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Launch Chart
16 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Long
41 2600
Update: I added 0.2 lot to position at at 1168.00. Full position = 0.8 lot. For just below 3% risk of balance.

Trade 15: Bought XAUUSD @1171.00
Trade Status: Active
S.L @ 1160.00
T1 1187.00
T2 1200.00

For $30 417 Balance, Position size = 0.6 lot ~ 2% risk of capital
For who need more explanation:
Balance= $30 417
2% x 30417 ~~ $608
Each tick in gold is equal to $0.1
For each mini lot or 0.1 standard lot , each tick Equals $1
My stop loss is 11 dollar = 110 ticks.
$608/110= 5.5 mini lots OR 0.55 standard Lot. I have chosen to make 0.6 lots in my trade.

Support area
Multiple rejection as clear on chart through pin bars
Descending support for wedge
Bullish divergence on RSI
Negative sentiment surrounding markets, may support safe haven demand.

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Wish me luck and best of luck for everyone.

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My best regards
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1 day ago
BTCUSD, D Neutral
26 1265
Here's a symbol of sail is made.
There is a fall in the ambush.
This collapse will happen soon.
And Target 133 or even lower. Still pending
17 hours ago
2 889
Nice gap down after Greek #OXI

Question is when gap will be closed.

I see a Possible Gartley first and the back for a gap close.

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I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


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I hope to see you there too
13 hours ago
EURUSD, 240 Long
6 847
Hello friends, im back after some time of learning and resting from real trading.
This idea is based on the idea that the EURUSD is consolidating on D1 chart forming a big triangle.
This is my prefered D1 scenario:

When the price consolidates usually forms differents harmonic patterns.
We see the price is at C point of a possible bearish gartley pattern. The price is rejecting strongly from the round level 1.1000
I will enter long know and then i will be looking to sell at the gartley completion.
Best regards.
12 hours ago
0 553
The euro is still moving towards the downside forming an impulse labeled intermediate waves (1) through (5).

Intermediate wave (4) is forming a contracting triangle labeled minor waves A through E, within which waves A, B and C are complete, and minor wave D is most likely complete as well.

This count expects the euro to be moving towards the upside for the last time in minor wave E to complete intermediate wave (4).

After that we could have a strong decline to the downside to complete wave (5) near parity

This wave count is invalidated by movement above 1.1436 as minor wave E may not move beyond the start of minor wave D.

Best regards
1 day ago
USDJPY, 240 Long
6 456
Here on the 4h chart of USD/JPY we have a potential long position setup in the coming Days / Week.

The grey box indicates the previous structure resistance which was broken on 26/05/2015.
With this being a strong resistance area prior to it's break, we feel this should act and hold as strong structure support.

Taking a Fibonacci from the impulse leg of the move we get a .618% retracement coming in and the bottom of a bearish wedge, thus giving us more confluence to look at getting long on this pair.

Have a great trading week.

12 hours ago
XAUUSD, 240 Short
4 357
I will be shorting this on failed PA towards north. I was expecting this to go way high on greek drama due to its safe heaven nature but looks like buyers are not interested at current price to take it up, so more move towards south is in store.
Targeting last week low and then the next one at D's which are completing around 114x area.

17 hours ago
USDOLLAR, 240 Long
2 158

Let's see if this breakout holds.

But price over trend line and back testing now

If gap holds I see a strong possibility of a equal leged ABCD harmonic to test former high

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I would really appreciate it! Thanks!


Follow me on Twitter for intraday updates and scalp plays. I do my updates there.
It's a lot quicker and easier for me and you get the benefit of having the update by phone or tablet
I hope to see you there too
17 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
0 425
EURUSD 1.1000
Opened at a huge gap down, at a support 1.0972

Buying this low is aggressive as we are buying at a bearish channel and consider to be a counter trend,

The best opportunity occurs when EURUSD closes the gap at 1.1111 and re-test the bear channel high and the target is at the channel lows at 1.0827 to 1.0730

Selling this low is aggressive as well, as we have this gap above and we are in the middle of this major bear channel
11 hours ago
XAGUSD, 240 Short
2 170
This short is based on current PA, price is trading below 55ma and MA is acting as nice resistance on this timeframe, I will be comfortable with this short as long as the price stays below the last week high or below 55ma.

Entry Current market price , will be adding more if the price goes below the last week low at 15.46. Sl 15.80, TP open
3 hours ago
7 134
Looking for a nice long off of reliable levels.

Looking at the weekly chart, you will see this is a fantastic opportunity to get into this stock there as well. Due to the weekly clear picture, you're able to utilise very tight stop loss, with my target high giving me over a 15.78 Risk reward ratio, but more likely, the lower target is more realistic for the short term, giving me a 6.48 risk reward (Approx)

1 day ago
EURUSD, 240 Neutral
2 534
Summary of last week:
The currency pair opened one of the largest gaps downward in recent years. This was the result of uncertainty related to Greece. Markets remained constantly on the alert which led to strong fluctuations and even incomprehensible movements. After opening the trend we saw the bottom of the 1.0954 level and then, without major problems has led to the demand side closing the gap and establish a high of 1.1279. At the end of the week the euro gained slightly against the dollar by 0.24%. It is worth noting, however, that despite the many negative reports that appeared last week we saw the strong depreciation of the EUR / USD, which may confirm that the market still believes in the positive outcome of the Greek case.

