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GBPUSD face Stront Resistance
AB=CD at 1.4685
1.272 EXT at 1.4699
Left Srcture is very strong
Get ready to short gbpusd
if we see a bearish price action
EURUSD, 60 Long
26 945
Notes on the buying zones

the 3 buying zones are actually areas where we should expect the traders of our 3 timeframes to be affected. That is the logic behind their choosing

Area 1: Lower TF will be affected by this retracement. Price will go under their KS and people will start either getting out of their positions or joining in the selling
Area 2: The people on the current TF will be affected
Area 3: The people on the higher TF will be affected

By the time we cross the "CL" (critical Level), most of the traders we care about have either closed their positions or actually switched to a sell
AUDUSD, 240 Short
9 433
Hey, traders. Welcom back to another edition of the Forex weekly forecast. Today I discuss the importance of backtesting and the way it is done. Here's the link
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Yes you can forecast the charts ! There is an amazing way to do it , it's called "WAVE ANALYSIS". Check the last 100 of my charts and you will see how amazing it works!
Understanding how wave structure develops is the key to understanding how wave analysis works.
Knowledge of how structure develops will put you on the right side of your trade over 90% of the times!!

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Gold has broken out of the weekly corrective structure and it looks good to buy the commodity now with the proper strategy and target new highs, if this turns out to be the resumption of the long term uptrend this move will carry the commodity towards 1900 even if as part of a larger degree correction in the coming months!
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
4 444
Dear friend's

Euro is in over sold area and i think reaction on trend that i draw. we need to touch the pullback then move up to 1.15 at least.

kind regards,
10 1174
Traders who are going long in gold in these days are running after the price.
We are very late in this gold intermediate cycle : it started on 12.04.2015. We are in the 4th daily cycle.
Usually an IC has 3 daily cycles in gold.
1st DC: 28 days,
2nd DC : 23 days,
3rd DC: 28 days,
4th DC: 24 days ( and not finished yet)

A daily cycle has 25-40 days. It seems we are printing shorter daily cycles in this intermediate cycle.
The risk of getting caught is 99.9%.

The banks and funds just pushed up and broke out gold price to get rid of the mining shares on the highest possible
prices. Now when they finished their work and sat back in their comfortable chairs gold can start its decline on the green back of the strengthening dollar next week. (The dollar has maximum 3-4 days to break down the August low and start an ultimate rally.)

So until the dollar starts its rally gold can test the 2015 January IC high at 1307 or maybe ( I see a very low chance for this) 200 weekly moving average at 1325. If this 2nd scenario happens I think we will drop 50-60$ in one day with a shooting star candlestick.

Horrible divergencies in the indicators : MACD, TSI.
RSI is making lower highs since 11th February..

So I think next 2 weeks we will see price at 1235$ at the bottom of the blue channel which we will break this time and start the decline to the 200 EMA.

P.S.: Zoom out the RSI to see the arrows
SPX500, D Short
3 274
the language from last fomc meeting tells me rate hike, if it is going to be before the election in November, it will be June 15th. "They" will know how the brexit vote will go, the answer will be stay in the EU, of course, so hiking rates will be what is needed, and that will be it until after the elections. Which should all be just enough momentum down to bounce off yet another insurmountable support TL, sponsored and made possible by... corp buy backs and govt buying of stocks. Money managers and individuals are just playing along. Apple will have had just about enough and take a portion of the cash and buy back huge amounts of their stock to create a support zone. Mortgage rates lower than ever with negative lending rates now, and still re fi and new home mortgages down 4% YOY. Savings rate are way up. That goal is dead, that cycle has ended, anyone who had good enough credit to borrow did, and lower rates wont help that exhausted market. They will have to start giving away cars or something to get people to borrow from here on in. Now if the US consumer doesn't start buying more "stuff", then what? Recessions folks, looming large. CM bottom builder indicator signalling a whopper, but not too big a whopper maybe. Just larger than the previous two.
EURCAD, D Neutral
2 202

After hitting a fantastic key action level, as outlined on the chart, we have a great opportunity to go long here at the bottom of the range and go to the upside.

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We can go long EURUSD at market price, and add if we get a dip to 1.1404, stops should be at least below 1.1348.
Targets are continuation of the weekly Time at mode uptrend I had forecasted a long time ago. We have broken a key resistance level and plotting a weekly and monthly close above said level, so it's highly likely to see immediate continuation into the highs.
My targets are on chart, both time and price wise, and funnily enough, the time target matches the potential June rate hike the Fed has hinted at recently. Once we hit the top target, we could expect a retracement or strong reversal, depending on the fundamental events to come.

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Ivan Labrie.
0 245
short on possible pullback
4 223
Don't think channel gonna be broken easily!!!
2 136
Potential Short Opportunity at Resistance.
US30, 240 Long
0 101
note with strong bullish continuation (complete correction)
EURUSD, D Neutral
2 118
First, I hate to have to post these disclaimers but I must EMPHASIZE that whatever I post here is my opinions and my opinions ONLY! If you take my opinion and use it to in any way for personal use in making trading decisions, this is solely YOUR responsibility and on one else's! Especially not mine! My posts here are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES only and not meant to be recommendations of any kind!

