-month high on a closing basis (2 months = 44 days)

There are plenty of other exit strategies - including using a trailing stop once the CCI has reached the opposite extreme. A simple trailing stop can be over/under the 3-day range.

Tim 1:12PM EST, March 6, 2015
1 hour ago
TLT, W Neutral
0 18
TLT lost around 11% so far from its all time high. MACD turned negative, RSI broke support. Price uptrend is intact if the red support can hold.

Fundamentally I believe this is a technical correction instead of the start of a bear market, and thus next leg up is still possible (pending how it acts on the red support, hold or break). The reason is Fed simply cannot raise rate no matter how many talking heads talking the talk, given the already strong dollar, low inflation (official core), dismal commodities, and national/corporate/household debt level.
1 hour ago
INDU, M Neutral
0 6
Much a do was made about February's gains but it was less than 7%. A similar move was made in January of 2013 and an even bigger move was made in October of 2011. So here's some perspective on the monthly moves that were made in the DOW. Notice how the only 10%+ moves (Blue) were made going down.
1 hour ago
SPY, D Neutral
0 34
from recent low to highs. Broke 23.6 and recent BO high
2 hours ago
GBPUSD, 240 Long
2 42
If you had gotten the deep garltey and bat previously posted on this pair...give a shout out.

if you had held on the position you can count the pips you woulda made and the cash flow

here setting up is another great opportunity

since it is a weekend please be very very careful

good entry

good R:R

good luck
2 hours ago
SPY, 30 Neutral
0 118
Notes on chart
2 hours ago
4 119
With King Dolla Strength and the decent NFP print I fomoed myself in at 120.1 before this blew up to 121+ !!!!

However as our resident bear Peter Schiff pointed out "The number of Americans not in the labor force surged to 98.9 million, a new record high as the participation rate dropped to 62.8%".

Still it didn't stop the DXY making nice gains today. The trade is risk free now with trailing stops set.

Let the Nikkei be your guide here.
2 hours ago
IWM, D Short
2 18
Average trade size picks up, #3 supply, then #2 supply all lead into 2015.03.02.Mon top (so far). Support is not holding, but the day isn't over. Support & Resistance levels are plotted.
2 hours ago
VWO, W Neutral
0 7
May still range bound so it may become worse before get better. More bullish if it can go above the red resistance.
2 hours ago
AAPL, 60 Long
0 98
I decided to wait for the AAPL pullback before jumping on the Apple goes to Dow bandwagon news.

My entry was at the daily pivot 127.40 ish and I'm looking to millk this until Apple get listed.

Stops just below support at 125.75.

Here is an interesting read from our friends at Marketwatch;

2 hours ago
VGK, W Neutral
0 6
This week's down turn was not that surprise (given the RSI channel resistance and 40 week MA resistance). Overall trend is still up (judging by 10 week MA, RSI channel direction, and a positive MACD, also the upward blue trend line). I will start to worry if it loses 10 week MA and falls out of the RSI channel.
3 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Short
0 182
Held the short bias on GOLD for a while now, which can be seen on some of the last XAU-Related posts.

Been sitting tight awaiting for a daily trendily break to the downside which came through today! Amazing.
$1195 was my first downside target then today 1180!

All live real time analysis can be found on our #TechnicalTuesdays volumes 18-21:

Anyway ....Gold has put in the lower highs on the weekly and we are now looking at 1140- 1130's as the next downside profit targets...Once achieved and a new WEEKLY low is made We will publish the monthly view with our SOLID downside medium term downside targets.....A brilliant place to buy GOLD (Bullion too) and hold throughout 2016!

The metal needs to come lower as there is a much bigger picture in play right now on the planet.



3 hours ago
TLT, D Short
0 42
Targets are in the chart.