A few words about Greece:
In the last week of negotiations on the EU - Greece has been interrupted as a result of disagreement. The situation looks much complicated, because both sides do not want to give way. Greece has not repaid on June 30 creditors more than 1.6 billion euros. At the moment, we are waiting for the results of the referendum, which will indicate the Greek journey. If the Greeks will talk in a referendum in favor of continuing austerity, the European Union will help Greece and allocate billions more in aid to the country. If the Greeks say NO, in this case may lead to a crisis on the Brussels - Athens. It is difficult to predict what will be the consequence but one possibility is assumed to return to its own currency by Greece. Whatever they see the election results Greeks are in a very difficult position.

The latest survey results:
Poll GPO Mega TV - Yes: 44.1% vs. NO: 43.7%
Bloomberg / University of Macedonia - Yes: 43% vs. NO: 42.5%
Ethnos / ALCO - Yes: 44.8% vs. NO: 43.4%

As you can see, each survey is close to the margin of error.

Economic calendar next week.
The coming week is full of many important events, but they may remain in the shadows of the situation in Greece.
Monday: The contract factories in Germany and the PMI and the ISM index in the US;
Tuesday: Industrial production in Germany and the US trade balance;
Wednesday: Minutes of FOMC meeting;
Thursday: German trade balance and declared to the ascendant unemployed in the US;
Friday: no important data

Forecast for Monday:
Because of the referendum in Greece, do not take into account a purely technical analysis. It is worthwhile to consider what the consequences might bring any results. The market assumes positive outcome of the referendum, which will start next tranche of aid to Greece. In this connection, it should gain the euro. Very likely it is that we see today at the opening of the next gap.

If the Greeks say yes in this case we can see the euphoria and gains in the EUR / USD pair. The objectives should be 1,1150-70 zone and 1.12 and 1.1240. It was quite possible that as a result of market euphoria will seek to recent highs at 1.1279 and in case of their breakthrough opens the way to levels around 1.1456.

If the Greeks say no, then we should see the euro Sale, as in this case, the Greek government will get strong support and emphatically reject any imposed reform. Such a situation will introduce nervousness in the markets and discussed the course of steam should act in the first place towards 1.0954 or 1.10 and lows from last week. One should expect a strong sell-off and a deterioration lows as well as the large gap downward.

At the moment it is hard to determine how the currency pair will behave tomorrow, and therefore I would suggest to stay out of the market until clarification of the situation.

If my analysis interested in, please click thank you
19 hours ago
AAL, D Neutral
4 135
Utilizing the T&B indicator and the Snapback indicator for a Setup seems a bit more promising.

Snapback shows the overheating, T&B shows the momentum shift.

I will work on a putting together a strategy and rules. If theres potential to make money, will go live.

Sorry, I forgot who asked the question. Thanks a lot. And please identify yourself in the comment. Sorry again.
10 hours ago
USDCAD, 60 Short
3 189
This Gartley Pattern has almost completed. if we can get up to 2618s, then we can be looking for target 1 down at 2587 and target 2 down at 2567
11 hours ago
GBPJPY, 120 Short
2 92
Well here's the trade idea; I'm monitoring for price to make a retracement between the .50 / .618 Fibonacci area to enter short upon bearish candlestick confirmation. With stops roughly around the 200 Moving Average for around 80 pips risk. If price does not retrace to the area outlined on the chart then I will move on to another setup in a different pair, or adjust my original plan to the current market price action.

Trade targets are outlined... If the trade is entered then stops will be moved to break even upon reaching target 1.

Heres also a D1 Chart outlining daily support and resistance for the pair. Cheers =) Happy trading!
23 hours ago
GBPUSD, 240 Long
1 225
The pair is moving in uptrend . We now see a retracement move. It is now facing an area of many supports. We now should wait to see if the price return at its main trend or the retracement would be bigger.?! Personally, i think that this is a level were buyers would return.
18 hours ago
BTCUSD, 240 Long
0 423
See below previous chart!

Closed my 252 long out at 256. Small profit but I should have held on longer. SMH. Anyways back to waiting for my next move.

Here we have the same situation, people taking more profit and waiting to buy back in lower.
Our last dip brought us down to touch the 4h cloud where we saw a pick up of buying pressure at 252.

Using the same strategy we should come back down and touch the cloud around 262, this time im actually gonna hold my 262 long and if it dips just buy more down to 257 if it wants to go that far down.
9 hours ago
EURUSD, 60 Short
0 257
1h TF
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