Recently, I had a guy who will remain unnamed who challenged me on my posts that I had been giving for free on Tradingview. He obviously had an axe to grind. Maybe he followed one of my analysis and lost money. Maybe it's another reason. But he's an example of someone who can't accept responsibility for his own actions and must blame someone else for their loss. Do I make bad trades? Yes. Do I take losses? Yes. Does everyone? Yes. Even Warren Buffet. But regardless, what those kinds of people don't or refuse to see is all the work behind the scenes that goes into these analysis. Yet, they expect to be fed for free. And then when it does not work out, they want to blame someone else. The point I am making is that these analysis take a lot of time and a lot of work. They are the result of my own hard work but I am the first one to get frustrated when things don't work out the way I envision it. But then I just get back to work and see where I went wrong. If you are expecting to be spoon fed all this hard work for free, there's a word for that: freeloader. Otherwise, just take it for what it is. Purely my opinion! Now on to the analysis....

EURUSD has been much confusion to many people lately….including me. Before the BoJ, I admittedly was not clear on what EURUSD was to do. In fact, I was expecting it to drop! Though I was not convinced. Thus, I had been holding off on trading it after suffering a loss on trying to sell it. But now, the clouds are clearing…

Analyzing EURUSD has been a real headache and took A LOT of time to reveal the hidden story that the chart is telling. For sure, I’ve gone back and forth on EURUSD and tossed away many analysis on it that took time to do. But it’s the work that must be put in to be successful in trading. It’s really frustrating when after I’ve done so much research and analysis and I’m wrong. But that is also part of the process. Failure breeds success. I’ve recently had a failed trade on EURUSD that has led me to see what I see now.

So what the big picture is saying in EURUSD is that it is now in a developing uptrend. It isn’t a sure thing just yet but the recent price action is bullish. In another few weeks or sooner, we may see an explosion upwards that will give us that confirmation. But in the meantime, there is still some more consolidation to get through which will of course, cause even more confusion and panic.

What I am seeing is that EURUSD has been in an uptrend for months now! But a very, very confusing and complex one. A WXY complex pattern. The wave (W) was completed awhile back. And the wave (X) done back in March. From there, it has actually been in the wave (Y) up already. That wave (Y) I am seeing as an ABC Zigzag pattern.

The 2 POTENTIAL patterns, a crab (blue) and a bat (green) are still waiting to be filled. That bat I am expecting to be filled soon. But more importantly, there is a fractal forming within this correction that shows how things are going to play out. If you are familiar with fractals, then you know that is the backbone of wave counting. And fibonacci. And most trading strategies. It is one of the reasons why patterns repeat themselves over and over from larger degrees to lower degrees. And one is very clearly taking place right now. Can you see it?

Read the FREE FULL analysis here (NO subscription required but registration is required):
DXY, W Neutral
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It's been about a year since I looked at the longer term view of the dollar. You can see that price has broke out above the major long term down trend line (dashed black line) which is usually quite bullish. But also there is a major long term negative reversal in the RSI which often (but not always) is bearish. If you are bullish you should expect the return of price to the trend line to be support and then further rise in the dollar (the kiss and run scenario)

Personally I favor a more bearish possibility that we are completing a very large sideways consolidation before a final crash. ( I have a similar view for gold and silver but with a final bullish rise.) If this is correct we will see price going below the dashed trend line. (I must warn you I was wrong once................actually many times)

What do you think???
Have a great Sunday. Goodguy.
2 180
Possible weekly Cypher completion with trendline and possible fib confluence in the 1350-1400 zone.

I was looking for ending structures in line with that idea (linked below), this may be a possibility: possible expanding wedge/ (leading) diagonal.
I have published about a similar structure on DOW, short-term both are moving in opposite directions but longterm they are both up since beginning of the year. If both are forming the same structure then gold may be just lagging DOW because DOW may have completed wave 4 of EED on Friday (confirmation this coming week) and gold may now be on the way to completing wave 3... Just a thought, we'll see what happens...

This one here however is still only in its early stages so we'll have to wait and see how it develops. If it develops in a way similar to what can be expected of such a structure, with confluence from either a test of the trendline and/or fib levels AND if we can possibly get some good good divergence on any of the preferred momentum indicators...., well then we might have a great high probability short trade opportunity coming up!!

The way this has developed so far it looks like waves 1 and 3 are developing as 5-wave structures (not confirmed yet, wave 3 not complete!) and wave 2 was a 3-wave structure. That means that if it continues like this then wave 4 is more likely to be a 3-wave structure and wave 5 is more likely to complete as a 5-wave structure. This would then be in line with what is often seen in leading diagonals according to Elliott wave theory. In that case we should consider the whole rally from the lows of december last year likely to be a wave 1, in which case we should expect a sharp decline after the structure completes; with a considerable down retracement, at least 38.2% but likely more (commonly 61.8%). But as said we're still in the early stages so let's wait-and-see what happens!

I will surely be keeping this in mind when looking for smaller timeframe (hourly) setups!

Oh, and the vertical line is the date of the 'Brexit' referendum!!
I'm keeping that in mind also, could be a good catalyst for the next big move...
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