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42 4498
Hello traders, this trade setup looks great and it will give you 3003 free pips.
Buy the break out and see how it goes. Looks good to me so I am in.

You trade with care and stay away from false promises and hypes.

Yours Truly
GBPAUD, 240 Short
37 2210
After this LIBRA pattern
GBPAUD just break the important support of 2.0238

The bearish trend just started
So Hold your short position if you already entered
between 2.0400-2.0500 based on the pin bar or the LIBRA PATTERN
more space to fall
TP1: 2.00
TP2: 1.9684
14 1671
Today we have the swing in place. Also the descending channel's trendline is broken.
If this holds we could have a few day of bounce in gold.
We broke below 03.28.2016 DCL but there was no follow through. Also volume is siging that we ran out of sellers. I would like to see a big volume with green candle today. That could support the pop idea.
Also the RSI is leaving the overbought territory which usually a sign of the DCL.
The bounce can be a more powerful one up to the 50 EMA (1240$) and a steep drop after that into the panic selling stage (green scenario) In this case the pop should be finished this week, or early next week
Or it could be a longer sideways consolidation (red scenario) till the middle of June where the 10 DEMA would catch up the price and the breakdown comes in the middle of June only.

I set this idea as a long trade though I don't suggest to trade this. There might be a 30$ up to 1140$ but most probably price will pop only 10-15$. The final scenario depends on the EUrUsd move, Friday's employment report and depends on banks do they want to play out bulls one more time before the final drawdown.
I think last week bulls were destroyed badly, there should be a very weak employment report on Friday to have a strong bounce up to 1140-1150$.
I suggest to use this pop for positioning in a short trade in the following 1 month's panic decline.
Those who went long at 1200-1210$ could hold the position and decide in the following days when to take profit and enter to a short trade.
I will post when I think the bounce is finished.
EURUSD, 60 Short
8 1030
Interesting setup here on the $EURUSD. Structurally speaking I don't have a level that I'm that in love with, however, we do have a Killzone that features some Fibonacci confluence as well as a one to one measured move.

What's interesting is that the potential ab=cd formation (red lines) would also line up with an equal measured move from our previous retracement (pink lines)

Does this mean a sell at that level? NO, i'd prefer a move close to previous structure highs at the $1.12 even handle, but it's certainly something that we'll be keeping an eye on as we venture down to the lower timeframes in today's Live Trading Room.

I've recently been asked by FX Trader Magazine to write another article for them and I wanted you guys to pick the topic. If you have an idea please leave a comment under this video and I'll be choosing 3 that you can vote on by Thursday.

Akil Stokes
Chief Currency Analyst & Head Trading Coach -The Premier Online Trading Education Company

@AkilStokesRTM (Instagram, Periscope, Snap Chat & StockTwits)

GER30, 240 Short
3 597

Waiting for RSI Bearish Divergence;
With a validated double bottom at previous support by a broken neck, the price is facing some pressure at the middle of the ascending channel. Weekly resistance above, price reversal zone at 88%, the Bat is almost completed.
The 38% retracement, and once there, close half position size and move Stops to breakeven.
The 618% retracement, it could forge the 2618 bullish trade setup.

Safe Trades;

DXY, 60 Neutral
5 97
Dollar short
XAUUSD, 60 Neutral
3 751
This plan is based on Clones and potential bat or alt bat pattern . Most probably i am expecting it to be an alt bat pattern. So far for the month of May ,gold has been falling since the beginning of this month , so i am expecting the end of month Candle to be as small wick to the bottom.

Clone levels and potential Trade Entries on Chart

Buy (preferred): Above 1215
Sell : Below 1208
EURUSD, 60 Short
15 188


Draw the channel. And check how the price moving.
HL- Higher low
HH-Higher high
LL-Lower low
LH-Lower high


Draw the support and resistance lines.

GBPNZD, 240 Short
6 268
The pair is in a up trend but a break from the trend looks very likely provided we already broke a smaller degree correction and that NZDUSD is expected to out perform GBPUSD. Any break out of the up trend will give nice downside for short term!
USDJPY, 240 Short
9 716
My previous USDJPY setup didn't work out well but we now have a much better opportunity for going short. Price Has reached the 0.886 fib level of the previous impulsive down move, where it has completed a bearish deep crab pattern. Stoploss should be placed above the swing point of the impulse.
EURUSD, 60 Short
1 417
Building out a kill zone in the London live room this morning on this pair.
After using an advanced pattern as a reason for entry last week taking target 1 at the A leg and taget 2 at 1.1100, we have now seen a pull back. So the question is, where can we reload?

Well the area that will meet my entry area rules is up at 1190's
As you can see we have previous structure, an ABCD equal measured move, Fib Confluence and also a Bearish Bat formation.

We have a busy week on the fundamental side with ECB, FOMC and Non Farms so we will see what happens.

Either way, good luck in the markets this week!

See you in the live room.

USDJPY, M Neutral
6 153
This is the USDJPY updated chart
Where we are:

Price has fallen steadily to reverse near 106 levels. (Refer to the attached previous chart set ups)
Moderate uptrend should see a leg to 118 - 115 region before pulling back lower to 106 - 102 region
Ideally, buy orders near 100 with an aim to hold for quarters will be a good play.

Long term - 6+ months, USDJPY should be eventually breaking out above 123 targeting 134.6. This is a long term set up so position management will be key.
GER30, 30 Neutral
5 239
follow price action in order to short, fail to do so
10493 will be a next t hit

currently price at above 786% right at the 1618% extension
200% extension would be a complete impulse, at resistance zone
GBPJPY, 60 Long
3 325
Major support – 162 (55 day H EMA)

Major resistance- 164.10

GBP/JPY has jumped till 163.989 today morning and started to decline from that level .It is currently trading around 163.15.

Intraday trend is bullish as long as support 162.60 holds.

Any break below 162 will take the pair down till 161.50/160.70/160 in short term.

The pair should break above 164.10 for further bullishness. Any break above 164.10 will take the pair till 166.05/167.50.

It is good to buy at dips around 163 with SL around 162 for the TP of 164.10/166.05
EURUSD, 240 Short
3 134
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