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Launch Chart
21 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Neutral
6 562
Still some room in the North? Who knows... But the final upward move is seemingly corrective, which means we should expect a downward 5th wave or another zigzag to form the Y.

Too early to say anything but I imagine a bat pattern after Y, at the completion of which some big players will be involved to the proposed fiber rally at around 1.07.
10 hours ago
DOWI, D Short
0 516
Is a period of 216 days enough? Imo ... difference is in the margin of error. Good Luck!
1 day ago
GBPUSD, 240 Long
2 465
See our plan setup:

I do appreciate all views be it a like or comment, and if you subscribe to this analysis, you will receive all of our real-time update! Thanks!

3 hours ago
NGAS, D Short
2 69
I don't trade NGAS, some of my traders do and there are a couple request for me to give my views on it .
I hope this helps .
Thanks to all my followers for your support. Your views are also important to me, so comment ,attach a chart if you have a different view and LIKE (the thumb on the top of the chart ) if you agree.

Remember this is only my view and you do have a right to disagree but please do so in constructive way, post your view.
20 hours ago
7 105
Idea is based on median line analysis, fibonacci ratio's and basic support/resistance. The rationale behind this setup is shown on the chart along with specific targets and stop loss. Good Luck
10 hours ago
GBPUSD, 240 Long
11 79
Price is on the support cluster and now is a good opportunity to buy up to resistance cluster.
After that we will continue the sale.
1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
0 1493
The market awaits US data on GDP, and expectations are for a downward revision.
Our priority must be to managing our trade, we do not know if we will reach our target, but we know it will still be a winning trade.
Technically speaking, we are still in a downtrend, and could be confirmed by AB = CD no impulsive (1-2-3-4), while AB = CD impulsive (AB = CD) has as its first target around 1.1050 area.
As we have said, our attention will not be focused on the target, but the trade management (support) because someone said: "...cut your losses and let your profits run !!"

Look at our Analysis about setup:

We hope that our analysis has helped you in your work, if this were the case, we hope in a your "I Like" ...
1 day ago
11 312
Unless a major positive news emerges in the next 14 days, this is the direction I see for the Bitcoin price in June. Why? Because the volume is peaking right here this week and all reliable and fast price indicators start to decline, like the StochRSI shown as only one example. Maybe I post a few more later today as screenshots below as an update.

Support is around $221-$222 (green line) and resistance around $241-$243 (pink line). If the price does get a good pullback and does not start a larger downtrend then I expect the pullback to happen at $225-$226 (orange line)
1 day ago
USDCAD, 240 Neutral
5 300
Look our Analysis:

I do appreciate all views be it a like or comment, and if you subscribe to this analysis, you will receive all of our real-time update! Thanks!

10 hours ago
EURUSD, M Neutral
0 150
The appreciation of the euro against the dollar means that the Big Crisis is approaching

* Draghi 'buying bonds Taking the Time Acquire
* Germany is experiencing difficult days, because there is a Russian Amborgo
( 1200 Company stop russian Trade and enter the stagnation)
* England does not want the European Union
* Draghi Said "I'll do whatever is necessary" , But he did not do anything
* Political and Social Movements, does not want the European Union
* Ukraine has declared a moratorium! 23 billion debt
* US Factories Crushed By Strong Dollar
* The total debt of Greece's 315 billion euros.
2 hours ago
USDCAD, 240 Short
1 108
Last week the Greenback opened bullish on the back of the prior Fridays better-than-expected core cpi readings and strengthened throughout the week. On Tuesday it made strong gains as core durable goods, consumer confidence and new home sales all beat expectations. These positive readings reinforced dollar strength. Wednesday´s BoC rate decision and statement was a non-event; they repeated the Canadian economy is on track and the monetary policy remains suitable for the time being. Regardless, speculation remains rates will be cut again this year. On Friday US gdp came out better than expected but the Canadian gdp was very weak (it fell the most since the 2009 recession) so we saw the Loonie shoot up aggressively, though it failed to make a higher high and gave back most of its gains. This trade candidate is the follow up to “A Continuation Play on the Loonie”, linked under Related Ideas.

In total this pair rallied 285 pips after breaking out of a bullish rectangle (see the related idea), but it now looks fatigued (after 2 weeks of upwards price action) and we currently have a basic reversal pattern called a double top on the 4H. Price tested and respected a key bearish trend line when creating this pattern. There are 4 different ways to trade a double top and I am describing the most conservative scenario here. It is depended on a number of steps happening before entering the trade and as such its an “if… then… scenario”. A double top is a double top if the wick of the second meets at least the candle close of the first, while the candle close of the second does not exceed the wick of the first. In other words, price tried to make a higher high, but failed. This retest of resistance with less strength also follows from the regular bearish RSI divergence at the second top.

The oscillator was overbought on Wednesday and steadily came off that level while making higher highs. In the conservative scenario (also known as the 2618 trade) we need the following steps to occur before entering a trade:

price breaks below and closes below the neckline;
price retraces back up, until 618 retracement of the prior leg down;
price stalls, stops and reverses at this retracement level.

In that case, SL goes above the tops. TP1 = structure level where the retracement started, TP2 = 1272 extension of prior leg down (which has confluence with the top of the bullish rectangle of the prior idea). We would retrace the full bullish leg after the rectangle breakout. When TP1 is hit I would take profit on half of my position and roll my stop loss to breakeven, enjoying a risk free trade hunting for TP2.

There are 195 pips to be made (if this pair follows all the steps in the script) and the trade has a reward – risk ratio of 1.9!
1 day ago
AUDUSD, 15 Short
0 704
AUDUSD is making a bear flag. Will be looking to sell on the break of the flag.Divergence in play
5 hours ago
E61!, D Short
3 52
The chart tells a story and the story unfolds bar by bar.
Note that description of bar 51 has been elaborated.
1 day ago
USOIL, W Neutral
12 950
There was a lot of noise when I label the second wave as a wedge ,One trader say's it will be his first time in seeing a wedge after the first impulse .Well here is one "Just for you".
I Prefer to say I look for wave patterns and not Elliott wave patterns since some of my patterns although based on Elliott's teachings differ a little from his findings . I believe everything evolves and to say there are no structural change in the wave patterns would be naive. The "WAVE THEORY" still holds but I find a variation in some of the patterns. And I may label them different but ONCE I can identify an Impulse -correction impulse I can trade the second impulse.
I have also found a way to identify, what is ONE WAVE and that was what made a fundamentally change in my understanding of wave analysis.
22 hours ago
0 110
Idea is based on median line analysis, fibonacci ratio's and the use of the following indicators: Bollinger bands, Stochastics and MACD. The rationale behind this set up is shown on the chart with specific targets and stop losses. Good Luck guys.
12 hours ago
EURUSD, 180 Short
0 94
Full disclosure: based on monthly charts, I have a bias to the short side... but even on these 3-hour charts, I don't see how I'd want to be getting long at this point.

Chart A:
1) oscillator divergence in OB zone, with confirming hook down at the exact high point of the rally
2) price high at confluence of 50% level of X - A swing and 100% projection of A - B leg (AB = CD)
3) 50 SMA resistance holding (slightly but not decisively broken)

Chart B:
1) dashed trendline resistance; notice how the trendline drawn from the minor highs before and after the rally high exactly matches the upper parallel line of the pitchfork, creating a confluence of different line drawing methods
2) Fib time projection confluence of entire downtrend (23.6%) and second leg of downtrend (61.8%), both occurring one bar before the high
3) RSI has been oscillating within the 20 - 60 zone since the high, which is normal behavior of the RSI in a downtrend; RSI is at the level where we could anticipate a reversal and a return to the downtrend

Short at about 1.0989 on TV chart (my feed doesn't match the TV prices); I expect it's possible I'll be stopped out on the open of the next session, but I don't mind - I'll just get short again at a better price. If there's any break of the upper parallel line, I don't think it will amount to much - but Euro rallies seem to have a tendency of exceeding my expectations, so we'll see.

Longer timeframe charts indicate a possible break of the March low, but there's no confirmation of the longer term signal yet. For now, based on a 3-hour setup chart, I'm just looking for a bit over 200 pips for the next leg down - assuming a resumption of the downtrend happens. No matter how things play out over the long term, there's enough in the short term to make a short sale here worth a chance.

Good trading to all!
6 hours ago
0 65
Please feel free to leave me any comment or recommendation of constructive criticism so I can improve or make commentary more clear for you to read;or if you agree or like this idea support by thumbs up. Thank you.Sam

USDCAD is offering relative aggressive trade with entry at current levels based on consecutive shooting stars at resistance levels. Accompanied with negative GDP readings from last week we might see next few days in bearish tone approaching 1.22 level.

I closed position from 18.5.2015 in profit and entered into short-term bearish trend I expect to develop.

Traget is 1.22 where I would rejoin bullish long term view unless fundamentals change.

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